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Name: Adsler
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'9
Weight: 170lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: Born in Outworld far before the ravages of Shao Kahn's, or even the Dragon King's, rule. Adsler was a high priestess from an ancient tribe caled the Murians that worshiped the gods of life and death, and were granted eternal life in exchange for their devotion and doing their bidding. Due to the interference of magic and unnatural processes affecting the realm, the gods watching over death have become weak and sickly, and the tenure of the Mors is fading. Their bodies decaying and their souls fading into nothingness. Adsler, as a high priestess sensed the actions of Kahn, in addition to the Netherrealm claiming the souls that rightfully belong to the deities of death, have been exponentially growing. Her cult joined forces, and literally merged their flesh and their souls with Adsler, so that the god of death may use their bodies as a vessel to do their earthly work. A compound of the bodies of eternal priests and priestesses embodied by the weakened essence of a god, Adsler embarks on a crusade to not only free the souls captured by Kahn and Quan Chi so thay they may go to their rightful place in the realm of the dead, but also to restore the natural order that has been perverted throughout millenia.

Fighting Style: Her fighting style is characterized by quick and jerking motions. While she stands or walks she does so in a soft, flowing style (like the martian pretending to be a woman in Mars Attacks), but when she attacks it looks like involuntary spasms and unnatural jerks. She also uses the cavity in her chest which contains Death Masks, or the faces of all the people merged into her, that look like masks of stone, to emit Dead Lights or shoot a crystaline substance.

Primary Costume: Bald and with no eyes nor eye holes, she still has a beautiful lower face. Her body is naked looking, but she does not appear to have nipples nore genitalia nor any other definable outer organ, and her skin is almost stone-like. She looks like alabaster, a pale white but at the same time she has a corpsy blue reflection and a pink glow and vains that appear. Her body looks amost artificial, like a statue or a work of art, non biological. her legs dont have feet, but end in points. She also can sprout bony arms that stretch under her skin from her body, and when she opens her chest by controlling her ribs like fingers, she has what look like a bunch of faces carved out or marble. these can actually open their eyes and mouth to release light and they move around sometimes, especially her fatality. Sometimes stuff will move under her skin, like bones shifting or stuff crawling. Her tongue is longer than normal, about a foot, and its dark blue.
Alternate Costume: She still looks naked, but her head displays long bony pertrusions that shoot downwards from the back of her head, almost looking like hair. Her color is also like chalk, and her body instead of displaying vains it has cracks

Special Moves
Inside Out Lounge: She literally shoots her body through her mouth as it splits her head open, turning inside out, in an ach motion like sonya's kick. Once her body impacts the floor or the oponent it turns right side out.
Dead Lights: She opens her chest by means of her ribs, exposing many faces of stone that shoot a flash/burst of light from their mouth and mouths that has a blinding effect on the enemy.
Dead Crystals: Opens her chest cavity which shoots shards of crystals that have a purple/blue shine.
Crystal Coffin: She spits upwards a purple-blue clear and shiny fluid, that like Sub Zero's ice shower lands on her opponent, hardening and entrapping them in a crystal prision until their recieve a hit or they break free.
Flight: Geometric shapes appear floaring as wings above her back and one below her feet, she cant attack but has fairly good movility across the screen both up and down and sideways
Alabaster Spear: She lounges her arm out as her claws reach out, if connected it pierces and stuns the enemy.

X-Ray: Lands a kick with her spear-like legs on the opponent's stomach starting the process, two skinny arms emerge from her shoulders, which karate chop the opponent's neck from the sides, then she opens her chest cavity as the Dead Lights send the opponent flying to the other side of the screen.
Fatality 1: Blurred Line: Arms come out of her shoulders and thighs, stomach, back, legs and chest, as some of them grab and lift the enemy in front of her, she lets out a sigh/breath and the other arms plunge through the enemy like spears all across their body, some from the front, some make it all the way to the back to impale from that direction. She then opens her chest cavity revealing that the Death Masks are moving, amost alive, she then uses her many arms to drag the enemy into her cavity, as they still live and scream. Once the whole body is in except their face, which faces outwards, her entire cavity becomes "stone" once again, the screaming face of the enemy having become one more of her Death Masks.
Fatality 2: Eye for an Eye: She stands behind her enemy, grabbing them by the shoulders, she pushes them down so they will kneel facing away from her. Her upper body suddenly bursts to become like a huge tent of skin that covers the enemy, and sucks them in, she then regains her form, and a zoom in of her stomach reveals the outline of the enemy inside pushing against her skin with their hand and mouth trying to escape and scream.

Entrance: Coldly walks in while softly swaying, opens her mouth and sticks her long tongue out
Match Taunt: She says Join the Dead Lights as under her chest skin something moves and light can be seen filtering through
Victory Pose: "The order of death is corrected" as her body strangely rearanges itself from under her skin (like bones moving around under the skin)

Ending: Having annihilated Shao Kahn and released all the souls he unnaturaly kept from death, Adsler heads into the Netherrealm charged with the restored power of the Death Gods as their emissary, to kill it's inhabitants and release the souls and bodies of the fallen warriors of this tournament.

Submitted by: Kamionero

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