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Name: Ail
Gender: Male
Age: 999
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250lbs
Origin: Realm of Chaos

Bio: Growing up in the Realm of Chaos Ail only knew anarchy. He would get together with fellow chaosrealmers, especially with Havik and cause panic everywhere they went. Inflicting pain to others was what kept him motivated and there was nothing wrong with that in his mind as this was his way of nature. But unlike his mates, Ail would sometimes feel remorse over his actions, but he kept this hidden from others as this was not appropriate behavior. Not knowing right from wrong any more, Ail seeked advice from none other than Hotaru himself. Though Hotaru was skeptic, he took a chance and decided to show him that chaos is only one way of living. Ail would secretly escape to the Realm of Order to satisfy his new needs. All of this unknown to Havik of course, as this would be seen as a betrayal.

Fighting Style: The Tiger: representing strength and power, using the tiger claw, you can claw, rip, grasp and strike your opponent, and using kicks with a lot of dynamic and power behind them. During some combos, he likes to slap his opponent just for fun, and he also likes to pull on their hair sometimes He also likes to pull out his lunar shaped blade, tri-part back blade, and spear shaped top blade..also called a battle axe, to deliver devastating blows to his opponents.

Primary Costume: Skull head, wearing capcom masks, a yakuza tattoo, shirtless, wristbands, trunk pants, sash belt, ninja long boots, dark skin caused by magic.
Alternate Costume: Skull head, wicker hat, harness, battle axe on back, spike wristbands, underwear trunks, skull belt, hard cloth, skull knee pads, ninja long boots, white ashy skin.

Special Moves
1: He can teleport to opponent grabbing them and landing a devastating head butt.
2: Can cast fear to opponent briefly for a free hit.
3: Wields an axe and can swing it from atop landing on opponents head.
4: Through telekinesis he can snap opponents neck.
5: Can throw axe hitting opponent on the chest area.

X-Ray: Starts with kick to opponents stomach, once opponnent is bent over forward, Ail takes a full circular swing starting from top and hitting opponent on the chin sending him flying to the air, as opponent is coming back down with a continued fluid motion Ail makes a 360 and from the top slams his axe on opponents head.
Fatality 1: Using telekinesis, he hands over his axe to opponent, opponent grabs it with both hands by the handle just underneath the head, places the axe handle vertically on the ground, and with much resistance tries to no avail avoid slamming his face onto the blades.
Fatality 2: Using fear, Ail casts a large amount of it onto his opponent that makes everything around him so terrifying that it makes his opponent scream in fear while pacing back and forth, and pulling his hair out eventually turning pale, at which point he drops to his knees and his soul exits his body.

Entrance: Walks in dragging his axe and points to opponent saying "You, will learn real pain"
Match Taunt: Says "Are you learning yet?!"
Victory Pose: Walks over to opponent's body on the ground, looks down and says "You learn well"

Ending: Ail found himself between two worlds, not been able to decide which side was right for him, he chose to embrace both sides. Hotaru was not pleased with this decision, giving Ail an ultimatum, to be with him or against him. Not intimidated, Ail stuck by his choice and moved on. Hotaru enraged, went to Havik and told of Ail's betrayal. Once Ail arrived at the Realm of Chaos, he was confronted by Havik. Havik tried to reason with him but to no avail. Ail was no longer welcomed in the Realm of Chaos. Ail's new view on life was not appreciated by his former allies. Lost, Ail wondered through the realms, rethinking his actions, wondering if he had made the correct choice. Only when he met a certain Earthrealmer, were his decision making vindicated.

Submitted by: JackJackDani

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