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Name: Ameerah
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 131lbs
Origin: Edenia
Alignment: Unknown

Primary Appearance: [See image.]
Alternate Appearance: [See image.]

Bio: While the events of the 3rd tournament unfolded, Jade was defeated and left unconsious by Shao Kahn's extermination squads. She slipped into a world unknown to her at the time; the Dreamrealm. As she explored this mysterious place, a female figure appeared in front of her, materialising from a cloud of sand. Her face was mostly covered and her body was decorated with golden ornaments. "Who are you?" Jade asked but the woman remained silent. She just stood in front of Jade looking down upon her in a regal bearing until she eventually whispered "It is finally time my child". Before Jade could react, the woman transformed back into her sand-like form and entered her body allowing her to emerge into the waking world. Ameerah couldn't remember how many centuries had passed since she last set foot to the real world. Her long stay in the Dreamrealm had granted her powers back and it was finally time to complete her mission. But what was really the riddle behind this mysterious woman? Noone really knew....yet.

Ending: Ameerah was a descendant of Gaia the Earth Goddess and one of the protectors of Edenia. When Shao Kahn invaded her homeland she stood against him along with all the edenian royalty but was outnumbered and stripped of her powers by two of Kahns most powerful sorcerers, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Ameerah was trapped in the Dreamrealm after the intense battle and had her little baby girl taken away from her to join Shao Kahn's army. Over the centuries she would helplessly watch her only child become one of Kahn's finest and stealthiest warriors....Jade.

It took her years to regain her powers until it was finally time for her to reenter the real world, through her daughter's body and get her revenge on Shao Kahn. She furiously lashed out her powers on the emperor and slew him. It was finally over. Shao Kahn's reign over the realms came to an end and with his death, her long time friend Sindel was released of the spell she was under. Edenia would once again become the peaceful place it was before, under the queen's rule and the magic of its protector Gods. A few miles away from Ameerah, there stood Jade laying on the ground, still unconsious from the intense battle. "You're safe now my child" she whispered as she transformed back into her sand-like form and dissapeared into the depths of the Desert, ready to annihilate anyone who would dare threaten her homeland again...

Fighting Style: Ameerah uses a graceful fighting style that resembles Tai Chi. Being a descendant of the earth goddess herself, she possesses the ability to control and manipulate any geologic material, such as soil, minerals, and stone with the power of her mind. Her signature power though is sand which not only can she control but also turn herself into, making her a really elusive fighter. She can also turn only certain parts of her her body into sand, for exapmle extend her limbs transforming them into it during battle, to hit her opponents. She might be considered a defensive player as most of her special moves do not deal damage but if her baits work, they leave the opponent open for long and high damage combos, since most of her specials rely on that (resembling Cyrax's gameplay).

Special Moves
Sand-Trap: Ameerah sends out a stream of sand right out of her hand the ground. If the opponent isn't in the air it will trap them for a few seconds allowing a free hit.
- Enhanced: deals some damage and keeps the opponent trapped for a longer time.
Nail Extensions: Ameerah extends her fingers into her sand-like form to grab the opponent and then slams them to the other side of the arena.
- Enhanced: has faster start-up and armor.
Soil Burst: Ameerah causes a small explosion to the ground under the opponent, which sends them flying towards her for a free hit.
- Enhanced: the explosion becomes larger, significantly improving her chances of landing a hit and deals some damage.
Behind you!: Ameerah's teleport. She quickly disappears in her usual sand form and appears behind the opponent.
- Enhanced: faster start up and has armor.
Mind Tricks (parry): Ameerah will surround herself into a cloud of sand particles for a few seconds. if hit while in this state, she will completely disappear and reemerge under the opponent in her sand form delivering a swift surprise below.
- Enhanced: the enhanced version counters every attack, including throws.
[See image for move designs.]

X-Ray: Has a start up that resembles her Soil Burst special move. She conjures an underground burst below her opponent to bring them close to her (similar to Rain's Xray startup). Ameerah then surrounds her fist in a huge ball of compressed sand grains, resembling a big boulder. She smashes the opponents head with an overhead hit and then goes on to deliver a brutal blow on their stomach area breaking their ribs.
Finisher 1: Inner Skinner: Ameerah enters the opponent's body through their mouth in her sand-like form, scouring them from the inside. The victim falls to the ground coughing and gasping for air until she completely fills their body which is now laying with blood and sand coming out of its nose, mouth and ears.
Finisher 2: Sand-nado: Ameerah summons a tornado out of sand that lifts the opponent and flays parts of their skin out of the bones while the victim is screaming in excruciating pain. She then forces the tornado to the ground, smashing the opponent's bones.

Entrance: Ameerah emerges from a gust of sand and says "Flee, before it is too late for you".
Victory Pose: Ameerah utters "I do not care whether you live or die" and then swirls around, sand surrounding her until completely disappearing in the air.

Submitted by: projectzero00

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