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Name: Black Widow
Gender: Dark-Skin African American Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160lbs
Origin: Earthrealm
Allies: Poison Ivy & Shirai Ryu; Divine Nine Assassin, Shang Tsung

Bio: Known for her stand up personality, Black Widow was a woman never afraid to speak her mind in a direct, deliberate and sometimes condescending way. She had the reputation also being a bit of control freak. These personal traits made her stand out as a leader among many, along with her raw aggression, it enabled her to be heralded by Scorpion as one of the best close range fighters of the Shirai Ryu. Black Widow being an advanced fighter was taught the black arts of teleportation and trained over several years with sai weapons. Years past and during a typical day, a raid from the Lin Kuei surprising the Shirai Ryu left Black Widow to be one of few survivors from the massacre of her clan. In the aftermath of the war, Black Widow went into isolation to harness her fighting techniques and to preserve her clan‘s traditions and culture along with the few survivors. Years later, her village was hit with a surprise raid this time by Shang Tsung and a band of Outworld warriors. Black Widow and clan member Poison Ivy were at the forefront of the resistance and lead the revolt against Shang Tsung’s foreign threats. Unfortunately, the remnants of Shirai Ryu were overpowered, outnumbered and taken captive. Impressed by their well-keened fighting skills though, Shang Tsung decided to spare each of their lives. Her and Poison Ivy were to be selected as members of an elite group of nine guardians to fight opposing forces in Outworld. As long as she remains under Shang Tsung’s hypnotic trance of sorcery, she obeys the will of her warlord in Mortal Kombat.

Fighting Style: As a member of the Shirai Ryu, Black Widow carried the reputation as the deadliest close range fighter in the entire clan. Considered to be an expert in Ninjitsu and Hapkido she is well versed in black magic and her chosen weapons of sais. Because of her fame and expertise she only taught the most skilled students with potential advanced techniques of Ninjitsu and the Black Arts at her discretion.

Primary Costume: Black Widow can be a dark-skin African-American female ninja with a pair of sais to simulate the poisonous fangs of a black widow spider. She has a traditional black ninja garment such as a black short sleeved gi with red trim and loose fitting ninja pants like a Sashinuki-hakama in black and shoes in black. She would have an alternate color in her ninja garments like a black short sleeved gi with black trim and loose fitting pants like a Sashinuki-hakama in black. And she would have a Japanese emblem on the gi on the left side of her chest in red for her primary and alternate costume standing for Shirai Ryu. She would have costumes just like Ibuki’s character in Street Fighter IV with black shirts underneath the black gi and black wrists guards. Her costume can look like the picture shown below except she would be a dark skin African-American female in black attire with red trim and a pair of sais with a pair of shoes. Black Widow can look like the picture shown above except she could wear black with red trim attire without rips or tears in the shoulder region of her garments and no holes exposing the skin in her black Sashinuki hakama/ninja pants and black ninja shoes with a black ninja clothed mask concealing the neck region. And she can have the short sleeved gi flaps hang about to the groin area of her costume with the red Japanese emblem over her heart. She can also have a red sash wrapped around her waist like the picture shown above or below.
Alternate Costume: A white cloak and hood, gold bracelets, white baggy pants, a gold belt and he's barefoot. He also still has his torture scars.

