Session Start: Wed Apr 11 18:24:00 2001
[18:24] <ED_BOON> I'm here!
[18:24] <KungLao> Hello, and sorry I'm late.
[18:24] <ED_BOON> I mean me, I'm sorry I'm late.
[18:25] <KungLao> we will begin taking questions
[18:25] <Scott-MK5> Welcome to's chat with MK Co-creator Ed
        Boon! Your hosts this evening are KungLao from and
        Scott-MK5 from Due to the large volume of visitors to this
        chat session, we will be moderating it during most of the evening.
        You must send in your questions for Ed Boon to one of the hosts. Just
        double click their names on the panel to the right to send them a
        private message. Enjoy!
[18:26] <KungLao> <The_King> my q to ed: when will mk5 be out ?
[18:26] <ED_BOON> Not in 2001...
[18:27] <Scott-MK5> ahhh not 2001 :(
[18:27] <KungLao> QuanChi> question : what about a 3rd mk movie ? when will
        it be released if eb boon knows of course 
[18:27] <ED_BOON> I don't know for certain, but there's been a lot of talk!
[18:27] <Scott-MK5> <lilc161> how many returning characters will there be in
[18:28] <KungLao> Can you tell us any returning characters for MK5?
[18:28] <Kool1> <STERO> Why did John Tobias leave midway
[18:29] <ED_BOON> The only certain character is of course Scorpion.  But with
        Scorpion, one can expect Sub-Zero.
[18:29] <MiKeMcD5>  - <JRF> asks about the botton configuration of MK5...
        probably with that comes the question: Will MK5 hit the arcade with
        all the cutbacks @ Midway ?
[18:30] <ED_BOON> Sorry MIke, can't answer that right now.
[18:30] <Scott-MK5> Guys just me and Chris please
[18:30] <MiKeMcD5> sOK
[18:30] <KungLao> <Jeff> are any planned mk spinoff games like rpgs or action
[18:30] <ED_BOON> There are no current plans, but I wouldn't rule it out.
[18:30] <Scott-MK5> In a past chat, you said that you would love to see a
        collaboration of MK1-4 
[18:30] <Scott-MK5> and 5 all on one DVD. fast-forwarding to today, do you
        still believe that 
[18:30] <Scott-MK5> it is a possibility? and if so, will they be
        arcade-perfect ports or 
[18:30] <Scott-MK5> just...*bleech*...home conversions? you know which one
        i'm rooting for. ;) 
[18:30] <Scott-MK5> - SojaofCrst 
[18:31] <KungLao> <Raiden> can you please ask Ed Boon if Raiden is going to
        be in MK5!
[18:31] <KungLao> You can find our answers in the vault at
[18:32] <ED_BOON> I absolutely believe the MK 1-5 DVD is a posibility
[18:32] <ED_BOON> But we'd have write a mame type program, for the PS2, or
        other consoles
[18:33] <KungLao> <DrkBishop> Okay, there have been rumours going around that
        MK5 will possibly an X-Box exclusive.  Are you developing MK5 with a
        particular system in mind, or are you even that far yet?
[18:33] <ED_BOON> No, Mortal Kombat is just being designed to be as cool as
        it could be.
[18:34] <Scott-MK5> Ed, this ones from Me - How far along in completion is
        Mortal Kombat 5
[18:34] <ED_BOON> Although it is not taylored to any particular person
[18:34] <ED_BOON> We are still in the early preliminary stages.
[18:34] <ED_BOON> Scott.
[18:35] <KungLao> <UFighterX> Question: What "alities" will appear in mk5 ?
[18:35] <ED_BOON> the only thing for sure will be fatalities.
[18:35] <KungLao> <DrkBishop> How does the departure of John Tobias affect
        how you approach MK5?
[18:35] <Scott-MK5> What kind of music can we expect to see in MK5? Is Dan
        "Toasty" Forden 
[18:35] <Scott-MK5> still doing the music for the game? 
[18:36] <Scott-MK5> Thats from BarakaMK
[18:36] <Kool1> <Scorpion> do you do any martial arts ed ?
[18:36] <ED_BOON> we have many new designers involved in MK5, which I'm sure
        will give a different approach,which will give MK5 the most radical
        departure from what your used to be playing.
