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Road to Evo: EGP Tyrant Wins SoCal Regional 2013!

01/23/2013 :: Posted at 12:51 AM by Mick-Lucifer
EGP Tyrant Wins Southern California Regional Tournament; Wound Cowboy Runner-Up!

The Road to Evo is officially under way and with just four series tournaments on the 2013 bill, it's an important year-starting win for homegrown victor: EGP Tyrant!

SoCal Regional 2013 attracted a strong field this year; delivering all the expected interstate rivalries, fresh match-ups, and new names to watch in the coming year!

EGP Tyrant may have improved on his 2012 fourth placing, but it was arguably NorCal's Wound Cowboy who was the break-out star -- vastly boosting his stock with a challenging Shang Tsung rampage through the losers brackets! It cannot be understated, though. EGP Tyrant stood strong against his final two opponent -- defeating him not once, but twice in the Final 8 match-ups! [via EpicGP Brackets & Test Your Might]

Update: You can watch all the top eight action on the EGP SoCal Regional Top 8 YouTube Playlist.

Winners Bracket Semi Final:
EGP Tyrant (Jax) d. GGA 16bit (Kitana) 2-0
DJT (Cyrax) d. EGP Xblades (Liu Kang) 2-0

Top 8 Losers Bracket Rounds 1-3:
Wound Cowboy (Shang Tsung) d. EGP XBlades (Liu Kang) 2-0
KN Detroitballn (Kabal) d. GGA 16bit (Kitana) 2-1
Wound Cowboy (Shang Tsung) d. KN Detroitballn (Kabal) 3-2

Winners & Losers Bracket Final:
EGP Tyrant (Jax) d. DJT (Cyrax) 3-1
Wound Cowboy (Shang Tsung) d. DJT (Cyrax) 2-3

Southern California Regions Final:
EGP Tyrant (Jax) d. Wound Cowboy (Shang Tsung, Sonya) 3-1

EGP Tyrant's perfect tournament kept him exclusively in the winner's bracket, including a First Round bye and pool victories over; Folux182 (R2), Ducky (R3), SatsuiYesHadou (R4) & DJT (SF).

Wound Cowboy had a mixed field, battling victorious through the losers semi final pool after a Round 4 defeat from DJT: Brownie (R1), Mosp (R2), Pig of the Hut (R3) & EGP_pboardploayer_88 (LSF).

The results marked the best performance at a major for both players and will no doubt earn them seeding consideration from tournament organizers come July, should they choose to attend the 2013 Evo Championship! The entire top sixteen will have consideration, despite the short Evo Series discarding the points system of 2012.

    SoCal Regionals 2013 Top16:
  • 1. EGP Tyrant
  • 2. WoundCowboy
  • 3. DJT
  • 4. KN | C.O.R.N.Detroitballn
  • 5. GGA 16bit
  • 5. EGP XBlades
  • 7. C88Dab
  • 7. Pig of the Hut
  • 9. EGP pboardplayer 88
  • 9. SatsuiYesHadou
  • 9. MIT
  • 9. Seven
  • 13. Solid
  • 13. Folux182
  • 13. EGP Krayzie
  • 13. STB | MKU Dark Dink [aka; Shujinkydink]

The next official stop on the Road to Evo is Northern California Regionals 11! Mortal Kombat Online will endeavour to bring you all the information as it becomes available! Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us will also be at UFGT9 in May! Discuss these events and more on the Gameplay & Matchmaking forum!

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