Special Moves
Standard Teleport: Leaves an hologram image of herself behind and jumps either laterally across the screen or reappears vertically in the upper part of the screen.
Ariel Teleport Attack: Disappears leaving hologram image of herself behind and reappears to lunge head first, like a hawk with her sais out pointing towards her opponent and impale them in the chest with her sais then to transition into a front ground roll.
Summersault Attack: Jumps into a run towards her opponent and executes a front summersault and slice/impales her opponent with her sais while in mid air.
Electric Net: Launches an electric net towards her opponent leaving them open for combos.
Charged Sai Punch: She cocks back her sais to back side hip as if she where throwing a fireball, but it would be her sais with a illuminated red glow and strike her opponent standing within close range that would blow them back off their feet.
Four Corners Teleport: Executes a move where she disappears and leaves an hologram image of herself behind and then reappears with four images of herself from the corners of the screen. She then sequentially lunges at her opponent like a hawk with her sais out impaling her opponent with each lunge with the last image of herself slicing and impaling her opponent and landing into a forward ground roll.
Upper Two Corners Teleport: She disappears leaving an hologram image behind and two images of herself reappears from two upper corners of the screen to sequentially lunge at opponent head first with her sais out with each lunge slicing and impaling her opponent and then the last image of her slicing and impaling her opponent to transition into a ground roll.
Two Lower Corners Teleport: She disappears leaving an hologram image of herself behind and two images of herself reappears from two lower corners of the screen to sequentially lunge at opponent head first with her sais out slicing and impaling her opponent with each lunge and then last image after slicing and impaling her opponent to transitions into a summersault.
Fighting Hologram: From fighting stance, she motions into a crouching knee and flings her intersecting arms backwards and launches a hologram image of herself to execute a brief standing combo on opponent and disappears.
Rising Sai Uppercut: Executes motion where she spins one of her sais in hand generating an illuminated reddish glow on spinning sai and performs a rising uppercut with spinning sai in punching hand with knee bent and extended.
Retracting Hologram: Motions into a crouching position on knee and flings her intersecting hands backwards to launch a hologram image of herself with her sais out that dashes out from her and strikes and impales her opponent then retracts back to her in one quick motion.
Ariel Retracting Hologram: In same motion, launches an hologram image of herself with her sais out that dashes out from her and strikes and impales her opponent then retracts back to her while in mid-air in one quick motion.
Backwards Flip Impalement: Executes a quick turn to where back is to opponent in quick motion and impales them in chest with both sais. She then executes a front summersault away from opponent while sais are lodged in their chest and springs off their chest forward to dislodge sais from opponents chest. She then lands on her feet crouching in her fighting stance back to opponent twirling her pair of sais.
Ariel Sai Swan Dive Attack: Executes a stepping move where she steps up from her opponents chest like a pedestal and then jumps into a forward summersault and descends into a swan like dive with her sais out and to impale her opponent with her sais and lands into a forward ground roll.
Jumping Sai Windmill: With sais already in hand, Black Widow motions with knee extended and forward arm cocked back to back shoulder, steps into a overhand slice downward towards opponent with forward arm then follows with other arm into a over handed slice downwards. She then transitions into a jumping turn with back facing camera and transitions into another series of circular motioned sequential over handed slices from arm then transitions into sequential underhanded slices from arms swinging from down to up slashing his opponent with each motion scoring a total of six lacerations to upper extremities.
Sai Boomerang: Executes a move where she twirls her sais and then throws them sideward at her opponent and they ricochet chaotically off the walls of the screen slicing her opponent with multiple hits and then boomerangs back into her hands.
Four Corners Teleportation Slice: Disappears leaving an hologram image of herself behind and then reappears in the four corners of the screen to lunge at her opponent with their sais out in front at the same time to dash diagonally to their respective opposite sided corners of the screen and then lunge back to their original corner locations on the screen and disappear in one quick motion. Black Widow would reappear in center of screen and drop down to her feet in a crouching position.
Ground Roll Split Kick: Executes a ground roll with legs split out on in air above her head while in ground rolling motion towards opponent then transitions into her fighting stance.

X-Ray: Takedown: Black Widow grabs her opponent’s forward arm with an aikido grab and twist their wrist in such a way that they flip over on their back from the twists with their arm still in her grasp. While opponent is slumped over against her legs, Black Widow leans over to execute a series of rapid punches to the face of her opponent. It can look like Donnie Yen’s character in “Ip Man/Yip Man” movie where he finishes off the last Japanese fighter in the dojo with a series of rapid punches to the face.
Fatality 1: Chaotic Teleportation: While opponent stands disoriented, Black Widow makes a series of motion to charge herself up and in a flash of movements, teleports chaotically everywhere throughout the screen with her sais out as weapons, stabbing and cutting with each movement. Finally, at the end of her series of teleports she cocks back her pair of sais. They illuminate with a reddish glow flame and strikes her opponent to blow them off their feet brutally injuring them in the end as the fall backwards.
Fatality 2: Sai Impalement of Death: Twirling both of her sais in her hands, Black Widow generates reddish glows that illuminate on her sais. She then throws her sais at her opponent’s skull impaling them in the forehead. She then jumps into an aggressive run towards her disoriented opponent and executes a jumping reverse hook kick to her opponent’s forehead thrusting the sai weapons further in the skull until only handles are showing. She then walks over to corpse, steps on body of opponent, and yanks the sai weapons out of skull to turn to camera and strikes her winning pose.

Entrance: Black Widow materializes out of thin air into a standing meditative posture with sai weapons intersecting and pressed against her forearms. She then transitions from a hologram like image of herself in front of her opponent to her fighting stance in silence discarding her sais in her back.
Match Taunt: Black Widow crouches into a bend knee position with one hand on ground and the other extended behind her and teleports backward to transition into her fighting stance.
Victory Pose: Stands to face the camera and twirls both sais in her hands and then raises them above her head where the blades intersect over her head while looking at her sais and legs spread slightly apart.

Ending: After After winning the tournament, Shang Tsung’s spell that was cast on her fades away. She regains consciousness of herself and reunites with her sisters Poison Ivy, Frost, Forage, Ricochet, Black Mamba and Alibi along with Scorpion. The traumatic experience of being held as a subservient assassin under Shang Tsung causes Black Widow to do a lot of soul searching and reflection as she disappears into the shadows. Enlightened from the experience after several months, she reunites with her sisters of the, now extinct, Shirai Ryu to discuss alternatives for a new life of philanthropy. Her sisters then meet at a discrete location to discuss the prospects of up starting a new organization dedicated to justice and service to those in need called “Illuminati”. As an expert fighter known for her stealth movements, she is hired on as a sensei/combatant/field general for a school that would be dedicated to training a new generation of fighters to serve in the organization. Her expertise will serve as a basis for skilled recruits to serve in the movement against injustice.

Submitted by: Esoteric

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