Session Start: Wed Aug 25 18:09:30 1999 [18:09] *** NosajMKcom sets mode: +o EdBoon [18:09] <NosajMKcom> Welcome to MortalKombat.Com's FIGHT NIGHT with guest Ed Boon. You should read the RULES on the chat page before you chat. Chat is Moderated, send questions to NosajMKcom and {k}nightmare and we will post you message to Ed. Enjoy! [18:09] <{k}nightmare> Evening Boon! [18:09] <AnthonyM> Everyone hail the all-mighty Ed Boon! [18:09] <NosajMKcom> Welcome Ed! [18:09] <CCShadow> Hello Ed! [18:09] <{k}nightmare> Nosaj you go first :) [18:10] <Dolari> Evenin' Ed.... [18:10] <AnthonyM> Hey Ed,, [18:10] <Es|rc> hey ed [18:10] <NosajMKcom> Noob-Saibot says: Ed Boon with John Tobias resignation,Mike Mikicic and Josh Tsui quiting What Kind of impact will it have on the MK Games Could be we be seeing the last mk Games MKGold and MK5? [18:10] <NosajMKcom> Ed you with us? [18:10] <CCShadow> Hello? [18:11] <{k}nightmare> hrm. [18:11] <EdBoon> No, we will continue to make MK games, Special Forces is still under developement.... [18:11] <NosajMKcom> ahhh [18:11] <EdBoon> MK5 is still under development..... [18:11] * Dolari breathes a sigh of relief. :) [18:11] <]{OMBAT> Ed: Who exactly is gone from the MK team? [18:11] <{k}nightmare> <TetterkeT> Here's one of my questions: A while back we were told that an AVI (for MKG I'd assume) would be coming out, but we haven't seen one yet. Have those plans been scrapped or is it still in the works? [18:11] <EdBoon> MK Gold is finished. [18:12] <Dolari> Is there anything you'd like to share about MKG that hasn't been told elsewhere? [18:12] <]{OMBAT> Ed: Who exactly is gone from the MK team? [18:12] <{k}nightmare> Mr. Boon [18:12] <{k}nightmare> I understand that the dreamcast has a 56k modem that will allow players [18:12] <{k}nightmare> to play each other over the net,in Mortal Kombat Gold,will we be able to [18:12] <{k}nightmare> do such a thing as this? [18:12] <NosajMKcom> +voices send us your question [18:13] *** NosajMKcom sets mode: -vvv AnthonyM CCShadow Dolari [18:13] *** NosajMKcom sets mode: -v TetterkeT [18:13] *** NosajMKcom sets mode: -vv ]{OMBAT __m4tt__ [18:13] <NosajMKcom> ]{OMBAT says:, "Ed - Who exactly is gone from the MK team?" [18:14] <EdBoon> John Tobias has left with 3 other Midway employess [18:14] <{k}nightmare> <shizzo> Do you think MK has been consistent in keeping w/ the storyline throughout the games and movies? [18:16] <EdBoon> Any other questions? [18:16] <NosajMKcom> Dexter says: Are there any plans for PC version of MK Gold? [18:16] <EdBoon> Not at the moment, I actually considered MK Gold for the PSX and PC but there was not enough [18:16] <EdBoon> time [18:16] <{k}nightmare> <MKExtreme> Will the Sega Dreamcast be used for MK5? Are there any plans for MK5 on the Nintendo "Dolphin" projec? [18:17] <Es|rc> <Turgo> Have you had any plans to quit making MK? [18:17] <NosajMKcom> Hixson99 says: Who is the earth controlling ninja that Tobias was talking about before we left? Is he coming in MK5? [18:18] <EdBoon> He may have been a character that was going to appear in Special Forces, He still may make that appearance too, but I am not sure how they are handling that [18:18] <EdBoon> Thanks for coming folks, goodnite! [18:18] <EdBoon> :) [18:18] <NosajMKcom> MortalBill says: Which new characters do you plan on adding to MK5? [18:18] <NosajMKcom> hahaha [18:19] * NosajMKcom has a heart attack [18:19] <{k}nightmare> Haha :) [18:19] <{k}nightmare> Very Funny... [18:19] <EdBoon> We are starting the model for my favorite character first.....Scorpion, he is going to look F*#$^ wicked !! [18:20] <NosajMKcom> MKDamage says: Anyways I have a question for Ed: Can you give us any further details on Mortal Kombat 5 other than "the only thing you'll recognize is the fatalities"? [18:20] <{k}nightmare> Mr. Boon. About that mystery fighter , [18:20] <{k}nightmare> Will Belokk be in Mortal Kombat Five? [18:20] <NosajMKcom> <[FireFly]> says: Ed, why did John