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Enter Generation MKX!
Mortal Kombat X: Story Trailer
MKX: Alleged Leak Include Jax, Sonya & Johnny Cage
03/04/2015 07:07 AM :: Posted at 07:07 AM EST by Mick-Lucifer

Twitter follower Timo Frazier (@fantim) has sent forward claims of having access to new Mortal Kombat X preview material. The material released so far includes cut scene screenshots, concept art and production renderings. The legitimacy of the material could not be verified at the time of this reporting.

Jax features most heavily, revamped with a low key Special Forces jacket design and klassically inspired chrome cybernetic arms. One screenshot suggest a revenant alternate, similar to the Sindel & Kitana seen fighting in the recent Story Mode Trailer. Jax was one of several casualties at the conclusion of Mortal Kombat (2011), held under the control of Quan Chi.

MK originals Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade have been rumoured continuously throughout production. Cage joined Sonya in the pages of the DC Comics tie-in, seen in Chapter 9 previews. Rumored casting leaks from the live-action webseries suggest Cage leads a secret unit of the Special Forces [full story].

All three klassic characters have been long rumoured, despite siring a second generation of kombatants featured in the game. Cassie Cage was part of a launch unveiling during last year's E3, while Jacqui Briggs has appeared in tie-in comics before being featured in the story trailer.

Among Fantim's claims is also the inclusion of cult character Tremoras post-game downloadable content [Kombat Pass]. All claims are at this stage unsubstantiated.

[Related Article: IGN Feature Kenshi Mobile Screenshot On App]

Mortal Kombat Online will continue to follow this story for further developments. Discuss more news and rumors on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Support the site by liking and sharing stories via @MK_Online & Facebook.

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