Session Start: Thu Sep 16 17:52:42 1999 * Logging #mortalkombat to '#mortalkombat.log' [17:56] *** EdBoon ( has joined #mortalkombat [17:56] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o EdBoon [17:58] *** KevinDay sets mode: +m [17:59] <KevinDay> Just a second guys [18:00] <KevinDay> Ok, here's the format for this interview [18:00] <KevinDay> You /msg me your question, and i'll paste it in the channel for Ed to answer. [18:00] <KevinDay> No nick changing, or you'll get kicked/banned [18:01] <KevinDay> So, start /msg'ing me with your questions, and we'll get going [18:01] <KevinDay> *TetterkeT* What is the deal with the question mark behind Tanya? Is there another hidden character or was that going to be the location of Belokk before he was removed? [18:02] <EdBoon> Yes, at one time we were planning on having Bellok (a Eurocom character) in the game.... [18:02] <EdBoon> but he was removed cuz he was not complete [18:03] <KevinDay> *NosajMKD* Can you tell us the status of MK Gold? Will Midway make a bug free copy in the coming weeks? Also, can you tell us what might have happened with it? [18:03] <EdBoon> There are several problems that are NOT related to the MK Gold software.... [18:03] *** KevinDay changes topic to 'INTERVIEW: Ed Boon, Creator of Mortal Kombat' [18:03] <EdBoon> there are somebugs in the game as well..... [18:04] <EdBoon> but Midway does have plans to release a version that fixes all the known bugs [18:05] <KevinDay> *Burnmage* A5 first did you think that Mortal Combat would be so successful or wuz it a HUGE suprise??? [18:05] <EdBoon> Wow , I never was asked that before..... [18:05] <EdBoon> let me see...... [18:05] <EdBoon> NO, we had no idea it was going to be this huge. I dont think ANYONE can predict that kind of mania ! [18:05] <KevinDay> (to ask a question to Ed, please /msg me with it) [18:06] <KevinDay> *kayuza* will mk5 have characters with stance changes like lei wu long in tekken 3 [18:07] <EdBoon> YES, MK5 will have multiple fighting styles for each character, also that characters style will change when he/she is holding a weapon [18:08] <KevinDay> *Uzziel* Do you think that there is a possibility that MK5 could revert back to the style of MKs 1, 2, and 3 with Vidcap for characters instead of polys? [18:09] <EdBoon> Very unlikely, I think instead, with the number of polygons in each character (in the thousands) they will look more and more like real people, you will not be able to see between each polygon [18:10] <KevinDay> *kayuza* will mk5's stages vary in style, i.e. 3d pit stage.. not just round arenas [18:10] <KevinDay> (to ask a question to Ed, please /msg me with it) [18:10] <EdBoon> Yea, they will, thats one of the things we wanted to do with MK4 but had no time, MK5 WILL have a "Pit" stage as well as stages with floors you can blast through [18:11] <KevinDay> *Walboro* Can you give away any of the New character names for MK5? [18:11] <EdBoon> Yes, one will be called "Walboro", dont tell anyone. [18:11] <KevinDay> *{k}nightm* Ed Boon: In your last chat session you mentioned Scorpion being in MK5? Any other characters returning? [18:12] <EdBoon> Yes, but we have not picked out any for certain. [18:12] <KevinDay> *NosajMKD* Back in a the chat you and Dave did when you guys released the PSX cheat codes, you stated that Noob Saibot and Shang Tsung would be in MK5. Now fast forward to today. Are they still top contenders for a spot in MK5? [18:13] <EdBoon> I would LOVE to have Shang Tsung return!! If we can work it out with memory (you need to be able to access ALL the characters moves/models instantly) then he WILL be in. If not, maybe another version of him will be in [18:13] <KevinDay> *TetterkeT* I hate to ask this again, but I was unclear at the last chat: what background/stage is currently being worked on for MK5? [18:14] <KevinDay> (to ask a question to Ed, please /msg me with it) [18:14] <EdBoon> Right now, we are working on a stage with alot of Water in it, that is, you are on top of some floating device and you see the water under you [18:15] <KevinDay> *Kanyon* Ed, will MK5 be a straight-to-home release, or will it be released in the arcades first like the past 4 Mortal Kombat's have been? [18:15] <EdBoon> arcade 1st [18:15] <KevinDay> *Gumbo* Boon -- Do you and John still talk and anyword on what he is up to these days? [18:16] <EdBoon> I've spoken to him a few times since he left, I really don't know exactly what his plans are for the future...but I do wish him the best! [18:16] <KevinDay> *Walboro* Will MK5 use Zeus2 technolgy? [18:17] <EdBoon> No, MK5 will be using a next-generation (not the magazine) 3Dfx chip. By the way