Transcript from August 22, 2001
Actress Marjean Holden
Sheeva in Mortal Kombat Annihilation

Marjean Holden has starred in multiple projects of movies, television. She joined us on 8/22/01 at The #mortalkombat IRC Network! chat room to talk with the fans.

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Nosaj-Samoht: Welcome everyone to "Fight Night" with actress Marjean Holden who portrayed "Sheeva" in the movie "Mortal Kombat Annihilation". Besides MKA she has appeared in several feature films including Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Steven Spielberg's sequel to Jurassic Park "The Lost World, "Speed 2: Cruise Control", and "John Carpenter's: Vampires". She also has starred in many tv shows including "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", and the Babylon 5 Spin-off series "Crusade", "JAG", "Tales from the Crypt", "Star Trek: Deep Space 9", "La Femme Nikita", "Suddenly Susan", and "The Steve Harvey Show".
Marjean-Holden: Hi!

Ernigmac: You were in Fresh Prince? Nice.
Marjean-Holden: Yes, I played Will Smith's perfect wife in an episode called "Birthday Presence".

Nosaj-Samoht: Could you tell us what scenes with your character in MKA were cut for various reasons?
Marjean-Holden: Well, let's see, the biggest scene that was cut was a huge fight between me, Rayden, and Liu. It was a huge fight scene in a temple, the one where Rayden fights all of the reptile characters (Raptors). That was my fight originally but because it was going to cost somewhere above the million dollar mark due to my arms. It had to be cut.

PainGame: Did you like the end product of MKA?
Marjean-Holden: Yes, I think it turned out really good! We all worked really hard to make it as real as possible, so that it wasn't cheesy, and I think we did a really good job. Of course I would have liked my scenes to have been a bit bigger but that is the breaks!

Futureman3000: What movies are you working on now?
Marjean-Holden: I am working on the television series "Beastmaster".

MKJohn: Were there any scenes with Stryker and Kabal like Rain mentioned in the movie?
Marjean-Holden: There were no scenes with Stryker and Kabal.

PainGame: Do you know any of Sheeva's moves in any of the games? lol
Marjean-Holden: Ha ha! I only know the Portal Stomp!

DArqueBishop: How would you compare the experience of working on MKA as compared to other projects?
Marjean-Holden: Well, working on MKA was one of the best experiences I have ever had on a film. The cast was awesome, we all got along really great, and we still talk to each other and get together when we can.

Kombat_BG: What about the extra arms, are they computer generated?
Marjean-Holden: Well, we had prosthetic arms and then they used CGI for the rest.

PainGame: What's Red Williams like? Got his e-mail address? :)
Marjean-Holden: Sorry, don't have Red's email address, and he is a really cool guy. I worked with him on his very first acting job, a guest spot on the series "Renegade".

MKJohn: Marjean: What was he most significant scene in MKA that was cut?
Marjean-Holden: Well, in my opinion my fight scene was the most important scene in the movie to be cut!

CaTigeReptile: So, how did it feel like to have four arms?
Marjean-Holden: It was awesome! When I had the prosthetic arms on I would walk by guys and grab them and say "Oopss soooorrry!".

E_shady27: Hey I didn't know you were in Jurassic Park 2. Who did you play as?
Marjean-Holden: I was one of the screamers in JP2. We were running away from the Dinosaur (T-Rex) in downtown. Most of us ended up on the cutting room floor!

Noob_Saibot_64: What's your favorite character in MK4?
Marjean-Holden: My favorite character besides Sheeva was Sub-Zero.

Ernigmac: Were there any major fight scenes involving Rain or Ermac? I thought that they were both drastically underdeveloped in MKA.
Marjean-Holden: There were also no major fight scenes with Rain or Ermac.

Nosaj-Samoht: What is the status of the Babylon 5 series "Crusade"?
Marjean-Holden: Status of Crusade? Over!

