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Name: Persephone
Gender: Female
Age: Several billion years old
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 177lbs
Origin: "None" (She was the realm Zaterra)
Alignment: Neutral

Primary Appearance: Persephone's costumes each reflect one of the two factors that make up her existence. The black costume represents her former being as the realm Zaterra, up to its destruction. The white costume represents her reincarnation as a humanoid.

Bio: Within the depths of every realm lies its core, the energy it needs to maintain balance with the universe. Within the core, lies the realm's life force.

Before her reincarnation, Persephone was the great realm of Zaterra, home to the reptilian race of Saurians. After millennia of order and peace, the realm was horribly destroyed by the emperor Shao Kahn through a merger, leaving its people nearly extinct. Upon destruction, Zaterra's life force emerged from its core and fled into the Heavens, safe from Shao Kahn's tyranny.

While in the Heavens, the life force was under the belief that the entire Saurian race was gone, but it was informed by the Elder Gods that one Saurian remained, a warrior by the name of Crotalinae, though he now moves throughout the realms under the alias Reptile. With this information, the life force made a desperate plea for the Elder Gods to help it restore itself as Zaterra and bring back the Saurian race. The Elder Gods immediately refused to restore Zaterra, but offered one of two solutions to the plea, each solving a different issue. The life force could either inhabit the core of a barren realm, creating a new Zaterra, or it could "give birth" to one more Saurian, a female, and make an attempt for the female and the warrior Reptile to mate, ultimately restoring the Saurian race. However, this would require the life force to take on a humanoid form, thus losing its ethereal entity, preventing it from ever being able to inhabit another core.

The life force thought it unfair for it to have to choose between the realm and its race, but knew the race was more important to save. She agreed to take the latter offer, and was immediately transformed into a woman, composed entirely out of divine energy. The Elder Gods, however, wanted no known relation to this being outside of the Heavens, and gave her the name Persephone, after Shinnok's late daughter. With this, she was cast into the Void, where she would be able to freely and peacefully give birth to another Saurian, but in a quick thought Persephone realized she was now in fact a divine being, a goddess. She decided she herself would mate with Reptile, creating a greater, more powerful race of Saurians, one that could not be easily destroyed by means of merger or war. Persephone left the Void, and began her search for the last Saurian in the universe.

Ending: Finding the savage warrior Reptile was not easy, but Persephone managed to locate him in Outworld. While there she encountered a woman of an unimaginable appearance: Her skin was transparent! The woman informed Persephone that her name was Khameleon, and that she too was a Saurian. When Persephone asked of Reptile, Khameleon grew a look of grief, and replied, "He is no longer with us. He is with the enemy." Persephone was in dismay. She could not understand why someone would want to serve the very person responsible for the destruction of their race, their family, and their home.

Fighting Style: Persephone does not have a clear conception of physical combat, and can only fight mentally. She does so by projecting bolts of energy from her mind and manipulating them into taking various forms of objects and other beings she is familiar with. This method of combat limits her movement, preventing her from being able to jump or crouch. However, she has several ways of avoiding attacks.

Ethereal Fist: FK
Wind Kick: BK
Primordial Strike: FP
Phoenix Flight: BP
Crowd of Glory: Back + FK
Blind Loyalty: Down + FK
Ox Thrust: Back + BK
Windmill Kicks: Up + BK
Thousand-Strike: Forward + FP
Palm of Grace: Up + FP
Intervention: Down + FP
Rise to Heaven: Up + BP
Bull's Knee: Forward + BP
Rising Star: Back + BP

Hands Together: FK, FK, FP
Illumination : FP, FP, FK
Flames of Divinity: BP, FP, BP
Eye to the Sky: BP, BK, BK
Light's Sting: Up + BP, BK, BK, FK
Rapture: Up + BK, BP, BP, FK + BK
Forever Above: FP, FP, Back + BK, Forward + FP, FK

Special Moves
Viper: Persephone projects a bolt of energy that takes the form of a pit viper, biting the opponent multiple times. [Back, Back + BK]
Buffalo: Persephone projects a bolt of energy that takes the form of a buffalo, charging into the opponent, sending him/her to the far end of the arena. [Up, Down + BK]
Falcon: Persephone projects a bolt of energy that takes the form of a falcon, flapping its wings to create a gust of wind that reflects incoming projectiles. [Down, Back + FP]
Geyser: Persephone projects a bolt of energy that takes the form of a geyser, shooting her up into the air and down to the other side of the arena. [Up, Up + FK]
Hurricane: Persephone projects a bolt of energy that takes the form of an enormous storm, covering Persephone and protecting her from all forms of attack for up to five seconds, as well as causing damage to the opponent if he/she comes to close. Health is slowly drained during the use of this move. [Down, Back + BP]
Earthquake: Persephone projects a bolt of energy that strikes the ground and splits it, sending her down into the ground and up to the other side of the arena. [Down, Up + BP]
Heart: Persephone projects a bolt of energy that creates a force field around her, restoring a sizable amount of health. This move cannot be used twice in a row. [Back, Down, Forward, Back + BP] [A good way to utilize the special move Heart and keep Persephone's health full is by using it immediately after the special move Buffalo.]

X-Ray: Swastika - Persephone projects a bolt of energy that takes the form of a giant sundial, which takes possession of the opponent's body. The sundial clicks East, breaking the opponent's arm . The sundial then clicks South, breaking the opponent's back. The sundial then clicks West, twisting the opponent's neck. Finally, the sundial clicks North, shooting the opponent across the arena, and releasing him/her from its possession.
Finisher 1: The End of Eternity - A bright light appears and begins to grow, engulfing everything until there is only white. The screen then fades out to black. [Up, Down, Up, Down, FP]
Finisher 2: Empathy - Persephone fades away, and the opponent is suddenly consumed by grief. He/she cries and screams uncontrollably until, suddenly, he/she dies. [Back, Forward, Down, Back, FK]

Entrance: Persephone appears out of a cloud of white dust. "Zaterra..."
Victory Pose: Persephone falls aimlessly, and is consumed by a bright light. She then echoes a laugh.

Submitted by: Riyakou

Judges Remarks

Judge: TonyTheTiger (Mortal Kombat Online Forum Administrator)
The first thing that struck me was that Persephone was the personification of an actual realm. It puts an unusual spin on how the realms actually work. And while it can be off putting to see these kinds of liberties in fan fiction, this one didn't strike me as too far fetched. When judging KAK, I always approach it from the mindset of whether or not the character would be at home in an official Mortal Kombat product, and a realm having supernatural consciousness does not break my suspension of disbelief in that respect.

As for her appearance, I think the black and white dynamic is unnecessary. Not only is the black/white symbolism tired, it doesn't do anything to enhance her character. A black alternate costume is fine but leave it as that, just an alternate costume. No need to try to tie it into her story. That being said, her appearance is a welcome simplicity from the overdesigned messes that are common in fanfiction (both for MK and in general). Persephone has a unified motif and runs with it nicely.

Her fighting style is equally creative. It's always a risk to introduce a character who has fundamentally different controls from the rest of the cast. There is a good chance the character will wind up too weak to matter or frustratingly strong. But sometimes it does pay off and Mortal Kombat is no stranger to experimenting with characters who handle differently.

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