[18:37] <ED_BOON> Yes, Dan is going to be doing the music.  You'd have to ask
[18:37] <Scott-MK5> <nth> Question:  About how long do you think it will be
        before we see anything as far as screen shots etc.
[18:37] <KungLao> <Walboro> Why in MKgold did Sektor have an ending but Goro
        and Noob didn't?
[18:37] <ED_BOON> Sorry Walboro...time constraints.
[18:38] <ED_BOON> RE: screenshots...good question.
[18:38] <ED_BOON> I think you'll be surprised as to how soon you will see
        images for the next Mortal Kombat.
[18:39] <Scott-MK5> <STERO> have you ever been discouraged....I mean there
        has been magzines that have given some of your games bad reviews...
        like MK Gold.
[18:41] <ED_BOON> Every MK fighting game has been a top seller, and that's
        pretty much the bottom line.
[18:42] <KungLao> <ManaByte> Do you know anything about Studio Gigante, and
        what they are currently working on?
[18:42] <ED_BOON> I have no idea what so ever.
[18:42] <Scott-MK5> <McDaniel> "Ed is there any new ifo you can give us at
        all about mk5? or is this chat a waste of our time?
[18:42] <Scott-MK5> lol
[18:42] <KungLao> <FatSatan_> This is a serious question: Ed, have you ever
        heard of the fan-made character John the Janitor?
[18:42] <ED_BOON> Sorry, never heard of it.
[18:43] <Scott-MK5> <Nosaj-MKD> Ed, after all this time no one has still
        found the Ultimate Kombat Kode of Mortal Kombat Trilogy on N64. Since
        the game basically cant be bought in stores anymore and after all
        this time, could you let us know today or a few days from now what
        the code is or tell us if there was never a code to begin with?
[18:44] <ED_BOON> Well you can throw everything you know about MK out the
        window, cause we are using a completely different fighting engine.
[18:44] <ED_BOON> I'm pretty sure the kode was found.
[18:45] <KungLao> <eddie27k> Hey ed who are those two fighters in the pit 2
[18:45] <ED_BOON> They are Torch, and Liu Kang.
[18:46] <ED_BOON> and I don't think you've seen the last of them.
[18:46] <MiKeMcD5>  - <heyetv> - Do you find inspiration in any other video
        games, not necessarily fighting games
[18:46] <KungLao> mkraiden4> mkraiden : does ed ever go into fan based
        message bords checking fan ideas?
[18:47] <MiKeMcD5> if so..which
[18:47] <ED_BOON> I usually don't have the time, but I try to remain
        open-minded to suggestions
[18:47] <Scott-MK5> <FatSatan_> Ed, the rumor has been popping up that MK5
        will be in anime-style. Is that true?
[18:47] <ED_BOON> Absolutely, heyetv.
[18:48] <ED_BOON> The Running Man provided some inspiration for the Grid.
[18:49] <KungLao> Will Kitana be back?
[18:49] <ED_BOON> In MK5, most likely.
[18:49] <MiKeMcD5>  - <STERO> - Now that Tobias is gone....what will happen
        to Noob Saibot's name ...will it just be Noob, or Noob Nedrof (Forden)
[18:49] <MiKeMcD5> interesting Q
[18:49] <ED_BOON> hahahaha
[18:49] <ED_BOON> good question, never really thought about that.
[18:49] <MiKeMcD5> go made him laugh
[18:49] <Scott-MK5> heh
[18:49] <Nosaj-MKD> Keep Noob Saibot, oh I shouldnt talk lol
[18:50] <Scott-MK5> <Greesman> Since broadband is making its way into homes,
        has internet play ever crossed your minds again?
[18:50] <ED_BOON> Yes, we've had discussions about it.  But , as a kind of
        speed you would need for a fighting game...
[18:50] <ED_BOON> isn't currently available.
[18:50] <Scott-MK5> I see
[18:51] <Scott-MK5> Ok here's another
[18:51] <Scott-MK5> <FatSatan_> Ed, the rumor has been popping up that MK5
        will be in anime-style. Is that true?
[18:51] <Scott-MK5> This is a serious rumor lol
[18:51] <KungLao> <Beyonder> How about "Suicides". Commit one before your
        opponent finishes you?
