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Name: Neuros
Gender: Male
Age: Over 500 [appears in early 30s]
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215lbs
Origin: Earthrealm (China)
Alignment: Neutral (driven by madness)

Primary Appearance: Neuros's current appearance is due to his training as a Cleric of Chaos under the tutelage of Havik, Neuros wears a crimson hooded robe of oriental design with dark indigo trim at the cuffs, and matching sash for a belt around his waist. His right forearm and hand in incased in a metal gauntlet fused to his very skin, a similar case of a thigh and knee guard on his left leg. His right shoulder is covered by a metal patron, held in place by chains. Leather boots with the toes and soles removed cling to his lower legs. His body bears Nexus mutations, such as clawed hands and talons where his toes once were. His hair is a matted grey, and his ears bear a demonic shape. His face is hidden from view due to the metal plate mask he has bolted to head. The mask bears his Amulet of Chaos, hindering vision by normal means. His chest bears his forth form of self-mutilation, as he has carved the symbol for chaos into his very flesh.
Alternate Appearance: The outfit is the disguise Tal Ming used to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament. He bears a simple black and blue gi, a red monk sash around his waist and over his shoulders. A bronze demon half mask, black hood and red bandana hide his identity. With matching bronze bracers, black sparing shoes, and red bandage around his lower legs, his disguise is complete. Due to this appearance, however, we can tell that Tal Ming was indeed of Chinese decent, his skin a light bronze, his hair black, and his eyes a dark green.

Bio: Tal Ming was born in China over 500 years ago. During his childhood, he became good friends with the young monk who would later become the Great Kung Lao, and accompanied him in joining the Order of Light. Throughout their training the two were as inseparable as brothers. However, a friendly but fierce rivalry grew as well. When the Mortal Kombat tournament of their time was announced, it was then that their friendship was tested. The elder's choice for a champion was between Tal Ming and Kung Lao. The two were pitted against each other, and Kung Lao was the victor.

Tal Ming congratulated his brother, but inside he was seething with outrage and jealousy. To prove he was the better of the two, he entered the tournament in disguise and under no allegiance, to openly challenge Kung Lao under the name Neuros. The two battled, and once again Kung Lao was victorious. In defeat, Tal Ming's identity was revealed. When Shang Tsung demanded that Kung Lao finish his opponent, the champion refused. Now disgraced before his Order and denied an honorable death, Tal-Ming rose again to attack his former brother.
Raiden could not permit Tal Ming to cause further trouble in this pivotal tournament, and he attempted to teleport him back to the Wu Shi Academy. But Tal Ming's will was strong and he resisted Raiden's power. The tension tore through the portal, and Tal Ming was pulled into the void between the realms.

As he fell through the infinite, timeless space of the Nexus, unknown energies ravaged his body and mind. Eternally torn and mended, whole and scattered, the only way to comprehend his fate was to release himself from sanity.

500 years later a twisted creature was expelled into Chaosrealm through a rift in the Nexus. He was consumed by his insanity, and the reality-bending energies of the Nexus flowed through his body like blood. He was discovered by Havik, who found that this creature embodied the very essence of Chaos. Havik asked him his name, and through his splintered memories, the creature branded himself Neuros.

Neuros trained under Havik, regaining his strength and stamina, and he learned how to control his Nexus energies by instinct. As a new Cleric of Chaos, Neuros accompanied Havik on a venture in the Netherrealm. There, Noob Saibot offered them an opportunity to spread Chaos through the realms. Earthrealm and Outworld were at war, and Noob sought to upset the balance of power in the Netherrealm. The two Clerics were intrigued: Havik saw a chance to invade the Netherrealm with a Chaotic horde. But Neuros, plagued by disjointed memories of being betrayed by the Order of Light, had other ideas.
Neuros demanded to know if Kung Lao was still among the Order of Light, and the wraith told him that a monk with that name was indeed a kombatant. It was an itch in his brain that needed scratched; Neuros left Havik and Noob Saibot to their schemes, and made his way to Earthrealm to hunt down and destroy the monk for whom he still felt a seething hatred.

Ending: Neuros had entered the tournament to exact revenge on Kung Lao. But in the arena, these fleeting memories were overshadowed by a hunger for carnage, and his madness drove him to defeat Shao Kahn.

The Emperor's dark energy burst forth from his corpse, and merged with the Nexus energy infused within Neuros. With godlike powers at his command, no living being could contest his strength, and the petty conflicts of the mortal realms no longer held his interest.

Returning to the Void, Neuros used his Nexus power to fashion a realm of his own. Then, fragmenting his consciousness, he populated his world with the only beings that could satisfy his endless lust for conflict: himself.