Tobias leave Midway? [18:20] <EdBoon> We are using an advanced chip from 3DFx (for mk5) which blows away EVERYTHING, even the PSX2 !!! [18:20] <{k}nightmare> Send your questions to Jason please not me [18:21] <Es|rc> wow.....better than psx2 [18:21] <EdBoon> CONSIDERABLY better. [18:21] <NosajMKcom> JamesShanks says: Ed, are there any new fatalities for the old MK4 characters in MK Gold? [18:21] <EdBoon> I don't know why John Left, he would be the best person to answer that [18:22] <EdBoon> All the MK4 characters have their MK4 fatalities in Gold [18:22] <NosajMKcom> <CiscoCage> Do you give out autographs? If so, where can I get one? [18:23] <EdBoon> Hehehe, I don't consider my autograph as something of value! :-) [18:23] <NosajMKcom> KnightWing> the new Mk action figures being made by Infinity Concepts, and if they will be handling figures from MK 5 as well [18:24] <NosajMKcom> <TRMK> Last time we spoke at E3 you informed us that so far for MK5 you had a background among other things. Could you elaborate on this background and maybe give some insight on how far along development is on MK5? [18:24] <EdBoon> I'm not sure who has the deal for the new action figures. The MK games are split up into 4 or 5 difference licences, so if they wanted MK5 they would have to ask SPECIFICALLY for mk5 [18:25] <{k}nightmare> Interesting.. [18:26] <NosajMKcom> <TRMK> Last time we spoke at E3 you informed us that so far for MK5 you had a background among other things. Could you elaborate on this background and maybe give some insight on how far along development is on MK5? [18:26] <EdBoon> MK5 is in its very early stages, we have this incredible modeler doing the models of the characters new looks, this MK game will look like & play like NO other previousmk [18:26] <NosajMKcom> In case you didnt see that one [18:26] <NosajMKcom> oh you did [18:26] <NosajMKcom> <DarkEdge> Ed,who will be the next bad dude after Shinnok?And will he be in MK5.MKGold,or in another Mortal Kombat? [18:26] <EdBoon> We are wiping the slate clean with the control panel and everything [18:27] <EdBoon> The MAIN bad dude has not been determined yet [18:27] <NosajMKcom> <MKDamage> another question: With John Tobais gone, will you be writing the plotline and creating the characters from Mortal Kombat 5, or was it already written beforehand? [18:27] * NosajMKcom says: This chat is moderated, send questions to me. [18:28] <EdBoon> I will be contributing to MK5 in the same manner as I did for MK1-2-3-4 !! [18:28] <NosajMKcom> <Noob-Saibot> Ed Boon Is Noob Saibot finnaly gonna have a bio and Ending and will be a immediate player and not a secret character in mk5? [18:28] <EdBoon> I certainly don't think I will be the only one determining the direction of the story [18:29] <NosajMKcom> <Dexter> How many characters are planned to appear in MK5? [18:29] <NosajMKcom> <CCShadow> What is the projected release date for MK5? [18:29] <EdBoon> I doubt we will really elaborate too much with Noob Saibot, remember he was just a last minute thought on my part. But then again, so was Reptile so you never really know [18:30] <NosajMKcom> <CCShadow> What is the projected release date for MK5? [18:30] <EdBoon> I would guess MK5 would come out towards the end of 2000 [18:30] <{k}nightmare> Thats what I thought. Oh joy. [18:30] * NosajMKcom thinks Noob rules! [18:30] <NosajMKcom> <Dolari> Do you have any control over the licenses for merchandise, or is that all in the hands of Midway? [18:31] <EdBoon> Everything that is made (license wise) for MK, passes over our desks for our approval. [18:31] <NosajMKcom> <clintele> EdBoon>Will MKM; Scorpion be coming along in the future? [18:31] <Es|rc> that is something i would like to see....the world through Scorpion's eyes [18:31] <EdBoon> Scorpion is the first character we are working on for MK5 [18:32] <EdBoon> Wouldn't that just be a lot of fire? [18:32] <NosajMKcom> <Fatabbot14> is it true that Richard Diviso came up with