[18:51] <ED_BOON> believe or not Beyonder, we've had a discussion about it.
[18:52] <ED_BOON> FatSatan, that's the first I've ever heard of it.
[18:52] <KungLao> <The_King> Ed, where did you guys get the idea for Kitana's
        kiss of death ?
[18:52] <Scott-MK5> I got one for my self
[18:52] <Scott-MK5> in a sec
[18:53] <ED_BOON> I forgot where the idea of the actual kissing came from,
        but ever since MK1, I wanted to see someone inflate and explode like
        in the James Bond movie.
[18:53] <Scott-MK5> Ed, this is Scott, update your damn webpage :-)
[18:53] <ED_BOON> I do plan on updating my web page in the near future...
[18:53] <ED_BOON> But I am currently very busy juggling 2 projects.
[18:54] <Scott-MK5> <Pagliacci> Is there a chance that Sareena from MK
        Mythologies will be a character in MK5?
[18:54] <ED_BOON> MK5 the game will not be playable at E3.
[18:54] <MiKeMcD5>  - <Pagliacci> - Is there a chance that any of the
        characters from Mythology or Special Forces (esp. Sareena) possibly
        appear in MK5?
[18:55] <Scott-MK5> Mike please dont post questions
[18:55] <Scott-MK5> sorry
[18:55] <ED_BOON> probably not, Pagliacci.
[18:56] <KungLao> <Dr_Mayhem> Question: Can you tell us anything about the
        MK3 movie?
[18:56] <ED_BOON> I think the guys at Threshold will be better suited to
        answer that question. Although I would love to see a third movie.
[18:57] <KungLao> <McDaniel>  is reiko shao-kahn? a real answer please!
[18:57] <ED_BOON> No, he's not.  That sequence was made to add an element of
        mystery to the character...
[18:58] <Scott-MK5> Ed, we all know you can't give us too much information on
        Mortal Kombat 5 because it is so early in development, but fans are
        dying for something, you said at the beginning of the chat that MK5
        won't be released this year. Can we have some tentative idea when it
        will be released and when teasers like you had for MK4 will hit the
[18:58] <ED_BOON> although he is most likely one of Shao kahn's minions.
[18:59] <ED_BOON> Expect a teaser within the next few months.
[18:59] <ED_BOON> And you can see an exclusive teaser to be premiered on
[19:00] <KungLao> <Kombat18> Question: Is there a chance we can see Vorpax
        or any of the MK: Conquest charachters in futrue MK games?
[19:00] <ED_BOON> That's certainly possible...
[19:00] <ED_BOON> but whether they are in a cameo role or selectable fighter
        cannot be answered at this moment.
[19:02] <Scott-MK5> What impact does Midway's leaving the arcades have for
        the future of Mortal Kombat 5?
[19:03] <ED_BOON> Mortal Kombat has had 2 on 2 fighting since Ultimate MK3...
        so you can be sure we'll have a variation of 2 on 2 fighting in all
        future MK fighting games.
[19:03] <ED_BOON> It hasn't affected our development at all...
[19:03] <ED_BOON> we've been chugging as usual.
[19:03] <Scott-MK5> Ok, thanks
[19:04] <KungLao> <McDaniel> any new info on the Test your Sight, mind ect?
[19:04] <ED_BOON> I can tell you that Test Your Sight will be a subset of
        many games of Test Your Might in MK1
[19:05] <KungLao> <spyderman> What inspired you to make MK?
[19:05] <ED_BOON> The various movies (Enter The Dragon...Bloodsport), the
        fighting game phenomenom...
[19:05] <ED_BOON> and the new technology of digitized graphics.
[19:06] <Scott-MK5> <STERO>  Will there be pallet swapping in Mk5 
[19:07] <MiKeMcD5> Everyone who sent questions to me... please send those
        questions to Scott-MK5
[19:08] <Scott-MK5> Yeah.. I just loved to get flooded
[19:08] <Scott-MK5> lol
[19:08] <KungLao> <Kombat18> would there be a chance of MK6?
[19:08] <ED_BOON> obviously if MK5 does well like the others...6 would be a
        high probability.
[19:08] <ED_BOON> Stero...No, there will not be pallet swapping.
