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Throughout its long and illustrious existence, Mortal Kombat Online has played host to some of the most talented fan artists in the kommunity. Art of Kombat is an effort to celebrate the artists who have contributed over the years by highlighting and discussing their works. Each feature is a showcase of the varied styles and depictions of Mortal Kombat's legendary fighters, taken from the famed MKO Fan Submission Archive and from around the web.

We urge fans to join us in this kommunity celebration by offering comments of encouragement on the forum. Be sure to share Art of Kombat features with friends, as well! This is a great way to support the artists and ensure their work remains properly credited. Got work of your own you'd like to contribute? New submissions aren't just welcome - they're encouraged!

Choose Your Destiny

Art of Kombat (Volume 1)

Feb. 14, 2014 :: Forum :: Comment#1 Hunka, Hunka Tarkatan Love (Baraka & Mileena)
What better way to celebrate St. Valentine's Day than with images of romance and passion? The Tarkatan love affair between Baraka & Mileena formed a February theme that showed a softer side of Mortal Kombat. Or at least, as soft as fang-toothed, sabre-clawed mutants get. Featuring artwork by: DreamingRed, Immortality, Keith, TheInsaneDarkOne, FireQueen, HardGirl92, methcooker & Mick-Lucifer.
Mar. 17, 2014 :: Forum :: Comment#2 Just A Little Bit of Green... (Reptile)
March saw the front page painted green for a rowdy good St. Patrick's Day! Keeping his head down was Reptile - the scaley subject of our spotlight, who camouflaged effortlessly with the calendar color. Featuring artwork by: jaggudada, CaTigeReptile, puumpa, JAX007, RazorsEdge701, EmperorKahn, dknight7 & Zombie.
The heat of a particularly successful April Fool's Day prank was cooled by an April spotlight of Ermac! The fan-favourite warrior represents the ultimate promotion of hoax to official character. Featuring artwork by: Aculeus, JAX007, Fatality_Check_123, soysaurus1, MH-arat, jaggudada, Sondog71, sandspider & The-Switcher.
May. 11, 2014 :: Forum :: Comment#4 Mama Liked The Roses... (Sindel)
In the month of May there was only one mother good enough for a Mother's Day feature! The deadly Queen Sindel embodies all aspects of motherhood, including the brief zombie rampage phase. Featuring artwork by: Fezat1, Salamandra88, _bathori_, Enzoe35, TomTaz, Havraha, MIDWOOD, Autumn-Sacura, emceelokey & NoobSaibot5.
Jun. 30, 2014 :: Forum :: Comment#5 Baby, Let's Play House! (Johnny Cage)
With news Johnny Cage is gonna be a papa to baby Cassie in 2015 - he was a natural for a belated June Father's Day special! Just another photo op for the Hollywood superstar! Featuring artwork by: Esau13, AnubisGabriele, Bityutsky, Khazen, JAX007, Joelchan, Skein, Enzoe35 & NengoneN.
Jul. 4, 2014 :: Forum :: Comment#6 My Way/America The Beautiful (Jax)
The fireworks were flying as we saluted ol' glory for an All-American July 4 Independence Day! Kombat's original US Special Forces super-soldier Jax gave the affair a touch of class, with some international fan submissions. Featuring artwork by: JAX007, MIDWOOD, TOKYO51zombie, kastohro, belzebbub, nunubeh, gorango, Crimson_Pool21 & K1LLKANO.
Aug. 25, 2014 :: Forum :: Comment#7 Total Eclipse of The Heart (Kano)
August was all about the latest Mortal Kombat X character reveal: Kano! The calendar went by the wayside for a spotlight on a under appreciated MK original! Featuring artwork by: diegosimone, madmaglio, Sw-Art, JAX007, W-Orks, MIDWOOD, Enzoe35, Lone_Thunder & puumpa.
Sep. 30, 2014 :: Forum :: Comment#8 (I Just) Died In Your Arms (Goro)
September kicked off with a Mortal Kombat X release date announcement that brought with it the pre-order bonus return of Goro! All four hands were on deck to pay tribute to the legendary Shokan sub-boss! Featuring artwork by: GONZZO, gorango, TimKelly, iffrit, MIDWOOD, The-Switcher, Khazen, Sllohcin, MeaT-Artworx, Enzoe35 & RUFIX.

Special Note: Artists work hard to create each and every image you see. Before you share it with friends, remember: Credit the original artist and share the source! Be sure to support artists by offering messages of encouragement on the forums.

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