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Name: Annette/Etienne
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Gender: Variable
Alignment: Annette values nothing more than her life and her freedom, her alignment changes depending on which side fulfills her needs at the time
Height: 5'8"/6'4"
Weight: 160/185 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Because I couldn't decide which was better, I've decided to include a short bio that covers her background/involvement in story mode and the longer version that mainly goes into more detail about her past, but also elaborates on Etienne altogether, Mileena's role in her story, and the origins of Annette's fighting style. The long version is completely optional of course, because the short one will tell you basically everything you need to know, but the long one is there in case you're interested and would like to read a more in depth story.... Skip over it if its length bothers you : )

Possessed by the spirit of a man she once loved, Annette is forever tormented by her own desires. A strange ability to communicate with spirits allowed her to find the man's spirit after his death. That was not all, however, as this ability soon proved itself more curse than gift. Nightly, the man's spirit would take control of her body, painfully transforming it into his own. Unable to control him, Annette watched from within as he lived a second life at night using her body. He still called himself by name, Etienne, but did not act as the man she knew in life. He was reckless, driven only by desire. Desperate for a way to control her ability, she looked to her family history for answers. Her search led her to the journal of her oldest known ancestor, a man who kept record of a similar phenomenon occurring in his own life. While most of the information was illegible due to water damage, Annette was able to attain two clues. The first being "Edenia" and the second, "Mortal Kombat". Her ancestor wrote of Edenia as another world, a magical place where he was born. It was unclear how he traveled between two worlds, but what was clear was the connection Edenia shared with Mortal Kombat. She knew she would be unable to succeed in such a tournament, but all she had to do was show up to get her answers. Having been defeated early on in the first tournament she attended, with no one willing to give her the answers she sought, Etienne decided to take matters into his own hands. After Shang Tsung's defeat, he transformed her body once again, hiding amongst Shao Kahn's minions in order to slip into Outworld. It was there that he met a purple clad warrior named Mileena who, after a brief romantic encounter, gained Etienne as an ally by claiming to be able to restore Edenia. Etienne would ally himself with a band of rogue Tarkatans whose job was to take down anyone who opposed Mileena's throne in the wake of Shao Kahn's defeat. Mileena grew impatient, however, and plotted to take down Shao Kahn himself.


Possessed by the spirit of a man she once loved, Annette is forever tormented by her own desires. It wasn't a man who loved her in return, not romantically at least. Her affections would continually be denied until his death, brought upon by her dreams. His name was Etienne and they both came from France where they met in a brothel called "The Rose". Both working as hired companions, they'd met on several occasions briefly, but it was their shared interest in the arts that finally brought them together. Annette was trained as a ballet dancer throughout her youth, putting her talents to use at the brothel by performing a seductive dance each evening to heat up the crowd. It was Etienne's job to operate the stage lights during her performances, and that is how it all began.

Over the next nine years the two became close friends, taking Etienne's small boat out to sea daily where he taught her to use a rapier and they'd duel for sport. On Annette's birthday, March of the ninth year, Etienne told her his plans. He'd been saving money for years to allow them both to permanently move to New York City, where she could join a ballet company and start a real career. She was overcome with joy until the truth came out. Much of the money Etienne had "saved" was in fact stolen from the brothel. A knock at the door signified the end of their time together... Etienne was beaten to death, the money taken... All of it.

Over a period of several months, strange things began happening to Annette in the night. She could hear Etienne's voice in her mind, and in time it grew louder until it overpowered her own thoughts. Her body transformed into his, leaving her trapped within her own... Or his... Mind. It happened so often that Etienne began living another life in the night with her body. Desperate, she turned to her family history, hoping for any clue as to what was happening to her. In time, she found the journal of her oldest living ancestor. Within were several entries regarding a similar phenomenon in his own life, though most of the information was illegible due to water damage. She was left with one clue: the word "Edenia". It was not a word, however, but a place; the place of her ancestor's birth. He claimed to have control over this "gift", that it was in his Edenian blood. The ability to transform into the living body of a dead spirit.

One final clue told Annette where she needed to go, "Mortal Kombat". Somehow it was connected to Edenia, and while she knew she would be unable to succeed in such a tournament, all she had to do was show up to get her answers. For the next year she honed her skills, hoping an evasive tactic would at least help her survive long enough to learn the truth.