MKJohn: There was an alternate ending to MKA right ? Why was it never put in the final cut? I heard about one with Quan Chi and Shinnok in the netherealm in the last scene.
Marjean-Holden: I don't think there was an alternate ending not to my knowledge anyway. Ah yes, that was it. I forgot about the Quan Chi thing. It has been awhile!

E_shady27: What about Scorpion? You don't like him?
Marjean-Holden: Oh I love Scorpion too. Bears a very special place with me since I'm a Scorpio!

DArqueBishop: What do you do in your spare time? I'd doubt play MK, but anything else we would find interesting?
Marjean-Holden: You know, most of my spare time is spent at the movies funny enough! And I have resisted buying a Sony Playstation just for the mere fact that my husband and I would sit in front of the television all day and play Crash Bandicoot and Tekken!

PainGame: You're betraying all the MK'ers by playing Tekken. lol jk
Marjean-Holden: I know, I know, but I guess I'd probably play MK as well!

Ernigmac: Would you happen to remember who played Noob Saibot in MKA?
Marjean-Holden: Can't remember who played him. It was probably one of our stuntmen though they played multiple characters that were under hoods!

DArqueBishop: As I understand it, MKA was John Leonetti's first time as director of a major motion picture. How would you say he did? Was it easy or hard for him, etc?
Marjean-Holden: John Leonetti was fantastic! I loved working with him. He is a cool guy, he did a great job, everyone loved him, and I wish he would do more!

Kombat_BG: Is that your voice in the movie? We know some character voices were dubbed.
Marjean-Holden: Yes that was my voice with some mixing involved.

CaTigeReptile: Did you sign a contract for the next movie?
Marjean-Holden: No, I have not signed anything, haven't even heard from them. Don't know if there will be another one.

PainGame: What's your next project?
Marjean-Holden: Next project, season 3 of Beastmaster, then I am writing a couple of projects and looking for finance for another.

Jax007: What is your favorite MK game?
Marjean-Holden: You know, I never really got into the games. I tried to play when I got the role and got my ass kicked! So I said well, I'll stick to the screen!

DArqueBishop: What is it with you and vampires? I noticed you played them in both Blade and John Carpenter's Vampires.
Marjean-Holden: Ha ha, I don't know what it is. I guess it's just because I am tall, and look fairly menacing in that kind of makeup and have the background to do the stunts. They were like hey, she can be a Vampire!

PainGame: Would you ever want to play any other MK character besides Sheeva? I think you'd make a good Mileena, better than Dana Hee.
Marjean-Holden: Hmmm, let's see, any other character? I'm not sure. I loved Sheeva and think she is the only one I would ever play.

Ernigmac: How tall are you?
Marjean-Holden: I'm 6 foot tall.

snooozer: What kind of music do you listen to, or what was the last CD you bought? Do you play any instruments and if not, what do you like to do in your free time?
Marjean-Holden: Last CD I bought was Ministry of Sound. I like all types of music though I was raised in a family of musicians. My cousin sings backup for Tom Jones. I used to play and don't laugh, the trombone!

Nosaj-Samoht: How did you like your visit to Thailand during the filming of MKA?
Marjean-Holden: When I was in Thailand I didn't like it, but when I left Thailand I thought about it and realized it wasn't all that bad! I have great pictures from there!

PainGame: Do you have any idea whether the producers have ever considered releasing a Director's Cut of the film? I bet alot of people would want to see the lost scenes.
Marjean-Holden: I don't know if they would ever release a directors cut or not. Probably not, too cheap!

mfck0453: What did you think of the finished film, and what do you think people thought of it?
Marjean-Holden: Well, as I stated earlier I think we did a really good job, and for the type of movie MKA is, we put out a good product.

PainGame: Are you a fan of the Matrix?
Marjean-Holden: I loved the Matrix!

DArqueBishop: Movie buff, hmmm? What would you say was the last very good film you watched in the theater? Not counting on you were in.
Marjean-Holden: The last good film I saw in the theater was Traffic. I have seen others but Traffic was the last good one, I mean really good one. I just saw Tomb Raider, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, and Final Fantasy.

detroit_playa: How long did the production take ?
Marjean-Holden: It took us 4 months to film MKA.

