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Mortal Kombat Now Available for PlayStation Vita!

05/01/2012 :: Posted at 06:07 PM by Mick-Lucifer
Fight Anywhere!

You've read the previews, watched the trailers and wrenched what nuggets of truth you could from the juicy chest of rumor. After months of build-up, Mortal Kombat is now officially on the market for PlayStation Vita!

You'd have to have been living under a certain popular wrestling superstar to not know about the long list of features that make the handheld edition of Mortal Kombat a must-have!

With the console Komplete Edition as a content base; Vita throws a plethora of device-specific capabilities like so much fruit to a ninja, with interactive touchscreen capabilities, stylus real-time balancing acts, and the augmented reality you asked for! If you have been under a rock, a completely revamped Challenge Tower with cameos like Tremor should have no trouble reducing ignorant boulders to tiny fruity pebbles!


Burbank, Calif. – May 1, 2012 – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios announced today the exclusive release of Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation®Vita handheld system in North America. Making its debut on the new handheld device, the acclaimed fighting franchise delivers lethal action to gamers on-the-go, priced at $39.99.

“Mortal Kombat for PlayStation®Vita allows us to bring the best possible fighting experience to our loyal fans - anytime, anywhere,” said Ed Boon, Creative Director, NetherRealm Studios. “The game runs at a seamless 60 frames per second, and provides unique gameplay modes and features that take advantage of PlayStation®Vita’s exciting new hardware capabilities. Mortal Kombat for PlayStation®Vita is the ultimate portable fighting game and provides hours of fun for mobile gamers.”

Selling more than three million units worldwide, the reinvention of the franchise was released on consoles in 2011. Mortal Kombat became the highest-selling fighting game of the year and won numerous “Best Fighting Game of 2011” awards, including Spike TV’s 2011 Video Game Awards, Game Informer, Official Xbox Magazine and

Bringing new and exclusive content to the PS Vita system, this edition of Mortal Kombat offers over-the-top fatalities and cringe-worthy X-ray moves. Players will get to test themselves with 150 brand new Challenge Tower missions, including touchscreen Fatalities, Test Your Slice and Test Your Balance. Players can also take the fight to their friends wherever they go with local multiplayer using ad-hoc connectivity or against friends near and far with a Wi-Fi connection.

The legendary fighting game is now available exclusively for the PS Vita system in North America. For more information about Mortal Kombat, please visit, on Facebook at or on Twitter @MK_Mortalkombat.

When news of the Vita's basic special features broke, we asked the MKOmmunity what they were most looking forward to. The poll was decisive, making exclusive Klassic Kostumes the most anticipated feature!

    Which new Vita feature are you most looking forward to?
  • 16 Bonus Kostumes (53.3%)
  • Updated Challenger Tower (20.9%)
  • Touchscreen Fatalities (15.6%)
  • Test Your Balance (7.4%)
  • All New Trophies (2.4%)
Will old skool skins be your favourite with device in hand, or has something else lept ahead? Discuss all the new features in the poll and more in the Mortal Kombat Kontemporary forum!

In April, the current era of Mortal Kombat celebrated its first anniversary, and we with it! You're almost out of time to enter the draw for our Pop Culture Shock Scorpion Statue giveaway [full story] as we get ready to give away more stuff in a special portable-themed Vita contest! Stay tuned to Mortal Kombat Online for much more!

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