scorpions fatality idea. [18:32] <Es|rc> suppose.... [18:33] <EdBoon> You would not even BELIEVE how many people have approached us with the claim to have made up something we did!!! [18:33] <{k}nightmare> lol [18:33] <NosajMKcom> <kayuza> will mk5 focus on more hidden secrets to be unlocked ? any new technologies ready to be used in MK5 like reflective surfaces? [18:33] <EdBoon> I think it goes with the territory [18:34] <EdBoon> Yea, we are taking MASSIVE leaps with the presentation of MK5, EASILY the biggest leap from any previous mk game [18:34] <NosajMKcom> <Smoke53> What drove you to come up with Mortal Kombat and its history? [18:35] <EdBoon> MK was the combination of alot of things that influenced us, Movies (Enter the Dragon), TV, Books, blah blah blah [18:35] <NosajMKcom> <Ermac-MKX> Referring to your previous statement about mk5, did you change your mind about MK5? Last I heard you were going to start brand new... [18:35] <Es|rc> its original in a lot of aspects [18:36] <EdBoon> We've known we were going to do an MK5 for quite sometime now, so I guess the answer is no [18:36] <NosajMKcom> <{k}nightmare> Ask him if Test your Might will be in MK5 Are you going to update your site soon? How about the link page? [18:37] <EdBoon> Test your might will be one of NUMEROUS "test yours" in MK5. Look for "test your sight" and others 2 boot [18:37] <{k}nightmare> Test yours? hrm.. [18:37] <{k}nightmare> kewl [18:37] <NosajMKcom> <Dolari> What is the strangest MK related merchandise you've seen? [18:38] <EdBoon> Uhhh, MK wedding ring. [18:38] <NosajMKcom> ]{0MBAT asks, "Ed, Is it true that MK5 will feature a completely different gameplay style than the previous MKs did?" [18:38] <NosajMKcom> hahahahaha [18:38] <NosajMKcom> ohhhh man [18:38] <{k}nightmare> wedding Ring?? [18:38] <{k}nightmare> What is the mk world coming too!! :) [18:39] <EdBoon> Yea, MK5 will have very little resemblance to any previous mk game. [18:40] <NosajMKcom> Ed, question from me. Which Mortal Kombat game do you feel was the best in terms of everything coming together? [18:41] <EdBoon> Hmmm, well I suppose most people would say MK2. The one that got the most play here at Midway was EASILY Ultimate MK3. I suppose I would say mk2 as well [18:41] <EdBoon> Mk1 to me seem SO GENERIC now! [18:42] <NosajMKcom> <TROM> Why did you decide to go with 3DFX over the next Zeus chip? [18:42] <EdBoon> And I cant play MK2 anymore, I keep looking for the Run button [18:42] <{k}nightmare> haha [18:42] * NosajMKcom says he owns a MK2 not 10 feet behind him. Excellent game Mr. Boon [18:42] <Es|rc> i was looking for combos ED [18:42] <NosajMKcom> <{k}nightmare> Ok who the heck is Belokk?? He wouldn't happen to be in MK5 eh? :) Come on.. tell us.. you know you wanna [18:43] <EdBoon> Belokk was a character that was developed by Eurocom but they did not have the time to finish him. [18:43] <EdBoon> EUROCOM rules !! [18:43] <NosajMKcom> <tommp> Ed, any of Goro's family going to be in MK5? [18:44] <EdBoon> Goro, highly doubtful, we do not want to make a boss that resemles ANY previous bosses? [18:44] <EdBoon> Any ideas anyone? [18:44] <EdBoon> (kidding) [18:44] <{k}nightmare> Yes I like to see some Ninja Turtles in MK please [18:45] <NosajMKcom> <Kazkade> (question for Ed) did you give the character any personality traits from you or John ? [18:45] <EdBoon> Not really, the closest thing we did was give Noob Saibot our names, (kind of) [18:46] <{k}nightmare> Yes.. Jason is Nosaj BTW... *hint* *hint* [18:46] <NosajMKcom> <clintele> Will Vorpax, and others from MKC make an appearance in any future Mortal Kombat games? [18:46] <EdBoon> Yea, I caught that [18:46] <NosajMKcom> hey [18:46] <NosajMKcom> dont give it away [18:46] <{k}nightmare> hehe opps [18:46] <NosajMKcom> :) [18:47] <Es|rc> i am the mystery man around here.... [18:47] <EdBoon> Good question, right now I donno. They never were in the games before and they existed in a time MUCH before MK5's