[19:09] <Scott-MK5> <blacaca> will mk5 be more like juggle combos like mk2? i
        really like the old school all juggling type of combo system
[19:09] <KungLao> <dominojr> Could you have a "Create-a-kombatant" mode in
[19:10] <ED_BOON> We've talked about this, but it would be hard to let a
        player create special moves that wasn't already programmed into the
[19:10] <ED_BOON> But we have not thrown out the possibility of doing it.
[19:10] <Scott-MK5> Ed I have a good one
[19:10] <ED_BOON> one sec...
[19:10] <Scott-MK5> Ok
[19:11] <ED_BOON> There will certainly be more juggle combos, but we are not
        going to restrict all combos to just juggling.
[19:11] <Scott-MK5> Ok sorry forgot about that question
[19:12] <Scott-MK5> Ok heres a good one
[19:12] <KungLao> <DaveB> Will all the fun finishers found in MK2, MK3 and
        UMK3 - babalities, friendships, etc. - return in MK5?
[19:12] <Scott-MK5> Nosaj wants to know - Will it be Mortal Kombat 5, or
        Mortal Kombat V, please be MK5, I don't want to change the name of my
[19:13] <ED_BOON> We are going to probably going to shy away from the funny
        stuff, but it wouldn't be a Mortal Kombat game without some humor.
[19:14] <ED_BOON> We have not decided exactly exactly what we're going to
        call the game...
[19:14] <Scott-MK5> MK5, I repeat MK5 lol
[19:14] <ED_BOON> we're not even sure if we'll call it MK5.  But, it might
        just end up being called MK5.
[19:14] <Scott-MK5> You are going to call it Mortal Kombat 5 lol
[19:15] <Scott-MK5> So anyway MK5 , or whatever it will be called, we should
        expect now in 2002 instead of this fall?
[19:16] <ED_BOON> If we don't have it by 2002...we are in serious trouble.
[19:17] <KungLao> <punishaw8> Any chance of the characters showing wear and
        tear as a fight progresses?
[19:17] <ED_BOON> Absolutely!
[19:17] <Scott-MK5> <UFighterX> Question: What is your opnion towards Capcom
        and there choice to still use 2D sprites ... Have you ever considered
        going back to digitized characters ? It seems everyone favors the
        classic mk games 
[19:17] <ED_BOON> No...while I still love those games, I don't think
        everything has been done that can be done for the 3D fighters yet.
[19:18] <KungLao> <NSS> Ed, why is it that you seem un-sure who's gunna be in
        the game? Isn't it your choice?
[19:18] <Scott-MK5> <McDaniel>  will mk 5 continue with the rest of the mk
        story? or will a new story come about?
[19:18] <ED_BOON> It's not that I'm's just that I'm not allowed
        to blab everything we have planned
[19:19] <ED_BOON> especially since the game is not almost complete.
[19:19] <ED_BOON> MK5 will introduce new plot lines, as well as continuing
        some of the classic stories.
[19:19] <Scott-MK5> sorry, go ahead chris
[19:21] <KungLao> <neo2010> Are the Test your might and other "Mini games"
        confirmed for the finished product?
[19:21] <ED_BOON> If I have anything to say about it...YES.
[19:21] <Scott-MK5> <nth> Question: We saw a picture of Raiden on a computer
        monitor behind Louis Mangubat, was that a character model or just a
        prerendered picture of Raiden?
[19:21] <MiKeMcD5> what sort of graphics technology are you looking into for
        the next MK 
[19:22] <ED_BOON> Scott: You do the math.
[19:23] <Scott-MK5> haha
[19:24] <Scott-MK5> Guys, Nosaj did this last time, we are gonna have a 20
        second intermission
[19:24] <Scott-MK5> Enjoy
[19:24] <Nosaj-MKD> Dont blame me
[19:24] <WWWWWWWWW> 20 seconds?
[19:24] <ScorpMK5> ffffff
[19:24] <Nosaj-MKD> bad idea too when I did it lol
[19:24] <Meltdown> n
[19:24] <Sea_Serpe> yay
[19:24] <TetterkeT> YAY
[19:24] <LKW> w00t
[19:24] <cham> Ed why not just repackage MK2 and call it a day?
[19:24] <TetterkeT> I AM DRUNK
[19:24] <McDaniel> ahhh!!!
[19:24] <Kist> so it's half way over?
