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Johnny Cage & Noob Join Syco Collectibles Previews

03/26/2012 :: Posted at 05:59 PM by Mick-Lucifer
Collectors Fear Getting Caged! Syco Preview New 10 Inch Statues Coming Soon!

Two more works-in-progress have been previewed by Syco Collectibles, the latest additions revealed from their extensive lineup of officially licensed Mortal Kombat statues.
Part of the standard 10" polystone collection; Johnny Cage and Noob Saibot add greater diversity to a growing roster of characters, each directly inspired by the designs of the most recent game.

Revealed last week in a Test Your Might first look; Johnny Cage comes in dynamic mid-move pose, based on his famed shadow uppercut special. Though still in development stages, the preview shows a promising degree of detail, with all the trimmings of his chest tattoo, belt buckle, and sunglasses evident and accounted for.

A less glitzy character than MK's resident movie star, Noob Saibot is no less adequately realized. The hooded wraith possesses the sharpened details of his in-game counterpart, striking a pose reminiscent of his shadowed victory stance. For a design dependent on blacks, tone will be an important detail not yet represented in these early previews. Images are not representative of the final product and may be subject to change before production.

Syco Collectibles 10in Johnny Cage - Preview 1Syco Collectibles 10in Johnny Cage - Preview 2Syco Collectibles 10in Johnny Cage - Preview 3
Syco Collectibles 10in Noob - Preview 1Syco Collectibles 10in Noob - Preview 2Syco Collectibles 10in Noob - Preview 31

The two figures join a pending release schedule that includes Motaro -- the 14" scale centaur chosen and previewed by Mortal Kombat Online [full story]. Fans can also look forward to pairing Cage with classic love interest, Sonya Blade [preview], while premium Rain, and Queen Sindel are also confirmed to join the series, with updates expected soon.

Before your shelves get caged, 20% online discounts are available for already released statues, such as; Sub-Zero, Ermac, Jade and more. Scorpion will soon be released for a second 10" run, repained with an improved gold finish.

For questions about these and other products, refer to MKO's official Syco Collectibles Q&A thread. Get additional updates and preview galleries by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

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