During the events of the first of three Mortal Kombat tournaments...

Being from Earthrealm, Annette was initially swept up in its conflict with Outworld(another realm she'd never heard of), and how it was soon to be merged, which was apparently a very bad thing. While she fought alongside Earthrealm's warriors, their leader seemed reluctant to have her among them and he would not call upon her to act as one of its heroes. She originally believed Mortal Kombat to be like any other televised "gladiator" type competition, a friendly sport. That was why their leader, Raiden, saw her as flawed, weak, and expendable. Learning of his status as "Thunder God", which she thought was quite silly, Annette thought he'd have the answers to her questions. After all, a "god" should have much knowledge about other realms. He refused her questions, however, and left her to her own resources. She was defeated quite early in the competition, but her life was spared. After her loss, Etienne decided to take matters into his own hands at night. He assumed control of her body, then did a little researching of his own. A brief flirtation with a warrior from Outworld brought a wealth of information. Edenia was once a realm, but it had been merged with Outworld. This "Outworld" was where they needed to go if they ever hoped to find the truth. Annette refused to do so after seeing the beasts that inhabit the realm, but Etienne(being a spirit) was less careful with her life.

Her chapter takes place after Shao Kahn has been "killed" the first time and comes back, after the idea of Mileena being empress has already been discussed.

After Shang Tsung's defeat, Etienne slipped into Outworld, hiding with the minions of its emporer. Once in Outworld, he met a purple clad warrior named Mileena amongst their ranks. Etienne noticed the girl watching him, which was just fine with him. That night Etienne sought the girl out, hoping to catch her alone. He made his intentions clear as he attempted to "romance" the Outworlder. However, this was no ordinary woman, in fact, she was just as much a predator as he was, she pounced on him. Annette did not want to watch herself... Him... Both of them, sort of, going at it with this strange woman. However, something was just a bit off. Sure, Mileena was beautiful, but she kept growling at him and pushing him away when he tried to remove her mask. It was soon made apparent why the girl insisted on covering her face. Her less flattering features exposed, Etienne kicked the girl off, then squirmed as if a spider had crawled down his neck. Mileena was furious, as was Annette. Etienne was forced to hold the beast-woman off with his rapier, threatening to strike if she came closer. Mileena settled down, however, and even started an ordinary conversation with him. Had the two just spoken in the first place, they would have realized that much sooner how useful they could be to each other.

Mileena gained Etienne(and Annette's) attention by claiming to know the truth about Edenia. She explained how it was merged with Outworld and how the royal family was dead. All hope wasn't lost, however, as she offered Etienne a deal. Mileena, as the emperor of Outworld's true daugther, was the rightful heir to the throne. If Shao Kahn was defeated in Mortal Kombat, he would lose his right to the throne. As the empress it would be easy for Mileena to restore what was left of Edenia and give them everything they sought. The catch was, there would be those who opposed Mileena's throne, and they would need to be taken down along with Shao Kahn if necessary. Mileena explained that she cannot act directly, being Shao Kahn's daughter she must feign loyalty as long as absolutely necessary, she would need someone to lead a group of rogue tarkatans who had allied themselves with her into battle. Being an outsider and someone who would benefit from her rule, Mileena believed Etienne to be the perfect fit. Annette was reluctant to give in. The girl's plan seemed poorly thought out, even a little insane. Etienne, on the other hand looked past her batty exterior and accepted Mileena's offer. Annette' begged him not to go through with the plan, clearly Mileena had not thought this plan through.

Etienne would eventually lead the tarkatans into battle against Shao Kahn himself, but the emperor proved to be too powerful for them. He slaughtered them all without much effort. Mileena made the mistake of showing her face at the ambush, which led Shao Kahn to question her of her involvement. She swore she had nothing to do with the attack, and pointed to Etienne, claiming that he deceived her into allowing the attack to happen. While Kahn was distracted by Mileena, Annette took matters back into her own hands. Her will to survive was strong enough, and she was finally able to retake control of her body from Etienne. She returned to her normal shape while Kahn's back was turned, and when he turned to face her she cast down her weapons. She threw herself at his feet, kissing them and begging for mercy, offering herself as his slave in exchange for her life. The emperor was far easier to manipulate than Annette had anticipated. He accepted her offer, and ordered Mileena to carry her off to a prison cell for the time being.

