Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

The Elder Gods were fully aware of the potential damage the alliance between Quan Chi and Shang Tsung posed to the stability of the realms. Yet even with this foresight, they all stood firm on their decision not to interfere. All, that is, except for one...Raiden. The former God of Thunder pleaded with his fellow Elder Gods to take action, but they refused. Disgusted, Raiden relinquished his Elder God status and returned to Earthrealm to gather support against the coming storm.

Raiden returned to Earthrealm to reunite with his comrades and inform them of the impending threat from the Deadly Alliance. Those that accepted his call to arms were instructed to meet him on Shang Tsung's old island fortress, located in the Lost Sea. Once there, Raiden explained in detail the dire situation that faced not only Outworld, but Earthrealm as well. He then summoned Shang Tsung's Nethership from the ocean depths and with it transported them all to a celestial portal known only to sorcerers and deities. They emerged in Outworld ready for battle.

Nan Chuan Moves

Lighting Jab: Attack 1.
Low Double Palm Strike: Down + Attack 1.
Uppercut: Back + Attack 1.
Backfist Chop: Attack 2.
Low Elbow Strike: Down + Attack 2.
Thunder Chop: Back + Attack 2.
Dual Thunder Palms: Forward + Attack 2.
Stepping Snap Kick: Attack 3.
Shin Strike: Down + Attack 3.
Hook Leg Knockdown: Back + Attack 3.
Hop Side Kick: Attack 4.
Low Chin Strike: Down + Attack 4.
Reversal: Special Move Button.
Throw: Forward + Special Move Button.

Jujutsu Moves:

Open Hand Strike: Attack 1.
Bearhand Chop: Back + Attack 1.
Low Palm Strike: Down + Attack 1.
Bent Wrist Strike: Attack 2.
Thunder God Palm: Forward + Attack 2.
Diagonal Fist: Down + Attack 2.
Front Snap Kick: Attack 3.
Sweep: Back + Attack 3.
Back Sweep: Down + Attack 3.
Front Thrusting Kick: Attack 4.
Front Sweep: Down + Attack 4.
Shove: Special Move Button.
Throw: Forward + Special Move Button.

Staff Moves

Overhead Strike: Attack 1.
Reverse Side Strike: Back + Attack 1.
Low One Handed Poke: Down + Attack 1.
Upward Strike: Attack 2.
Low Strike: Down + Attack 2.
Leaping Strike: Attack 3.
Sweeping Strike: Down + Attack 3.
One Handed Poke: Back + Attack 3.
Reverse Thrust: Attack 4.
Staff Blast: Up + Attack 4.
Sweeping Swing: Down + Attack 4.
2-Hit Swing: Special Move Button.

Special Moves

Shocker: Forward, Forward, Attack 1.
Lightning Dash: Forward, Forward, Attack 4.
Lightning Bolt: Down, Back, Attack 1.


Electrocution: Back, Forward, Forward, Forward, Attack 3.


Once again, the threat to Earthrealm has been vanquished. The Deadly Alliance is no more. What dangers lie in the future, I can no longer foresee. Perhaps the Dragon King will, in fact, return. Perhaps the depths of the Netherealm will spew forth a legion of Oni. Even the Vampire people pose a threat to peace now that Outworld is in chaos. But one thing is certain... Earthrealm must be protected.

I have abandoned my status as Elder God to aid these mortals... an act defiant of the Heavens. I will instead remain here on Earth... as GOD OF THUNDER.


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