[19:25] <Scott-MK5> Ok, thank you
[19:25] <Scott-MK5> Sorry Chris, couldn't help myself
[19:25] <KungLao> 8 games (inc MK5), 2 movies, a tv series & us lot - did you
        think MK would be so popular?"
[19:25] <ED_BOON> Nobody could ever predict something like this.  Although I
        certainly hope it continues.
[19:26] <Scott-MK5> oh yeah you probably want a question
[19:26] <Nosaj-MKD> Ed, personally from me if you do get around to a MK1 - 5
        DVD call it Mortal Kombat Legends
[19:27] <Scott-MK5> I got one after you respond to Nosaj
[19:27] <ED_BOON> Thanks Nosaj.
[19:27] <Scott-MK5> <dominojr> Are there gonna be midgets in MK5?
[19:27] <Scott-MK5> heh
[19:27] <MiKeMcD5> :-o
[19:28] <ED_BOON> Good question. Half the characters will be midgets.
[19:28] <Scott-MK5> Can't wait now
[19:28] <KungLao> <reverend-> ask Boon if the Bulls will win another game all
[19:28] <ED_BOON> I wouldn't put money on it.
[19:29] <Nosaj-MKD> Oh since no one asked this, Ed, have you or Midway
        recieved the Nintendo Gamecube Kit yet and if you have what do you
        think of the power that system will show for say future Midway
[19:29] <KungLao> <STERO> Do you visit MK sites often???  If so what are some
        of your favorites???
[19:29] <ED_BOON> There are 2 or 3 I go to every couple of days, but I don't
        have time to visit all of them.
[19:29] <MiKeMcD5> which
[19:29] <ED_BOON> yes we have received a gamecube system
[19:30] <ED_BOON> and we are very impressed with its power.
[19:30] <KungLao> 5 more minutes...
[19:30] <Scott-MK5> Kist wants to know if the Weapon System will be improved
[19:31] <ED_BOON> The weapon system will be much more elaborate then in MK4...
[19:31] <KungLao> <DaveB> What advice would you give to an aspiring game
        programmer who wanted to teach themself... any books you'd recommend?
[19:31] <MiKeMcD5> what kind of programs do you guys use to model the
        characters, backgrounds, etc.  3d Studio Max, blender???
[19:32] <ED_BOON> I don't know about books, but I recommend C, or C++.
[19:32] <Scott-MK5> Stero want to know if you will be aplying for CBS's next
        season of Survivor
[19:32] <ED_BOON> and certainly knowledge of the popular 3-D programs: Mya...
[19:32] <ED_BOON> We use Maya mainly...
[19:32] <ED_BOON> some other guys are using 3D studio max...and lightwave as
[19:33] <KungLao> UFighterX> Question:  Any chance of Shao Kahn returning as
        a boss or character? ... 
[19:33] <ED_BOON> The boss masters have yet to be determined at this point.
[19:33] <KungLao> 3 more questions...
[19:33] <Scott-MK5> <Dolari> Would you describe MK5 as Crunchy, Tasty,
        Chewie, Sweet, Sour or Slimy?  And would it comein a nice honey dijon
[19:34] <ED_BOON> Toasty...and I'm glad you asked.
[19:34] <MiKeMcD5> what kind of polycounts are we talking for the next MK ???
[19:34] <MiKeMcD5> per character
[19:35] <KungLao> <Walboro> Who's idea was it to give Cyrax a light sabre?
[19:35] <MiKeMcD5> a cool weapon I must add
[19:35] <ED_BOON> I think Steve Beran came up with that one.
[19:35] <Scott-MK5> <McDaniel> will sercet characters have stories in mk5?
        endings ect?
[19:36] <KungLao> <Polaris> How big a cast of characters do you estimate that
        you could fit on a single game disc?
[19:37] <MiKeMcD5>  - Do all your base belong to us ???
[19:37] <ED_BOON> The console versions will be DVD, so memory will not be a
[19:37] <ED_BOON> Thanks for coming by...let's do this again real soon!
[19:37] <Scott-MK5> Thanks for coming Ed
[19:38] <Scott-MK5> We will bug you in two months about MK5 Screenshots and teasers, ok?
Session Close: Wed Apr 11 19:38:25 2001