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Ed Boon Chat Highlights
The chat with co-creator Ed Boon has come to a close. We have now learned that Mortal Kombat 5 will not be making a release until 2002 - still no official word if Mortal Kombat 5 will skip arcades. Ed Boon did mention however that Midway leaving the arcades has not affected the games progress and that its been "business as usual". Also Ed Boon made it very clear that some teasers should start hitting the web in the next few months. Thanks to everyone that came and participated.

A transcript of the chat is now available. Ed Boon chat tonight!
Don't miss the chat with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon tonight at 6 PM Pacific/9PM Eastern only at! More details will be provided later tonight at their website along with a quick link to their chatroom. Your hosts for the evening will be KungLao from and myself. We expect a huge crowd and we will moderate if necessary. See you tonight!
Ed Boon Chat scheduled for April
Our friend Chris from has informed us that they have scheduled a chat with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon in the second week of April. We have been given a tentative date and time for the chat, but we won't release it until I see it posted at their website. I will be an operator for this chat session. As soon as we can post the date and time for the chat you will see it here.
Mortal Kombat 5 Arcade in Jeopardy: Midway to focuse solely on console gaming
Midway Games has released a press release with information that the company will be abandoning the arcade hardware market and apparently turning all of its attention on console gaming. Midway also states it has laid off approximately 60 employees from its coin-operated division. Midway will now move almost all of its coin up projects straight to home consoles. Mortal Kombat 5 originally planned for arcades could be coming straight to home consoles sooner than expected. Here is a quote from

"Midway's possible departure from the arcades is unfortunate, but they will remain a strong presence on the home console front, as almost all arcade projects that were still in development will be moved to console platforms. Specific platforms have not been announced, but we can expect to see San Francisco Rush: Hot Rod and Mortal Kombat 5 coming to a console near you sometime in the future."

The Mortal Kombat Team has stated in the past that there was always a possibility that MK5 could skip the arcades. We will let you know if this holds true.

More on those MK Action Figures..
Since there is obviously nothing else to report on, we might as well mention that Michael McDonough is pouring in news for our viewers once again with information that some UK site called Epic Heroes is selling Mortal Kombat Action figures for £12.99. According to MK Extreme these figures are around $12.99 here in the U.S. These figures ironically are the same ones we reported about last June by Palisades Marketing. In our previous update about these figures we have the prices listed as low as $10.95.

Also we reported back in June 2000 about Infinite Concepts first line of MK Action Figures that look extremly better than the ones mentioned above. At the time of our original posting we did not have a price tag or even a release date for these figures, but you can now find them at Magic Touch's Website for $11.99.

Oh, that's not it - we also reported back in June about Infinite Concepts 2nd Line of MK Action figures. (See screenshot below) This line contains Rayden, Johnny Cage, Jax, Kitana, and Reptile. We have no clue what ever happened to these figures. They were supposed to be released in the 2nd Quarter of 2000. They don't seem to be anywhere on Magic Touch's Website. Also we reported last July that a 3rd Series was set to launch in the 4th Quarter of 2001 with figures including Baraka, Jade, Kintaro, Shao Kahn, Kano and Smoke. That's the news for this month. We'll keep ya posted.