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Name: Ekibyogami
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: Varies,but is about 7'2 in game
Weight: Unknown
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Ekibyogami is the Japanese god of Pestilence,as assigned by the elder gods. A light hearted and somewhat lazy god,the only thing he took seriously was the task assigned to him by the elder gods. He got along well with the other gods, especially Raiden. The two gods bonded over the appreciation they had of the inhabitants of earthrealm. However,Ekibyogami was at the same time focused on doing his job,and as such helped build the people of earthrealm up,only to devastate them with disaster.His constant plagues upset Raiden who wished to see the new race thrive.

Raiden tolerated Ekibyogami's actions because he was the only god to share his love of the realm aside from Fujin who was at the time was a little more apathetic towards it. Eventually the elder gods issued a plague be given to the people of Earthrealm,which was to a degree even Ekibyogami was reluctant to unleash. But the Elder God's were insistent that it would strengthen the people of Earthrealm to survive the tragedy,and he relented. In truth the gods wished to destroy a cult that had gained influence across the realm that were devoted to the worship of the one being.

Raiden was disgusted by the damage,as were the other gods who lost followers in the great plague. Because of this the gods decided to banish Ekibyogami. Raiden lured him to a cave in the heavens,were the gods struck.He was placed in a slab of stone that drained his magical abilities and was capable of repairing itself. Still his essence would eat away at the stone,occasionally reaching the point were enough of his godly essence was unleashed that a plague would be released into the world. The stone would then repair itself and the process begin anew.

This happened for centuries with Ekibyogami having nothing to ponder but raiden's betrayal,and it was thought by the few that knew his story that he would only be freed when Armageddon had occurred,and he was destroyed. However Raiden's tampering of the timeline had made the thunder god desperate,and he sought out methods he would have never tried before to prevent armageddon. One of these was to release Ekibyogami from his prison. Having known his love for the people of his realm he was sure he would help.Raiden was right, and the god of pestilence agreed to help.

He will deal with raiden later.

Fighting Style: Ekibyogami is incredibly laid back to the point that he looks like he is putting no effort into his fighting.This continues to the point that he yawns during some moves,and his uppercut animation consists of him lifting his arm upwards to stretch behind his back. His character model will randomly fall asleep,but he can still fight normally. His style would be a zoning style.

Throw: a fireball falls from the sky and lights the opponent on fire, normal throw opponent falls down and Ekibyogami kicks them in the stomach,back throw opponent runs around him then towards his back were he backhands them batman style.

Primary Costume: Long black hair, Pale skin,tattered brown pants tied with ropes,purple circle "tattooed"on his chest and two smaller circles on his palms,barefoot.
Alternate Costume: His appearance before the banishment,still pale with a purple circle on chest and palms and purple eyes,but hair is tied back in a braid. Has ornate silk pants that are purple with gold trim. He has gold wrist and arm bands. Has Japanese wooden sandals.

Special Moves
1: Spits out a poison fog, doesnt cover much distance but large area of effect, leaves opponent stunned.
Teleport: turns into locust either moving backwards, or if back to wall backwards and out other end of screen
Blood Rain: outstretches arms as a blood rain comes down on top of a desired area in a column(like ice shower) which burns opponent for free hit and damage.
Counter: the purple circle on his torso turns into a locust filled "portal" that the opponent's hand gets caught in,opponent then covered in locust that damages them as they shake them off.
Command Throw: grabs the opponent by the face and smoke comes off were it burns

X-Ray: Turns into locust and raises across screen,if not blocked will crash into enemy causing fractures to the ribs,reforms picks the opponent up,tosses them up and has a stream of locusts knock them back down damaging the back(similar to captain marvels lightning brutality)
Fatality 1: spits out stream of locust that surrounds opponent, blood gushes out of the cracks,locust leave leaving nothing left but a skull.
Fatality 2: grabs opponents head and lets go as opponents starts to decay,with skin melting off as the opponent hurls then dies. After this violent display Ekibyogami then does chun li's old street fighter win pose,as a subtle dig at the competition.
Babality: Summons locusts which irritate him,he starts slapping them but they swarm and he starts running in circles.

Entrance: Forms from locust. He outstretches a hand holding a locust,which he crushes while yawning, "This better be worth waking me."
Match Taunt: Tuns into locust and flies away.
Victory Pose: Falls asleep and raises a looney tunes style sign saying "not worth it"

Ending: Having defeated Shao Kahn,The gods of earth were in Ekibyogami's debt. He tried to let the past go but he was still haunted by his unjust imprisonment,but continually pushed it aside. He finally decided that he would let Raiden of the hook if he apologized,something Ekibyogami desperately wanted. Unfortunately Raiden was too ashamed to confront him. Mistaking this for Raiden having no remorse Ekibyogami had Raiden brought before him and imprisoned him in the same stone he had spent so many years in himself. Earthrealm would forever remain free,Raiden would not.
Have a Nice Day.

Submitted by: ShaoKahnhurtmyfeelings

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