Fighting Style: Kure-Ji-You 'Crazy Way' - A martial arts style that Neuros himself developed where he took the discipline and order of Shaolin Fist and the style of Tang Soo Do, used by his mentor Havik, and combined the two to form an erratic style that closely mirrors Drunken Fist if the fighter was having a seizure with each punch, kick or block. Also, due to his Nexus abilities to shift in and out of realmspace, he has been known to throw attacks away from his opponent to confuse them, only to shift his position at the last minute so that his attacks hit dead on.

Kure-Ji - You is a close quarter martial arts, and at a distance, it is not as effective as it is up close. To compensate for this, Neuors has employed the use of a weighted chain whip attached to his metal patron with clawed blades on the weight. The true purpose of the chain is to simply get close enough to his apponet to wail on them with his mad fits.

Alternate Style and Weapon: Tal Ming in his alternate costume takes displays a more aggressive style of Shaolin Fist, his rifting replaced with lunges and high flips. Due to Tal Ming not having the chain whip when he infiltrated the tournament, he bears a weighted coil of rope.

Special Moves
Shift Charge: Neuros rifts forward, landing a knee slam to his opponent's chest. [Toward, Toward, Front Kick]
Chain Hook: Neuros pulls for his chain whip free and throws it over handed at his opponent. Once it wraps around/stabs into them, he whips the chain, causing them to lose their balance and leap up and belly flops on to the floor as he whips his chain free. [Down, Towards, Punch]
Away Punch: Neuros punches behind himself, and rifts to that he appears behind his opponent, landing a blow to their back. [Away, Away, Punch]
Tri Punch: Neuros charges, but shifts three time, landing three punches to his opponent. [Toward, Down, Heavy Punch]
Whip Trip: Neuros pulls forth his chain whip, flips sideways, and launches his weapon underhanded. The chain wraps around the opponents ankles, and before he lands, Nueros uses the momentum to pull the chain, and pulls his opponent's feet to slip out from under them, causing them to fall onto their back. [Down, Away, Punch]
Madness Blast: Neuros summons a ball of dense Nexus energy to his fist and throws it to his opponent. It cause little damage, but confuses the opponent, inverting their movements and mixing up their moves, allowing Neuros ample opportunity to attack. The effects wear off as soon as Neuros makes contact due to the Nexus energy returning to him. [Towards, Towards, Heavy Punch]
Throw: Neuros grabs his opponent and throws them behind him into the air. He then shifts to where the opponent will land, kicks them back into the air, then shifts above them and punches them into the ground. [R1]

X-Ray: Neuros rifts behind his opponent. He loops his chain around the opponent's neck like a garrote, then twists himself around, and the chain snaps the opponent's neck. Standing back to back with the opponent, he swings the opponent over his head and down in front of him. They land on their feet, and their legs shatter for a second hit. While the legs are still breaking, Neuros delivers a fast kick to demolish their ribs for a third hit. The chain slips free as the opponent goes flying back. Neuros falls to one knee, taking the thinker position, tapping his forehead as he calmly states "Now, I will break your mind."
Finisher 1: Brain Frenzy - Neuros pulls forth his Kusarigama, and tosses it with a spin. The blade slices the opponents forehead open. Before they can react, Neuros upercuts them, the top of their skull popping open and their brain launching out. He grabs it in his right hand, and summons Nexus energy into the fingers of his left hand. He then jabs them into the brain. The opponents body stands ridged, and as Neuros twiches his fingers in their grey mater, they mutilate themselves till they are a bloody mess. As Nueros is declared the victor, he holds the brain aloft in his right hand, and then crushes it. [Down, Down, Away, Toward, Away, Punch - At Jumping distance.]
Finisher 2: Puppet Show of Pain- Nueros takes a wide stance and throws his hand to the hevans, his arms rifting at the elbows. The sky crackles, and Nueros's hands, now gigantic, descend above the arena. From each finger, a chain whip decends, and wraps around a different limb or part of the opponents torso. As they screm in pain, they are lifted up, and forced into a creepy puppet show dance. As the announcer sates Nueros is the victor, the giant hands pull the chains, and tear the loser to shreds. Gore rains down; Nueros retrieves his hands, and bows. [Away, Down, Toward, Away, Heavy Punch - At Sweeping distance]

Entrance: Neuros rifts onto the battle ring, bending down in a crouching position away from hiss opponent. He then spins around and stands up before them, thumbing to himself with his right hand, and says "I'm ready to kill." He then lifts his right hand to the sky, palm facing upward, and asks "Are you ready to die?"
Victory Pose: Neuros howls in victory and raises his hands to the heavens, turning away from the camera. He then looks over his shoulder like he hears something, and rifts away. The camera is then attacked from the right, sprawls onto the floor, with a sideways view of Neuros feet as he lands and walks towards it. He then kneels down, his Chaos Amulet glaring at the camera.

Submitted by: Veldaxx018

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