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[Kreate-a-Kharacter VII Champion]

Name: Ekimaru "God Hunter" Hitokaze
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Origin: Outworld
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: [See image.]
Alternate Appearance: [See image.]

Bio: Upon entering the Mortal Kombat tournament, Raiden could not help but feel a menacing presence, permeating the air around him. Turning around, he saw a young man who struck him as rather familiar. His blazing hair, his fiery attitude and his incinerating arrogance; yes, there was no mistaking it. In the thunder god's eyes this man's existence was an unforgivable sin. The living manifestation of the wrathful fire god Kojin was breathing mortal air beside him. This could only mean one thing- the Elder gods were very angry with Earth's realm protector.

Raiden knew that the day would come when Kojin would be stripped of his immortality and consciousness and his essence would be infused into the body of a mortal child. This fall from grace would suit as a humbling punishment for the fire god's narcissistic nature. However the ritual would also give birth to a descended demigod -an entity solely existing to "discipline" the fallen gods.
Realizing the impending danger, Raiden struck Ekimaru with a vicious thunderbolt, leaving the burning swordsman unconscious. The only way of stopping the flaming vigilante from wreaking havoc was to seal his wrath by teleporting him to the Nether Realm.

The stench of rotten flesh and oni breath woke up Ekimaru. Now in Shinok's domain the flaming renegade demanded an explanation for his ill- fate, in his vengeful fury he started roaring at the crimson sky. A beam of heavenly light descended from the repulsive landscape of the Nether realm. A god-like presence surrounded him, gentle whispers echoed throughout his soul. The Elder gods revealed the purpose behind his existence; offering a simple arrangement with him. If he carries out this divine punishment, they would grant him the status of Elder god. His savage lust for combat was finally justified; at last his true potential has been unlocked.

As if master Hitokaze's teachings never existed, Ekimaru was now blinded by his fiery wrath and his mad ambition. His wicked path was now chosen. The realms will forever remember him as flaming Ekimaru, the god hunter.

Ending: Having defeated god after god, Ekimaru's arrogance rose to its highest peak. Impressed with the burning punisher the Elder gods were willing to show their gratitude by giving him the gift of immortality. They sent out a sacred prophet to deliver this divine offering and to express their upmost respect for him. As soon as Ekimaru heard what the messenger had to say, he cold bloodedly sliced him in half, an unimaginable sin. The assassination of an Elder god's prophet is a direct declaration of war on the heavens themselves, a crime of the highest rank. He has now become an outlaw locked between heaven and hell, a prideful fool that is faced with a fate far worse than death.

Fighting Style: Ekimaru is a skilled swordsman that uses Niten-ryu style of swordsmanship, (two-sword kenjustu techniques called Niten Ichi ("two heavens as one") or Nito Ichi ("two swords as one") . While in exile in the Nether realm he unlearned his previous fighting style and developed his own to better suit his new purpose ľKami no Ken(god's fist). A martial art specifically designed to hit pressure points of his opponent in a parry- like fashion, thus disconnecting their "power supply". Still very fast, but doesn't do a lot of damage. He resorts to this fighting style when the opponent is within close proximity.

Special Moves
Solar Flare: (close proximity) creates a blinding flash that stuns the opponent for a brief period of time.
- Enhanced: 80% screen range.
Erupting Sun: Releases a sun -like projectile( similar to reptile's force ball).
- Enhanced: Bigger yet slower, does more damage.
Igneous Larva: (close proximity, similar to a throw) Implants a "Fire larva" in the opponent.
Igneous Dragonfly: (if igneous larva is performed successfully) detonates the larva, sending the opponent in the air. (Creating the effect of a flaming dragonfly bursting open from the opponent)
- Enhanced: Larva can be thrown similar to a fire ball.
Sun's Gravity: (Anti-air throw.)(Performed while the opponent is in the air.) Ekimaru elbows his opponent in mid air, sending him burning to the ground (similar to a comet entering Earth effect).

X-Ray: God cut: (dash attack) Ekimaru heats his katanas red hot, the air around them starts to move,creating an illusion that they are bending . Sprinting towards the enemy he slashes their abdomen from both sides, the slow motion x-ray camera shows how both kidneys are sliced, and the whole internal environment is heated. The attack finishes with the opponent falling on the ground, while the camera zooms on Ekimaru as he sheaths his swords.
Finisher 1: Wrath: Ekimaru kicks the opponent to the ground. While the enemy is screaming for mercy Ekimaru starts laughing maniacally. Fireballs form in both his hands. He starts poring a barage of fire onto his opponent. The screen turns black but the screams and the hysterical laughter can still be heard. After several seconds the camera reveals the mutilated remains of the oponent while Ekimaru still continues to throw fireball after fireball at the melted corpse.
Finisher 2: UV radiation: Ekimaru stabs the opponent at both sides of the neck, using his katanas in an X-like fashion. As the opponent is gushing with blood and fighting for air, Ekimaru takes a few steps back. With one hand he shakes his finger into the face of the opponent, with the other he forms a huge sun projectile above his head. With every second the fire ball gets progressively smaller until it gets to the size of a dragonfly. He then simply blows it towards the enemy and walks away. A huge explosion is heard. Ekimaru catches both his swords and sheaths them in mid air, while the remains of the opponent scatter across the screen.

Entrance: Ekimaru slowly unsheathes his katana,looks at the opponent and arrogantly says: "Stop praying, there are no gods left to hear you scream."
Victory Pose: Sheaths both his swords, falls on his knee and starts praying ironically, while laughing.

Submitted by: Ekimaru

Judges Remarks

Judge: TonyTheTiger (Mortal Kombat Online Forum Administrator)
What I like most about Ekimaru is how he lives up to the spirit of Mortal Kombat. Both his design and character bio draw heavily from Asian lore. And while a fan character called "God Hunter" raises some concern due to how common it is for bad fan fiction to introduce new characters who are far stronger than the canon cast, Ekimaru's origins and purpose are not overdone. In fact, given how often Mortal Kombat's gods are portrayed as morons or jackasses, the presence of a "God Hunter" puts a nice ironic twist on that theme.

Unfortunately, Ekimaru suffers a bit in the special move department. A couple of the moves are similar to established characters' making him seem like he has a copy and paste fighting style. Do we really need more free hit specials?

That being said, there are few complaints beyond minor nitpicks and personal preferences. I think the "neutral" alignment is overused and characters who would be better off as good guys wind up adopting it as an anti-hero short cut. Ekimaru might be better served challenging the gods for more noble reasons but, again, this is a personal preference that I can't fairly hold against the character.

Special Note: "God Hunter" Ekimaru was guest judge CD Jr's favourite entry.

[Kreate-a-Kharacter VII Main]

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