PainGame: Did anybody play any of the MK games on the set?
Marjean-Holden: No, we didn't have time to play games on set! We were working 14 hours a day!

Ernigmac: What did you think of the original MK film?
Marjean-Holden: I liked the first MK, it was a lot of fun!

CaTigeReptile: Marjean, what did you think about the multiple Reptile's and Baraka's?
Marjean-Holden: I thought they were stretching it when they just multiplied them!

Ernigmac: How long have you been involved in acting?
Marjean-Holden: I have been acting professionally for 16 years.

PainGame: Have you ever met Ed Boon or John Tobias?
Marjean-Holden: No, have not met them.

snooozer: Who did you play in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"? In The Matrix, everytime something weird happened, I just heard Keanu Reeves saying "whoa! excellent!" in my head.
Marjean-Holden: I was a student giving a speech on Marie Antoinette. It was my very first movie role! I know, he has had a hard time shaking that thing but a hundred million later on The Matrix and he isn't doing too bad!

MKJohn: What was the funniest thing that happened while filming MKA?
Marjean-Holden: Hmmm, funniest thing that happened on set, God I can't even remember! We laughed so much all the time!

Ernigmac: Would you be interested in reprising your role as Sheeva in the upcoming MK Musical?
Marjean-Holden: Ha ha... a musical of MK! Now there is a good idea!

PainGame: Of all the people on the MK set, who were you most friendly with, or who did u get along with?
Marjean-Holden: Of all the people on set I got along with Musetta (Sindel), Sandra (Sonya), and Robin (Liu Kang) the best!

^Tryangle: How much time a year do you spend hard at work and how much recuperating (vacation etc)?
Marjean-Holden: Well, since I have been working on the series I have worked for 8 months out of the year and spend about 4 playing.

Futureman3000: Were there plans for any other MK characters to be put in MKA that were scrapped???
Marjean-Holden: No, I think everyone that was in was in. They didn't cut anyone out.

Ernigmac: What was Will Smith like to work with?
Marjean-Holden: He was great, lots of fun.

PainGame: Did you know who Sheeva was before you signed onto MK?
Marjean-Holden: Yes, I did know who Sheeva was.

Kombat_BG: Did you or someone else get hurt during the fight scenes?
Marjean-Holden: No one got hurt, lots of minor bumps and bruises but nothing serious.

Ernigmac: Have you had any martial arts training?
Marjean-Holden: Yes, I studied Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu for 10 years.

STEROLIZER: That's a pretty name, does it help you get parts?
Marjean-Holden: I don't know if my name helps or not Sterolizer.

CaTigeReptile: It's an Indian name, right?
Marjean-Holden: It is not an Indian name. It is a combination of names, and that's all I'm going to say.

PainGame: Has anyone ever spotted you as the woman who played Sheeva, anywhere?
Marjean-Holden: Yes, I have people say that to me sometimes.

Kombat_BG: Who did the choreography of the fights in MKA? Robin (Liu Kang)?
Marjean-Holden: Yes, Robin did alot of the choreography along with Pat Johnson our stunt coordinator.

MKJohn: What has been the funniest movie for you to work on?
Marjean-Holden: Funniest movie was John Carpenter's Vampires.

Jonin01: How do you like playing Armina on Beastmaster? Are you planning on staying with that series for the long term?
Marjean-Holden: Love playing Arina. I'll be on it for at least another season after this one.

Nosaj-Samoht: Marjean, we like to thank you for coming tonight and chatting with your fans. We also like to thank MKJohn and Paingame for setting this chat up!
Marjean-Holden: Thanks for having me! You all have been great! I may just drop in sometime to surprise you all! I'll be at a signing in Sydney on the 9th of September, a club called Friends of Science Fiction. Check out the info on my site: - My email address is: -send a note anytime!

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