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[Forum Registration :: 2012 Information :: 2011 KAK6 Archive]

Without a minute to spare, Mortal Kombat Online finishes 2012 big with a tradition known as the Kreate-a-Kharacter Kontest!

Bursting forth from the Fan Submission forum, the now annual event brings together the finest minds of the creative community in an all-out battle royale! Ideas reign supreme as registered members of the MKOmmunity devise all-new kreated kharacters to battle to the finish across an elimination format!

Tradition dictates competition be decided by a panel of esteemed judges and the wisdom of a community of peers, whose votes combined determine the fate of each kreated kharacter. Exact tournament format is to be advised upon competition start [January], based in part upon total entries.

Update: Taking advantage of a dense field, this year's tournament will grant maximum opportunity to every competing entry using a Round Robin format! Four randomly drawn groups of seven will face each other in daily, randomized Round Robin heats. The two most successful characters of each group will then progress to the elimination stage of the Quarter Finals!

This year we're giving away prizes from Atomhawk and J!NX, as well as original artwork based on the winning entry by Felipe "JAX007" Aguir, and a copy of the game that introduced the KAK engine to MK - Armageddon signed by the guys at NetherRealm Studios! For full details check out the kontest announcement and stay tuned for voting and more!

For the Kreate-a-Kharacter VII Finals tournament we welcome three esteemed special guest judges: Pete Thompson (Atomhawk Design Lead Artist), Mike Cruz (Former EGM/1UP Designer) & Emmanuel "CD Jr" Brito (2012 Evo Championship Runner-Up). They join Mortal Kombat Online staff judges: Mick-Lucifer (Webmaster), Ghostdragon (Fan Submission Moderator), TonyTheTiger (Forum Administrator) & Ninja_Mime (Contributing Admin).

[Forum Registration :: 2012 KAKVII Information :: 2011 KAK6 Archive :: Fan Submission Forum]

Kreate-a-Kharacter VII Round Robin Table

Group A
(6-0-0) Eastwind
(5-1-0) Rik'Ki
(4-2-0) Remnant
(2-4-0) Vipehr
(2-4-0) Blizzard
(1-5-0) Sphere
(1-5-0) Glacier
Group B
(6-0-0) Neuros
(5-1-0) Luren-Uresula
(4-2-0) Blight
(3-3-0) Dead Soul
(2-4-0) Alloy
(1-5-0) Dai Kahn
(0-6-0) Sogratse
Group C
(6-0-0) Ekimaru
(5-1-0) Mizrath
(4-2-0) Wei-Lu
(3-3-0) Simberleen
(2-4-0) Kwah Dah
(1-5-0) Phantom
(0-6-0) Saphira
Group D
(6-0-0) Ameerah
(4-1-1) Kira
(4-1-1) Persephone
(3-3-0) Gragtek
(2-4-0) Xorah
(1-5-0) Maia
(0-6-0) Gus

Kreate-a-Kharacter VII Tournament Results

Finals Elimination Bracket
(Quarter Final) Eastwind defeated Kira Sherry Motaki [2-1]
(Quarter Final) Neuros defeated Mizrath [3-0]
(Quarter Final) Ekimaru defeated Luren-Uresula [3-0]
(Quarter Final) Ameerah defeated Rik'Ki [3-0]

(Semi Final) Eastwind defeated Neuros [2-1]
(Semi Final) Ekimaru defeated Ameerah [3-0]

(Championship) Ekimaru defeated Eastwind [2-0]
Round Robin Group A Results
Round Robin Group B Results
Round Robin Group C Results
Round Robin Group D Results
(Day 1) Xorah defeated Maia [3-0]
(Day 2) Xorah defeated Gus [3-0]
(Day 3) Gragtek defeated Gus [2-1]
(Day 4) Persephone defeated Gus [3-0]
(Day 5) Gragtek defeated Maia [3-0]
(Day 6) Kira defeated Gus [3-0]
(Day 7) Kira tied with Persephone [1-1]
(Day 8) Ameerah defeated Maia [3-0]
(Day 9) Kira defeated Xorah [2-1]
(Day 10) Kira defeated Maia [3-0]
(Day 11) Kira defeated Gragtek [3-0]
(Day 12) Ameerah defeated Xorah [2-1]
(Day 13) Ameerah defeated Gus [3-0]
(Day 14) Ameerah defeated Persephone [3-0]
(Day 15) Persephone defeated Gragtek [2-1]
(Day 16) Persephone defeated Maia [3-0]
(Day 17) Maia defeated Gus [3-0]
(Day 18) Ameerah defeated Gragtek [3-0]
(Day 19) Persephone defeated Xorah [2-1]
(Day 20) Gragtek defeated Xorah [2-1]
(Day 21) Ameerah defeated Kira [3-0]

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