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Name: Delilah
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 180lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Delilah was once allied with Raiden many years before the first Mortal Kombat Tournament. She is the creator of the amulet Raiden used to change the events before Armageddon. With the use of the Amulet Delilah attempts to take payment for the gift she gave to Raiden so many years ago and now wishs to consume the souls of those who fell during the change of events but finds Quan chi holding those souls with contempt. Without this payment of souls the events will soon continue to follow course to Armageddon again only this time Delilah will be the one to lead that long and devastating path.

Fighting Style: blind judo (Mostly grapple moves and close combat)

Special Moves
Lift and Kick: a grabbing move that has to be done in close combat. She lifts the opponent by the neck and kicks in the chest cause the opponent to go as far back to the arena as possible. The opponent recovers from the ground slower then they would normally.
Levitate Dash: This move causes Delilah to hover from the floor and dash towards the opponent for a quick grab attack.
Up and Slam: a grabbing move that lifts Delilah and the opponent into the air that causes Delilah to lift her legs and slam the opponent to the floor with both legs and arms crushing down onto the opponents back side.

X-Ray: Delilah grabs the head of the opponents with one hand and crushes the skull. She then reaches for the two lower left ribs and crushes those causing the opponents to fall backwards.
Fatality 1: Stands close to opponent. Puts her fingers into the mouth of said opponent and pulls the head apart. Grabs arms one by one and rips into two separate part... make them look like they have four peaces to the arms. Opponent falls to floor in bloody mess.
Fatality 2: Stands close and rips the arms off opponent and continues to beat said bleeding opponent with arms while opponent sits on knees. Continues till fade out..

Entrance: She approaches slowly to the Opponent and says "Your fate is written"
Match Taunt: Taps her feet together and returns to fighting stance.
Victory Pose: Walks away from opponent and screen.. Simply walks off screen.

Ending: Raiden having caught up with Delilah explains the events that took place and tells Delilah of Armageddon and his visions. Delilah understands but raises her belief that Raiden was wrong in changing the time line. She kills Raiden and resurrects Shao Khan for she believes he was and is the continued champion of the universe.

Submitted by: Methuselah6463

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