Walboro, your Southpark page RULES !! [18:18] <KevinDay> *Haze* Is there a chance MK5 will be released on the PC? [18:18] <EdBoon> Well, since MK1-4 were all released on the PC and since MK5 will be using the 3dfx chip, I would say thats a safe bet [18:20] *** Disconnected Session Close: Thu Sep 16 18:20:25 1999 [Technical difficulties ensued...] Session Start: Thu Sep 16 18:24:37 1999 * Logging #mortalkombat to '#mortalkombat.log' [18:28] <KevinDay> Just a moment, fixing what broke. :) [18:29] <KevinDay> *Mp3* question: in NextGeneration Magazine (10/99 Vol:1 issue:2) Mortal Kombat Gold got a total rating of 2 out of 5 stars, ending with teh "Bottom Line" statement: Mortal Kombat Gold goes a long way torwards confirming that this series peaked with MK2, and it's been in a steady decline ever since. how dose that make you feel and what ways can you think of to improve the series. [18:30] <KevinDay> (/msg me with your questions for Ed) [18:31] <EdBoon> Well, Next Generation has NEVER liked MK, so I dont think anyone at Midway really takes them serious. But as far as the players go, every MK game has sold in the millions, so we are obviously doing something right. "Dead" games dont KEEP selling. [18:32] <KevinDay> *stuball* ask him if there is ever going to be a mortal kombat collection release you konw like the Street Fighter one [18:32] <EdBoon> You know, I would LOVE to release MK5 with MK4-3-2-1 also on a DVD rom of some sort!! This might be hard though, I am not sure how long Acclaim has the rights to MK1-2 [18:33] <KevinDay> *un-chosen* what is mortal combat? [18:33] <EdBoon> Mortal Combat is a term used to describe a fight to the death. Mortal Kombat is a video game [18:34] <KevinDay> *devlinmcg* are you going to take over for John on Special Forces? [18:34] <KevinDay> (/msg me with your questions for Ed) [18:34] <EdBoon> No, I am working on something else, the Special Forces team are continuing work on their project. They've added extra programmers and artists already [18:35] <KevinDay> *kayuza* will character models have more detailed moving parts i.e. moving mouths, blinking eyes [18:35] <EdBoon> In MK5? Yes, we are taking really big steps with the presentation, cloth, sweat, hair......"GROWING FINGERNAILS !!" [18:36] <KevinDay> *TetterkeT* Wanna tell us what the secret game is that you're working on? [18:36] <EdBoon> Do I want to ? YES. Can I tell you. No. Because I would have to kill you and that would not be nice [18:37] <KevinDay> *NosajMKD* Ed, what are your thoughts about the tv series Mortal Kombat Conquest. Also, after a chat last night with Threshold Entertainment C.E.O. Larry Kasanoff, he said that they are very much working on doing a 3rd MK film. If they do, would you like to have more say into what direction the 3rd movie would take after seeing Mortal Kombat Annihilation basically bomb at the box office? [18:37] <EdBoon> Reading... [18:38] <KevinDay> (/msg me with your questions for Ed) [18:38] <EdBoon> I would LOVE to see a 3rd MK Movie! I think with the advances in special fx that an awesome movie could be made again. I always would love as much input as possible into everything MK. [18:39] <KevinDay> *MKSmog* Can you clear up the Reiko/Shao Kahn question for us? [18:40] <EdBoon> The arcade MK4 had a very vague ending to Reiko, so we thought we would add an element of mystery to him since he is really a hybrid of noob. So there is no real intention in that ending other than just to add a question mark to him [18:40] <KevinDay> *Liquid|ce* Ed, I WOULD like to see a new Comic Book series of MK..I think it would be a great way to get into the world of comics. I already have a couple of friends that are ready to Buy them :) [18:41] <EdBoon> Cool, we are going to be giving away some of the obscure mk komics soon on [18:41] <KevinDay> *kayuza* wouldn't you agree MKC would be better if it were on showtime ? then they could show richer violence and even nudity. targeting mortal kombat to kids watching wrestling just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. too watered down [18:42] <EdBoon> There is ALOT more involved to bringing a TV show to life that you (or I) know. I think putting the show on Showtime or HBO would be outrageously expensive. Thats probably the big reason [18:43] <KevinDay> *DRobinson* Ed, if a 3rd Mortal Kombat Movie does indeed grace Movie Theatres around the country with it's prescence, do you think it would be possible to see a cameo appearance by god, err, yourself? [18:44] <EdBoon> I kind of have a Cameo in the 1st 2 movies (voice of scorpion) but a "walk on" role? Im going to start holding my breath [18:44] <KevinDay> *NosajMKD* Ed, can