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IGN Feature Kenshi Mobile Screenshot On App

Official Mortal Kombat X Screenshots - Destroyed City Stage

NetherRealm Studios have sent us two new official screenshots from Mortal Kombat X. They feature returning warriors Ermac & Raiden doing battle in the Destroyed City stage, and newcomers Ferra/Torr on the all new Living Tower. Click to enlarge:

Who's Next? Goro & Kano Screenshots Tease Video

Kung Lao & Raiden won't be the only fighters turning up in a much talked about Mortal Kombat X video preview [later today]. The klassic heroes were teased in a new sub-titled screenshot from the clip - now it's the original bad guys' turn!

Raiden Quizzes Kung Lao in New MKX Screenshot

Raiden is asking the question many fans have been thinking in a new, sub-titled screenshot featuring latest returning kombatant Kung Lao! It's the second screenshot released to the web, fuelling the mystery of how he survived a fatal neck fracture in the previous game.

Who's Next? Kung Lao Strikes Back in New Screenshot

The holiday break is over, and Ed Boon is all talk and show! The Creative Lead has been teasing some big things! One of those being the first official Kung Lao screenshot release to the web!

Pelaaja Magazine Leak Reveals Kung Lao Screenshots

Injustice Mobile Adding MKX Scorpion, Static & More

NetherRealm Studios' mobile development is going from strength to strength -- the recent announcement of January's WWE Immortals adding to a resume anchored by Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The DC Comics superhero app has continued to receive extensive support, adding regular content updates, special events and a major overhaul that introduced multi-player in April. A hack of the most recent December update has revealed new characters on the way! WasdUK reports a Mortal Kombat X Scorpion is among the looming additions uncovered by industrious users!

GameStar Feature Plethora of Mortal Kombat X Screenshots

Classification looms large over the 2015 DE release of Mortal Kombat X, but that hasn't stopped Germany delivering major European coverage. Gamescom 2014 delivered interesting new details, after Kano made his first confirmed sighting in den Seiten der deutschen GamePro. Last week GameStar kept the good times coming with a rash of new screenshots featuring: Raiden, Sub-Zero, Ferra/Torr, D'Vorah & more!

Who's Next? 6 Character Boot Teaser Sparks Footprint Analysis

You know what they say about a fighter's shoe... It's a clue as to who they are! These boots are made for fighting and they're the latest Twitter tease from Mortal Kombat X Creative Director @noobde [aka; Ed Boon]. Note: Scroll to the bottom for new developments in the case!

The color-obscured fan bait came just in time, as a modest showing at PAX Prime stoked the fires of desire in a hungry audience. More footage of recent additions Raiden & Kano continued to promote the 2015 fighter, which featured the latest instalment in its reveal cycle earlier in the month at Gamescom.

Gamescom: NetherRealm Release MKX Kano Screenshots

You've seen the Kano Reveal Trailer - now thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios you can take a closer look at The Black Dragon mercenary in new high quality screenshots [thumbnails below]: