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Who's Next?
Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion Tournament 2015!
Evo 2015: Top 100 Mortal Kombat X Championship Players
07/28/2015 10:10 AM :: Posted at 10:10 AM EST by Mick-Lucifer

Even as the dust settles once more in the Nevada desert, we reflect upon the players of Mortal Kombat X and its first year at the Evo World Championships. A return from exile for a series briefly ousted by its own developer-made rival.

2015 saw a massive influx of thousands of players - all eager to bare witness to the first contest for the new World title, and the immortality that comes with it! Tournament favourite Dominique "Sonic Fox" McLean may have emerged victorious, but he did so out of the second-chance "losers bracket" -- an example that success comes in many shapes and forms!

For the world's Mortal Kombat players, Evo 2015 will be remembered for setting a new standard! US dominance ended as the United Kingdom earned its first runner-up through Denom "A F0xy Grampa" Jones. Sharing in podium honors was Canada courtesy of a breakout performance by Tim "Honeybee" Commandeur. Also making their global presence known were also players representing: Dominican Republic, Germany, Russia. Japan, Chile & even more!

It was also the most watched Evo Championship, and a formative experience early in Mortal Kombat X's lifespan with only three months separating tournament from launch! Contemplating what may come in 2016, we feature the Top 128 competitors to finish at Evo 2015. Could the next rising star be among them? Who's next?

#1 Sonicfox5000 (D. McLean)
#2 A f0xy grampa (D. Jones)
#3 Honeybee (T. Commandeur)
#4 MIT (M. Terry)
#5 DJT (D. Terry)
#5 Ketchup (R. Neal)
#7 Saltface (W. Butler)
#7 Milky Situation (D. Castro)
#9 Big D (R. Dedomenico)
#9 Zyphox (K. Jimenez)
#9 WoundCowboy (R. Gonzalez)
#9 Digit (C. Arrieta)
#13 DetroitBalln (A. Rayis)
#13 Gross (D. Daniel)
#13 Hitbox Tyrant (EJ Williamson)
#13 Slayer 909 (F. Perales)

#33 Krayzie (G. Galdamez)
#33 Riyo (R. Jimenez)
#33 LD Kay (R. Carvajal)
#33 Flawedzilla (J. Hawkins)
#33 Satsuiyeshadou (C. Watkins)
#33 Misteranthropy (F. Valderaz)
#33 Mov (J. Egami)
#33 Mr.K (M. Kawada)
#33 NormaJr911 (N. Forrest Jr)
#33 Decay (E. Tran)
#33 Emperor Warchild (L. Tang Yuk)
#33 LI Joe (J. Ciaramelli)
#33 Bye
#33 HitBox Godspeed (D. Kane)
#33 Painkiller (C. Naranjo)
#33 Kitana Prime (B. Benzing)

#65 TKP (T. Imaizumi)
#65 Darkfire (J. Velez)
#65 Jinty (A. Blake)
#65 Jonnitti (J. Nitti)
#65 Nubcakes (G. Silva)
#65 Blind Ducky (T. Smith)
#65 EE_Too (E. Dimalanta)
#65 MrSololobo (M. Banuelos)
#65 Epic Gol Boi Toi (T. Bridges)
#65 Bad Larry (A. Winn)
#65 Gummy (F. Camacho Gomez)
#65 Firebomber (M. Lopez)
#65 JohnnyBRamos (J. Ramos)
#65 Toblipa (P. Muoz)
#65 KH Cat (A. Torres)
#65 rev0lver (T. Bendicksen)

#97 ImStillDaDaddy (S. Dench)
#97 BlackRanger (B. Adams)
#97 (H. Shihab)
#97 (A. Dab)
#97 Zen Anthrax (J. Cach)
#97 Aris (A. Bakhtanians)
#97 FGC Bizzle (C. Belman)
#97 TA Moons (A. Gonzalez)
#97 (C. Cao)
#97 Odoyle (J. Roberts)
#97 (J. Alcaraz)
#97 Link (S. Evers)
#97 XpwwXKillstreak (A. Munoz)
#97 Viking305 (K. Fernandez)
#97 ForeverKing (C. Quiles)
#97 MikeMetroid (M. Riazy)
#17 MyGod (L. Castillo)
#17 REO (G. Grosso)
#17 NYChris G (C. Gonzalez)
#17 Madzin (M. Niedziela)
#17 Forever King Jr (F. Difilippo)
#17 Shujinkydink (E. McDougall)
#17 Michelangelo (M. Lerma)
#17 CheapEddie (N. Suvorov)
#25 KH Showtime (F. Occhione)
#25 Nivek (M. Bitsikokos)
#25 CR_Whiteboi (N. Andersen)
#25 Bigboy (J. Villarruel)
#25 Xen0m0rph (A. Padilla)
#25 MortySeinfeld (M. Camps)
#25 F3.Alucard (A. Ortiz)
#25 M. Betty (J. Tavizon)

#49 Vangence (F. Mojadiddi)
#49 Kevin 7 (K. Seven)
#49 Guamo (G. Lacio Jr)
#49 Coosco (M. Henderson)
#49 Black Redg1e (R. McDuffy)
#49 ThatRueNinja (B. Ward)
#49 Iluusions (R. Luu)
#49 EIN (N. Um)
#49 Jody tha Great (J. Woods)
#49 TimCruz (TR Dan Cruz)
#49 Perfect Legend (C. White)
#49 Cali Han (E. Rashid)
#49 Ibreakmoffi (D. Pinaire)
#49 ShinPaulo (P. Duarte)
#49 Nagai (L. Nguyen)
#49 KingRaj20 (J. Hampton)

#65 Youngmess88 (M. Vazquez)
#65 Star Charger (R. Conley)
#65 KH Royale (R. Chinn)
#65 Atai (M. Rivera)
#65 Mattix (M. Steverson II)
#65 West Coast Jeff (J. Obamogie)
#65 Subreal (S. Morales)
#65 (Mr. Mileena (J. Silva)
#65 (J. Scherry)
#65 Ultra Veteran (D. Ruben)
#65 Whitebl4ck (M. Vautor)
#65 Redsoul (T. Cummings)
#65 AOK Ryan (R. Magnani)
#65 Smarrgasm (K. Smarr)
#65 WonderChef (E. Hashimoto)
#65 X WhitestWade (W. Ball)

#97 Ofidyan (P. Morris)
#97 JTB123 (J. Button)
#97 Filipinoman (G.A. Herrera)
#97 Perezgomez (A. Perez)
#97 Eb3n3zer (B. Cerza)
#97 RM Cloud (D. Richards)
#97 F3.ATG (B. James)
#97 Demonhead (D. Alwaw)
#97 Solidsanchez (F. Sanchez)
#97 Pig of the Hut (B. McCaskill)
#97 Alex Valle (A. Valle)
#97 Khaotic_Harmony (B. Smolinski)
#97 JagoBlake (B. Whitworth)
#97 Tsd Bs Rtuc Loros (I. Martinez)
#97 RM Biohazard (M. Commandeur)
#97 (S. Appiah)

Mortal Kombat Online congratulates and commends everyone who made the Top 100 - and who competed live in Las Vegas! Got a story from the event? Register to share your kombat tales on the Gameplay & Matchmaking forum! Special thanks to source Bavo Bruylandt for cataloguing 2015 Evo Statistics!

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