Fighting Style: Using a rapier and a whip, Annette's style is all about evasion and controlling her opponent's location, or abusing it. Some of her normal moves are designed to attack the floor, where they would hit an opponent who is lying down. She also has a certain move that strikes on both sides of her at once, having implied uses I won't delve in to. Her kicks are based on ballet techniques, and fittingly give her a lot of mobility, which is key to her concept. A move I'm calling "Entrechat Quatre" sees Annette using only her feet to climb her opponent with lightning fast kicks, leaving her on top of their head at the end, where she can transition into her special move "Low Tide", which is about as long as her combos get as she is not designed around long damaging combos. Instead, she focuses purely on landing free hits with her many tools to do so. Her main goal is to wait around, avoiding damage with her evasive moves, until her opponent uses a move she can make use of. If her opponent fires a projectile, her "By the Boards" gives her a free hit. If they use a close range mid or high attack, her "Pas de Poisson" grants her a chance for a free hit if executed properly. She also has a number of moves designed to trap the opponent in different ways, such as "Low Tide" leaving them in the air, "Deep Sea Ghost" trapping a walking or falling opponent, or "String of Pearls", which forces the opponent to jump if they want to get anywhere. Her many tools for controlling the opponent and getting free hits are balanced by her lack of good combos and overall low damage(though her individual attacks deal higher damage than average).

A number of her moves can only be executed if her back is turned to the opponent. This can be, for example, in the brief moment she jumps over Scorpion's head while he throws his spear. She'll land behind him, with them being briefly back to back. A fast input can land Annette one of her most powerful attacks(all of the back turned moves are more powerful than others, just because of the difficulty of their use). There is a more effective method for employing them, which is explained in her special moves.

In the future, her style would reflect her ability to take the shape of a spirit, but she does not have complete control over it yet, so it is of little use to her in a fight at this time.

Primary Costume: I had two concepts for Annette's initial costumes before I wrote Etienne into her story, so I'll include both to sort of let you get an idea of her look as a whole. Her style is whimsical, reflecting her deep imagination and old fashioned tastes.
Alternate Costume: Since I fleshed out her story, however, I've decided to include Etienne as her alternate costume. She does not have enough control over her powers to use them effectively, and cannot prevent Etienne from taking over her body on a whim. Accordingly, sometimes he just feels like steering the ship for a while. Etienne is charming, with the tendency to flirt with anyone he finds attractive. He's an exhibitionist with a "like anything you see" kind of approach.... Though he was never like that when he was alive, something that puzzles Annette.

Special Moves
By the Boards: Annette spins on her toes toward the opponent. If properly executed, she will move past them and strike them in the back with her rapier upon completion. While she is spinning, she dodges projectile attacks. Can also move away from the opponent, in which case the spin is followed up with a low sliding kick.
Enhanced: Travels twice as much distance in the same time frame.
Pas de Poisson: Annette performs quick hop into the air, high enough to dodge low attacks, while brandishing her rapier in front of her to deflect incoming mid or high attacks. If an attack is successfully deflected, she can follow up with a single mid(leans backward to avoid a high attack), high(dashes toward the opponent), or low attack(falls flat to the ground, dodging any attack that doesn't hit the ground). A successful Pas de Poisson is required to initiate her "Marlin Twist" special move.
Marlin Twist: Annette rotates her blade in front of her, parrying an attack if necessary, then brings it around to deliver a long range stab to her opponent's midsection while her feet turn around, leaving her back to the opponent. A number of Annette's most powerful moves can only be executed in the brief moments when her back is turned.
Enhanced: The maneuver is executed twice consecutively, leaving her back turned the second time as well. A lightning fast input during the enhanced move will allow Annette to perform a powerful back-turned move between the two Twists, then another one at the end of the sequence, probably making it her most damaging attack.
Low Tide: Annette drops flat to the ground, dodging any attack that doesn't hit the ground(sweep being a good counter), while snaring her opponent's feet with her whip. She pulls them off balance leaving them briefly airborne. Annette will recover fast enough to strike her airborne target at that point. Can be started in the air.
Enhanced: Annette bounces them on the ground once, causing damage
Sailor's Shuffle: If Annette is knocked to the ground, Sailor's Shuffle will allow her to switch locations with her opponent via the whip, leaving them on the ground in her place.
Deep Sea Ghost: Annette lays her whip on the ground in front of her, if the opponent steps on it, she snares them and reels them in for a powerful sting to the midsection. Does not work if the opponent is standing still when it hits them, or jumps into it the first time. If they jump into the trap a second time, it snares them. Can be used on a falling opponent.
Enhanced: Multiple stabs=more damage
String of Pearls: Annette throws four pearl shaped firecrackers across the floor at set intervals. If the opponent steps on one, they are stunned.
Enhanced: Stepping on a pearl bounces her opponent into the air.
Feint Kick: Annette lifts her leg as if she were kicking, but instead tosses a cluster of pearls at the opponent, bursting on contact and causing damage.

