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Name: Akkro (Also Known as Dr.Akkro for the Lin Kuei)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'04
Weight: 275lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: After his private airplane was shot down in Japan during WW2, Dr. Francis Acrodiamus was "rescued" by the Lin Kuei, who knew of his medical and engineering background. The Lin Kuei recruited him by saving what was left of him. They couldn't save his right leg so Dr. Acrodiamus was forced to be in a wheelchair. With the excuse that they had saved his life, the Lin Kuei recruited Dr. Francis to start working on a cyborg project that consisted on implanting robot parts into humans to make them more effective in battle. Under the alias of Akkro, he worked on this project for years until the day he found out the truth that it was indeed the Lin Kuei who shot down his plane and cause him to lose his leg. Dr. Akkro lost his patience and became furious. He designed weapons that combined all of the Lin Kuei technology, and created a robotic leg for himself. After gathering suffiecient information and weapons from the Lin Kuei, Akkro blew up the facility and escaped, forcing the Link Kuei to start the project over with whatever they had left. Akkro swore to destroy the Lin Kuei when the time was right by using the weapons he stole from them and the one he created without their knowledge, the zero-gravity ray. The time has come for his revenge, and armed with his arsenal of weapons, there is no one who will stand in his way.

Fighting Style: A brawler, relies heavily on the strength and speed of his robotic leg and his two bracelets containing Lin Kuei Weapons. A heavy puncher but not very skilled in martial arts.

Primary Costume: He has short hair, a strong jaw bone, a cold look in his face, mad scientist glasses, he wears two bracelets, a big one on the right hand containing zero gravity rays, missiles, ice, and electricity. On the left hand, his bracelet only contains a zero gravity ray. He is missing his right leg. In its place, he has implanted himself a robotic leg that also contains weapons and it is as strong as metal can be.
Alternate Costume: Bald, the way he was when he blew up the Lin Kuei Lab and implanted himself the weapons. Wears a lab coat and no glasses. He has his name badge on display.

Special Moves
Images attached at bottom:
Zero Gravity Ray Pull Forward: Manipulates the enemy and pulls him closer to him for a free shot.
Flame Projectile Kick: Fires a really hot flame shot from the bottom of his bionic foot.
Grab and Missile to the Face: Pretty self-explanatory.
Portal Kombo: Punches the enemy into a portal, then the enemy comes out the other side through another portal and encounters the steel of Akkro's leg.

X-Ray: First he raises the opponent high in the air using one of his Zero-Gravity bracelets, then he pulls them forward violently in a way that they will crash their heads against his foot and crack their skulls.
Fatality 1: Strike: He traps the enemy inside his Zero-Gravity Ray, which rips him apart, all the limbs fall to the ground arranged like bowling pines, the head remains in the air for a bit longer, falls, he soccer kicks them onto the libs for a BOWLING STRIKE!!
Fatality 2: Gravity's Job: He shoots a beam high up into the sky to open up a portal, then he kicks the enemy onto another portal that has opened behind his back, the enemy falls through the sky high portal…keeps falling…wait for it…and BAM! smashes to pieces right next to Akkro, who poses with his arms crossed as if nothing happened.

Entrance: "Next patient, step right up."
Match Taunt: "HaHaHaHa... did that hurt?"
Victory Pose: Kicks the fallen opponent out of the arena and does his victory pose.

Ending: After winning the tournament, Akkro felt empty inside, the way he did when he lost it all. He seeked an answer deep within his cold heart and found out that he wouldn't rest in peace until the Lin Kuei was exterminated completely. He hunted down Sub-Zero, Smoke, Cyrax and Sektor until one by one they all fell to him and his new found power. After all was set and done, he returned home to the family that thought him dead, it was all different now, but he had all the time in the world for a new beginning.

Submitted by: Project12

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