timeline [18:47] <Es|rc> ??? [18:47] <NosajMKcom> <SusannaHoffsFan> Will any of the MKM characters make an appearance in MK5? [18:48] <EdBoon> I doubt it, again the timeline for Mythologies also predates even MK1 !! [18:48] <NosajMKcom> <Kitana2> Ed, thank you sooo much for MK and keep it going always! What role is Ouworld going to play. Now that Kahn is gone who is going to control Outworld? Will ot have any signifigance in fighting the new bad guys in MK5? [18:48] <EdBoon> Well its kind of early to specifically say what role "Outworld" will have. As with ALL the previous [18:49] <EdBoon> mk game, the story always comes last. [18:49] <NosajMKcom> <Greesman> With the recent departures, would you say that MK5 has been given a definate set back? Or is it too early in development to have any effect? [18:49] <EdBoon> COME ON YOU GUYS, you can ask tougher questions that these !!! [18:49] <EdBoon> :) [18:49] <{k}nightmare> Haha Preach on Boon! [18:49] <Es|rc> :D ha [18:50] <NosajMKcom> Ed, why white tennis shoes? [18:50] <NosajMKcom> lol [18:50] <NosajMKcom> <kayuza> will there be several different size character models in mk5? will mk5 have any new gameplay modes i.e. tag battle, controlable endings, arcade board linkup tournament mode? [18:50] <NiRMKnet> Knightmare Quit Sucking Up ;) [18:50] <{k}nightmare> grr. :) [18:50] <EdBoon> MK5 was (and still is) in REALLY early development, so NO the schedule is the "SAME AS IT EVER WAS" <---talking heads [18:50] <{k}nightmare> talking heads? oh my [18:51] <NosajMKcom> <Master_Unseen> here ask him this: when you first blended Chinese mythology, a handful of cool characters, the motion capture idea and some deft computer programming did you ever dream that it would evolve into the explosively successful cult icon sensation it has turned out to be? [18:51] <EdBoon> The main characters are still going to look somewhat like humans, I cant really see anyone like Riptor or a Dog as someone you play as in mk5 [18:51] <EdBoon> OH MY [18:51] <NosajMKcom> <flyer> how many people are on the team now to replace DaveM [18:51] <NosajMKcom> "DOG WINS" "FATALITY!" [18:52] <Es|rc> ruff ruff [18:52] <NiRMKnet> LOL [18:52] <EdBoon> No, we've been axed that question a million times, I dont think ANYONE can predict what happened with MK [18:52] <{k}nightmare> axed? Who got axed? [18:52] <EdBoon> Dog WINS !!!! Hmmm, maybe thats not such a bad idea ! [18:52] <{k}nightmare> ok i'll shutup [18:53] <NiRMKnet> Please Do. :P [18:53] <{k}nightmare> MY OH MY [18:53] <NosajMKcom> <Dexter> What will be the main feature supposed to separate MK5 from the previous MK games? Nosaj adds, yes like MK3 had the run button and MK4 have the weapons, will MK5 have something like that? [18:53] <EdBoon> Just wanna send a shout out to my Homey Paulo and Brian !! [18:54] <EdBoon> MK5 WILL have something new like that but as with those games, I dont want to mention it until the game is out [18:54] <NosajMKcom> <TROM> Why did you decide to go with 3DFX over the next Zeus chip? [18:55] <EdBoon> Although MK5 will have a much more complex weapon system than mk4 [18:56] <EdBoon> ???? [18:56] <EdBoon> No more questions? [18:56] <{k}nightmare> and there was silience [18:56] <Es|rc> i have lots [18:56] <NosajMKcom> Ed, the last chat you were in somebody asked you this question and you said ask again in a year. Well it has been more than a year and here goes..."What in the world does the Noob Saibot Mode do?" [18:56] <EdBoon> You've been a great audience, I will be appearing at Zanies and the laugh factory !! [18:57] <NosajMKcom> HE IS ADVOIDING THE NOOB QUESTION!! [18:57] <EdBoon> Noob Saibot mode is a a mystery to me !! [18:57] <NosajMKcom> hahahah [18:57] <{k}nightmare> HAHAHHA [18:57] <NosajMKcom> AHHH I knew you say that! [18:57] <NosajMKcom> <TRMK> Are there any big secrets still in the previous installments that we haven't found yet (for example, the Trilogy Ultimate Kombat Code)? [18:57] <{k}nightmare> Hey