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Mortal Kombat Joins World Game Cup 2012

01/20/2012 :: Posted at 01:21 AM by Mick-Lucifer
February 17-19 MK Joins the World Game Cup 2012 in France!

In February the greatest fighting game fighters of all continents will be invited to descend upon Festival International des Jeux, in the "prestigious" Palais des Festivals de Cannes. The reason for this exotic rendezvous: the World Game Cup 2012!

Mortal Kombat joins a lineup of the worlds most popular competitive fighting games, voted in as the internet's choice in the solo tournament category! A limited sixty-four slots are available as exclusive online registration begins, with final double-elimination pools to be announced early in February. Registration ends February 8.

Participants will pay a 20€ entry fee (€25 after January 22nd), competing for a prize pool of yet to be confirmed "goodies." PayPal payment has been made available, along with credit card. All Mortal Kombat sessions will be played using the Xbox 360 version of the game. Practise sessions will be available on the floor, as accessibiltiy permits.

MK pools are scheduled to be held February 18 from 11AM to 4PM CET (recommended early arrival, check times before show). The final two will duke it out under the lights of the main stage, streamed online live in the evening, 5PM - 6PM CET.

Official World Game Cup 2012 Flyer

Rules & Regulations of Solo Tournaments:
Tournament limited to 64 players : 2/3 matches in pools, 2 qualifiers per pool.

Pools are run in double elimination.
The winner of the Winner’s Bracket finishes 1st of his/her pool.
The winner of the Loser’s Bracket finishes 2nd of his/her pool.
The players will be spread in a new double elimination bracket (with a life reset): the players which finished first will be pitted against the second of another pool (and vice-versa).

Final Double Elimination Bracket
- 2/3 matches until the Grand Finale (played in 3/5)

World Game Cup 2012 takes place February 17-19 in Cannes, France. Additional registration info is available from the official site, along with general rules and regulations. For more, visit Discuss this topic and others on the forums.

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