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Ed Boon Pre-E3 Fan Interview Transcript

05/28/2004 :: Posted at 01:22 AM by Mobster4Christ
[Scott-Howell]: Hi, I'm Scott Howell.
[}[0MBAT]: And I'm Justin Deering.
[Mortal Kombat Online]: ... And we're Mortal Kombat Online: The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience located at We're here at The Standard in downtown Los Angeles, California at the pre-E3 party for Mortal Kombat: Deception. Sitting with us today is none other than Ed Boon, creator of the immensely popular Mortal Kombat franchise. His latest project is Mortal Kombat: Deception the sequel to 2002's Mortal Kombat: Deception. And we've got...

[]{]: Deadly Alliance.
[SH]: Yeah ... Deadly Alliance
[Ed Boon]: [laughs]

Now, we've got ten fan questions for you that people sent in. We're going to start off with Question #1. Question #1 comes from Martin Gimball from Montreal, Canada. "Hi Ed! Deception's your sixth Mortal Kombat title now. So how difficult is it for you and your team to come up with that much new content for Deception?"
How difficult is it? Uh, it's not difficult really at all. It's um, you know our biggest challenge is always just kinda like, you know, deciding which of the million ideas that everybody kind of throws out we're gonna actually do. You know, we always have way more ideas that we've thrown out than we actually use. Some of them kind of make their way into the game, some of them, uh, some of them are just thrown out. So it's not very difficult at all.

Alright, Question #2 is from Alfonso Navarro from San Paulo, California. "In the past, it was said there would be 24 characters in total for MK: Deception, the amount seen in most of the line-up or heard of their confirmation. Boon, are you planning (unintelligible) meaning will there be more than 24 characters?"
Yes, there will be more than 24 characters. Your main grid of characters will be 8x3 which will be 24 characters, but we do like hiding additional characters in the Konquest mode that will be in addition to the 24 characters.

Question #3 comes from Jared Ferris from Quebec. He writes, "Yo Ed, I'm curious about the mid-boss that will appear in the new game Mortal Kombat: Deception. So far it's been said that the Dragon King will be the final boss, and he'dd be equivalent to Goro, Kintaro, Motaro from previous games. But will there still be a real mid-boss, one that is not intially playable?"
Uh, yes, actually the mid-boss character in Deception is one of the few . It's gonna be, uh, one of the hottest characters we've had in Mortal Kombat, and will end up being a character you can play as, and our plan right now is to have the Dragon King as the last boss character.

Question #4 comes from Jordan Mudd of Winsorlock, Connecticut. "As I understand it, it was recently that you talked about the Konquest mode, and how you'll be able to pick your styles, and play with your character online. What level of customization will you be able to take your character to? Will you be able to pick your clothes, special moves, fatalities, gender, and race?"
No, no, it's not going to be a create a character, so to say. The whole goal is to unlock this character as the old man Shujinko when you finish the Konquest mode, and there will be, uh, specifics about him that you'll be able to change. Like you may have found an extra hidden move, or secret like that, that no one else has, so you'll have a more powerful version of that character. But it's gonna be a create a character that you can determine race and gender, that's probably MK7.

Alright, Question #5 comes from Darryl Staller from Sanduski, Ohio. "We have heard that you have brought back Baraka, Sindel, Smoke, Noob Saibot, Kabal, and Ermac because they are fan favorites and that fans wanted to see them. Were these fighters added just because of their popularity, but you already had a story for all of them in Deception's storyline; or did you add them because of their popularity, and then give them a storyline?"
Uh, probably the latter. I think we, from a design decision standpoint, I really try to focus in on the characters people want to see, and there's a guy on our team, John Vogel, and he's the storyteller of the team, and he basically, I come up with the roster, and he works the story that incorporates all of the new characters into it.

Question #7 from Mitch Johnson from New Jersey asks, "Will there be any special features in the new MK's online mode, such as ladders, tournaments, competitions, and things like that?"
Uh, we probably won't have tournaments, so to speak, our main focus was to get all three of the main modes on the multiplayer mode, so the puzzle mode, the fighting game, and the board game online. That was our main thing first, and that was like a huge feat also, for XBox Live and PS2. So, it some point we have to kinda draw the line if we were gonna finish the game this year.

Mike Skavalli from Ambers, New York ask the question about the making of video for Deception. That video that we saw tonight was some pretty (unintelligible). "We know there's a Making Of video in Deadly Alliance, just wondering if you're gonna have one in Deception?"
Oh, probably not. It was, I thought it was really cool in Deadly Alliance, but we don't want to keep the same thing going over and over. So we're probably going to do something pretty radically different in terms of video content and all that.

So the video we saw tonight, is just for tonight?

Alright, and uh, Rabel Comacho from Ontario, Canada. He's asking, "You've been quoted as saying Mortal Kombat: Deception will take full advantage of each system. Does that mean Deception will take the MK4 route with exclusive features and cutscenes on each system? And what's that gonna mean for online mode?"
The MK4 route?

What they mean is MK4 has certain endings on N64 and better endings on PlayStation.
Um, I think the main differences are kind of graphical. Things like, you know, bump mapping on the XBox, and the color pallette on the PlayStation 2. We see advantages, and we have guys on the team who are, um, (unintelligble) kind of exploiting things, you know, it's more like hardware specific. So feature wise, the games will be pretty much identical. But in terms of some of the visuals, audio, and other graphic effects, they'll try to bump up the game for each system. Woo hoo! Woo hoo!

Alright, Question #9 comes from James in Massachusetts, "The monks that we get to create in MK: Deception, will they be able to do branch style combos, like say if I give my monk Tai Kwan Do, Hapkido, and the Staff, will I be able to do a branch combo between those three different styles?"
Yes, right now our plan is whatever three fighting styles you choose, you'll be able to branch between in and out of each style.

That sounds awesome.

Yes, and our last question for you tonight comes from Abdul Manyer from the Virgin Islands, "When you finally end Mortal Kombat, hopefully not soon, how do you look back at the achievements you have made in your lifetime?"
My lifetime with Mortal Kombat?


Uh, you know what? I think the biggest thing that we're really proud of, has really been to, uh, [unintelligible], the popularity of the games, the Street Fighter game (unintelligible), and when we came out it was really just Street Fighter and us, and those were the two big games. And as time went along, we went from 2D sprites into the 3D world. Then Street Fighter kind of faded away a bit, and then games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter came along, and still, we sell better than both of those games. And we're, uh, really pleased that the fact in both eras, we've been major players, fighting both in the 2D and the 3D, and they play completely differently, and we're really proud of the fact that we've endured for 12 years.

Alright, Ed, that concludes the interview. We really appreciate it, and we'll see you at E3 tomorrow. Keep at Mortal Kombat Online for the latest information!

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