you tell us what cool things you have in your office or home from the MK world? Like one of the workers at Threshold Entertainment has the Reptile statue from the first movie and the huge circle doorway over his desk. Do you have any stuff like that lying around? [18:45] <EdBoon> More than I have room for!!! Like I said earlier I am going to start giving some pretty kool nastalgic mk stuff off soon [18:45] <KevinDay> *Minos{V}* what types/bands of music do you plan on using in MK5? [18:45] <EdBoon> Beethoven, Bach, Mozart [18:46] <EdBoon> Most likely Forden. The toasty band [18:46] <KevinDay> *faceless* will MK5 have multipart throws and/or attack reversals? [18:47] <EdBoon> Some form of reversal/counter, most likely. Multipart bone breakers, yea I would bet on that too. [18:47] <KevinDay> *TetterkeT* Can we look forward to seeing Kerri Hoskin's Sonya costume up for auction on eBay anytime soon? [18:47] <EdBoon> Ooooo now theres an idea, but I think she would kick my a$$ [18:48] <KevinDay> *clintele* What was the inspiration of putting all the MK characters together in MK Trilogy? [18:48] <KevinDay> (/msg me with your questions for Ed) [18:49] <EdBoon> Those systems had the memory available, so why not use it. Thats the same kind of philosophy I would like to approach with the home versions of MK5. It would be so kool to have MK1-2-3-4-5 ALL on one DVD [18:49] <KevinDay> *Gumbo* Boon -- Any chance of adding older stuff to MK5 like test your might or older stages. Maybe all the pits... Go for it all... [18:49] <EdBoon> Yea, like I said in the last chat, MK5 will have "test your might" "test your sight"..etc [18:50] <KevinDay> *NosajMKD* Ed, can you tell us what you felt the day you first visited the set of the first Mortal Kombat film and saw the Goro creature for the first time? I mean to create something that had gotten so large like Mortal Kombat did and here was this 9 foot creation now in reality in front of you. I bet you walked quietly outside and did 20 flips while yelling "I am the man". [18:51] <EdBoon> Not really, we were so busy working on MK3 for the arcade that we were kind of in a trance, it really didnt sink in until about the 2nd movie, that they made the 1st movie. [18:51] <KevinDay> *clintele* Does Becky Gable portray Kitana and Millena in MK Gold? [18:52] <EdBoon> No, Kitana & Mileena were modeled off of one persons face, another persons legs, another persons "&^*&^" and so on and so on and so on [18:52] <KevinDay> *Gumbo* Boon -- Ever think of hookin up with McFarlane for the MK series... I bet it would look kewl and the figures would be 2 sweeet [18:53] <EdBoon> Yea, you are right. But I really dont make those kind of calls. That business side is something I WISH I had the time 4 [18:53] <KevinDay> *Uzz* Ed, Is it finally time to get rid of "Chicken Squak" Liu Kang? I hope so [18:54] <EdBoon> Hahahah !!! Thats a good question, he kind of is our "Luke Skywalker". But since MK5 takes place in another dimension completely I can see Liu Kang taking in on the chin [18:55] <KevinDay> *stuball* Ed what are your thoughts on Bleem the playstation emulator, and it seem you are basically leaving dreamcast out (like a lot of people) and going for the PSX 2... why? [18:56] <EdBoon> Dreamcast out? What does that mean, I suppose the fact that we released MK Gold shows we are supporting the DC. It sold something like 370,000 units in 3 days. Thats pretty freaking good [18:56] <EdBoon> Bleem, I hear is buggy [18:56] <KevinDay> *faceless* how many buttons will MK5 use? [18:56] <EdBoon> I dont know for sure, but the button layout will NOT be the one used in MK1234 [18:57] <KevinDay> Two more questions, and we're done [18:57] <KevinDay> *wombat* Why wasn't there a hidden game in MK4? Will there be one in MK5? [18:58] <EdBoon> No time, I actually programmed an Asteroids game when MK4 was going to be on different hardware but when we switched to Zeus, I didn't have time to translate it !! :( [18:58] <EdBoon> MK5 -- we will see [18:58] <KevinDay> *faceless* will MK5 have more freedom in 3D movement? Will you be able to hit people on the ground? [18:59] <EdBoon> More freedom? YES, hit people on the ground.......I will get back to you on that one [18:59] <KevinDay> Ok, we're going to end it here [18:59] <KevinDay> Thanks for taking the time to come here, Ed. [19:00] <EdBoon> thanks everyone for showing up! [19:00] <KevinDay> I'll have a log available of this chat later, if you want a copy sent to you, please e-mail me. <> [19:01] *** EdBoon has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving) [19:01] *** KevinDay sets mode: -m Session Close: Thu Sep 16 19:01:40 1999