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MKO on Twitter

Evo 2013 Tournament Schedule & Injustice DLC Reveal

07/11/2013 :: Posted at 11:56 AM by Mick-Lucifer
The 2013 Evo World Championship Kicks off This Weekend!

Where did the year go? It seems like it was only yesterday controversy erupted over a heavily abbreviated line-up for this year's seeding series! Now we're just days away from the 2013 Evo World Championship -- a tournament that will see Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us contested at the top level!

The 2013 Championship is Mortal Kombat's third straight year at the major, while Injustice enjoys a welcomed reprieve as a late addition to the original line-up [full story]. As much as you cannot look past the hardcore competition that awaits -- news of a fifth Injustice DLC character is another exciting moment that awaits the Evo weekend!

Ed Boon confirmed the upcoming character reveal via twitter. There will also be a frequently requested alternate skin on its way: "...hopefully now they'll shut the f*** up!!" With a massive list of DC characters still untapped, widespread speculation ranges from the already hinted Martian Manhunter & Doctor Fate, to contemporary cartoon stars like Red Hood & Blue Beetle. Some of our favourites remain unused: check out our Top 10 Heroes & Villains!

The NetherRealm Creative Director will be on the floor of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino taking in the spectacle of Evo 2013. He heads to San Diego next week to appear on the Legacy II panel [full story].

Fans of the NetherRealm fighters will have a jam packed weekend ahead as both titles stretch across three days of action - July 12-14!

Fatality Friday (as we're calling it) belongs to Mortal Kombat with the entire tournament scheduled to take place in a day-long marathon of brutal kombat! Two-time defending Champion Carl "Perfect Legend" White will be contesting a hattrick [Evo 2012 Result]! Then Injustice takes centre stage as pools run throughout Saturday, before the finals crown the first ever Gods Among Us World Champion on Saturday!

Evo registration is Thurday 2PM to 8PM PST. Forecast tournament times are as listed below [via]. Follow @evo2k for info and check for updated times:

Mortal Kombat (2011)
Pools: Friday 8 AM
Semi Finals: Friday: 4 PM
Tournament Championship: Friday, 6 PM

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Pools: Saturday 8 AM
Quarter & Semi Finals, Saturday: 4 PM
Tournament Championship: Sunday (TBD)

Mortal Kombat Online wishes everyone competing at the Evo Championships the best of luck! We hope you'll join us on the forums and share the 2013 MK & DC experience with us! Discuss the world of tournament play in the Gameplay & Matchmaking forum!

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