X-Ray: Not About Love: Annette snares her opponent with her whip around the neck. She reels them in then kicks them in the spine, shattering it. They fall to the ground on their hands and knees as she draws her rapier. She pierces her opponent through the back end, slicing through everything in the blade's path until it exits their mouth. She withdraws the blade and leaves them on the ground.
Fatality 1: Love Ridden: Annette cuts her opponent across the face with the rapier in such a way that a permanent scar would follow, but spares their life. Etienne then forcibly takes control, transforming her into him. He slices the opponent's throat, then returns control to Annette. She runs to them and wraps her hands around their neck in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Etienne takes control again, squeezing their throat until it is crushed, not fatally. Blood and small chunks erupt from their open mouth. He returns control to Annette, who watches as her opponent slowly and painfully chokes to death on the floor. She draws her rapier and delivers a mercy kill, decapitating them.
Fatality 2: Seduction: Knocking her opponent to the ground, Annette wraps her whip around their neck. She places her foot in their mouth, gagging them on it. She pulls them in closer with the whip, driving her foot further down their throat until it breaks through their neck, decapitating them. In Mileena and Baraka's case, she kicks their teeth in first, and in the case of characters without proper mouths, she drives the heel of her boot into their face until their head pops off.
Babality: Baby Annette and baby Etienne are split up into two separate babies. Annette chases Etienne around, spanking him with her whip, laughing while he cries.

Battle Quotes:
Annette's personality is both jovial and sad, she revels in laughter and sarcasm, but often can't hide her own longing. Etienne on the other hand, is just a big ham. He likes to keep things cheesy and suggestive all at once.
Entrance: Annette enters the arena, whip in hand. She pulls it tight between her fists, then cracks it on the ground behind her, saying "Safe word?" then laughing.

Etienne enters similarly, saying "What? No dinner first?"
Match Taunt: "Cherish these moments" or "I feel we've bonded, haha!".

Etienne says "I usually charge for this.", against a male opponent he says "I usually charge double for this" ........ Just for fun against Jade and Stryker "Half price! Heh...", and Sheeva "No charge!!" .... Because if Sheeva want lovin', Sheeva get lovin'. Hehehe.....
Victory Pose: "These things never last..."

Etienne says: (now that the opponent is dead)"... But I won't do that."

Ending: Mileena's plan to assassinate Shao Kahn failed, with Etienne being framed for the attack. Her will to survive finally strong enough, Annette was able to take back her body from the spirit. She threw herself at Kahn's feet, kissing them and swearing herself into his servitude. The emperor was easier to manipulate than she thought, her pleas were a success. Mileena was ordered to take Annette off to a prison cell for the time being. However, as soon as Kahn left them, Annette attacked the half breed. Close to death, Mileena offered one last secret in exchange for her life. The princess of Edenia was still alive, and she was to be executed. Despite her best efforts, Annette was unable to save the princess. Etienne was furious, and in his rage accidentally revealed the truth. He was not the spirit of Annette's lost love at all, but a demon of raw lust and desire taking advantage of her ability and mortal emotions to satisfy his sexual appetite. However, all was not clear. Why did he bring her to Outworld? Why did Kitana's death matter so much to him?

Annette then heard a new voice in her head, one she'd never heard before. Recently deceased, its faint cries echoed within her mind.

Submitted by: Harle

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