Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Shang Tsung

The sorcerer Shang Tsung was imprisoned in the depths of Shao Kahn's fortress, punished for failing to win the Mortal Kombat tournament in Earthrealm. Periodicaly he was released to perform tasks for the emperor, until he eventually regained Shao Kahn's favor and was given his freedom. He remained in Outworld, risking his life to drain the souls of kombatants in order to sustain his youth. All this changed the day the sorcerer Quan Chi returned from the Netherealm.

Quan Chi proposed an alliance with Shang Tsung that would prove to be mutually beneficial. He offered Shang Tsung immortality by unlocking a portal linked to the Heavens. Shang Tsung would therefore have access to an unlimited number of souls to preserve his youth. In return, all Quan Chi required was Shang Tsung's assistance in transplanting warrior souls into the mummified remains of the Dragon King's undefeatable army. Shang Tsung accepted the offer and the Deadly Alliance was formed.

Snake Moves

Bai She Tu Xin: Attack 1.
Cross Fang: Back + Attack 1.
Low Palm: Down + Attack 1.
Viper Strike: Attack 2.
Gut Buster: Back + Attack 2.
Twin Fang: Down + Attack 2.
Qing She Chu Dong: Up + Attack 2.
High Snap Kick: Attack 3.
Twin Cobra: Down + Attack 3.
Mid Kick: Attack 4.
Quick Bite: Down + Attack 4.
Eagle Pecking: Back + Attack 4.
Back Flip: Special Move Button.
Throw: Forward + Special Move Button.

Crane Moves

Chin Punch: Attack 1.
Crane Neck: Down + Attack 1.
Crane Wing: Attack 2.
Strong Knee: Back + Attack 2.
Back Fist: Down + Attack 2.
Flapping Wing: Attack 3.
Hop Sidekick: Back + Attack 3.
Low Peck: Down + Attack 3.
Spinning Sidekick: Attack 4.
Spinning Crane Kick: Up + Attack 4.
Sweeping Crane: Down + Attack 4.
Reversal: Special Move Button.
Throw: Forward + Special Move Button.

Straight Sword Moves

Front Swipe: Attack 1.
Lifting Swing: Up + Attack 1.
Shin Slash: Down + Attack 1.
Rising Slice: Attack 2.
Lunge: Forward + Attack 2.
Low 2-Hit Swipe: Down + Attack 2.
Back Hand Lunge: Up + Attack 2.
Foot Sword: Attack 3.
Cross Strike: Back + Attack 3.
Chest Slice: Down + Attack 3.
Spinning Slice: Attack 4.
Low Stab: Back + Attack 4.
Sweeping Strike: Down + Attack 4.
Impale: Special Move Button.

Special Moves

Far 3-D Fire: Back, Forward, Attack 1.
Close 3-D Fire: Forward, Back, Attack 1.
Straight Fire: Down, Back, Attack 1.
Soul Steal: Down, Back, Attack 3.


Soul Steal: Up, Down, Up, Down, Attack 2.


The Deadly Alliance was successful in reviving the mummified remains of the Dragon King's undefeatable army. Shang Tsung, however, began to realize that his relevance in the partnership had evaporated once his talents for soul transplantation were no longer needed. The balance of power within the Deadly Alliance had seemingly been undone. Fearing betrayal, he secretly instructed Kano to steal Quan Chi's amulet in an attempt to gain control of the army. Since part of the soul-transfer spell included the command to obey 'He who possesses the amulet,' the army would obey only Shang Tsung, and not Quan Chi, once the amulet was in his possession.

Amulet in hand, Shang Tsung revealed his betrayal to Quan Chi and commanded the army to destroy the sorcerer. Shang Tsung would succeed where others had failed. He would conquer the realms. He would conquer Earth.


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