Ed.. wait I have to send anohter ? to good old Jason.. [18:58] <EdBoon> No, I think every mk secret hasbeen uncovered... except nobody found Ermac yet in MK1!!! :) [18:58] <NosajMKcom> <Noob-Saibot> Ed boon will any of the older characters should they return in mk5 get a totally remake of the character design [18:58] <NiRMKnet> Ermac? MK1? [18:58] <EdBoon> BIG TIME !! [18:59] <NosajMKcom> Time to unmoderate and have fun with Ed [18:59] <EdBoon> WAIT till you see the new Scorpion !!! [18:59] <NosajMKcom> Ready... [18:59] <NosajMKcom> Set.... [18:59] <NosajMKcom> FLOOD! [18:59] <NiRMKnet> LOL [18:59] *** NosajMKcom sets mode: -m [ Content edited for obscene language and other random stupidity ] [19:01] *** NosajMKcom sets mode: +m [19:02] <NosajMKcom> Okay Ed will answer a few more [19:02] <{k}nightmare> Why do I Have the feeling that was Ed's idea and not yours? :) [19:02] <NosajMKcom> Get some good questions [19:02] <{k}nightmare> Nosaj I got one hold on [19:02] <NosajMKcom> <]{0MBAT> "Hey Ed, ever play those pirated Famicom Mortal Kombat carts? If so, what did ya think?" [19:03] <EdBoon> Yea, I played them when I had to identify them to our Lawyers! [19:03] <NosajMKcom> <Greesman> Care to hint about the interim game you're working on? What genre can you categorize it to be in? [19:04] <EdBoon> Yikes !!! Not just yet! [19:04] <NosajMKcom> <JBomb> Is there gonna be a MK5 road tour? [19:04] <EdBoon> Jeff I will be sending your screen shot soon [19:04] <EdBoon> MK5 Road Tour ???? I can't answer that this early [19:05] <NiRMKnet> Hey peeps Ed Boon is takeing more questions have a question? Sure you do! type /msg NosajMKcom then the question to submit your question ;) [19:05] <NosajMKcom> <kayuza> will mk5 have new story mode features not just a tournament style ladder game? [19:05] <EdBoon> Yea, mk5 will have a new feature that deeply involves the story and its outcome [19:06] <NosajMKcom> Wasnt Noob Saibot removed from Mortal Kombat 4 because he was hard to see on some stages Ed? [19:06] <EdBoon> Yea, actually Noob was transformed and renames to be Reiko in MK4 (for the reasons you stated) then we added him in the home versions just 4 fun [19:07] <NosajMKcom> <tommp> Ed, ever going to see any Black Dragons in MK5? [19:07] <EdBoon> VERY good chance of that !! [19:07] <NosajMKcom> <baraka99> whos idea was it to make baraka? [19:07] <{k}nightmare> Hey NOSAJ Ops Greesman He'll bhave! :) He told me :) [19:07] *** NosajMKcom sets mode: +o Greesman [19:08] <{k}nightmare> There we go [19:08] <EdBoon> Baraka = John and I [19:08] <Greesman> thank you [19:08] <EdBoon> Gotta go !! Work tomorrow, you know !! [19:09] <{k}nightmare> Hrm I have school.. [19:09] <{k}nightmare> lol [19:09] <{k}nightmare> Bye Ed we love you and all that mushy stuff [19:09] <NiRMKnet> Bye Bye Ed Dude. [19:09] <Greesman> Ed, canre to hype MK Gold? Is it the best? [19:09] <Greesman> care [19:09] <NosajMKcom> Thanks for coming Ed. [19:09] <Es|rc> yea thanks ed man.... [19:09] <NosajMKcom> Bring Noob to MK5!!!! [19:09] <EdBoon> I will be adding some stuff (movies and all) to soon for MKgold [19:09] <NosajMKcom> Cool [19:09] <NiRMKnet> Coolness [19:10] <Es|rc> oh yea.. more gods in MK... [19:10] <{k}nightmare> Kewl [19:10] * NosajMKcom has 100 messages [19:10] <EdBoon> Wait till u see the new endings !! [19:10] <{k}nightmare> NEW AND IMPROVED! haha [19:10] <NosajMKcom> Only a few days till MK Gold [19:10] <NiRMKnet> I like Es|rc's Idea [19:10] <{k}nightmare> Ed give me a dreamcast Im broke [19:10] <NosajMKcom> 15 days till Mortal Kombat Gold comes out [19:10] <{k}nightmare> lol [19:10] <Es|rc> lots of them here NiRMK [19:10] <NosajMKcom> and the Sega Dreamcast [19:11] *** Parts: EdBoon (oio@*** [19:11] <Greesman> Jason, thanks for arranging this [19:11] *** Parts: |brian| (oio@*** [19:11] <NiRMKnet> Ed Go Bye Bye [19:11] <Es|rc> ed boon has left the building....da well [19:11] <NosajMKcom> No problem Jeff Session Close: Wed Aug 25 19:11:30 1999