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Name: Ekimaru "Matchstick" Hitokaze
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 178lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: Ekimaru Hitokaze is an unsolved enigma, right from the beginning of his existence. This day will surely be remembered in his home village Shin'onsen when the sacred volcano Myojin-sho erupted with God like power. Some of the natives managed to escape successfully but their friends and loved ones were trapped in the burning hellhole. The volcano raged for 3 days and 3 nights before finally calming down .Destruction and sorrow followed it’s path but right in the center of the vast nothingness of ashes a little baby boy was crying, a baby boy with a very peculiar characteristic he had bright flames coming out of his head, flames that burn brightly but do you no harm. The villagers learned to fear him he was hated and despised, considering him the living incarnation of the wrathful Fire God Kojin , the one responsible for the mass destruction that was bestowed upon them. Everybody looked down on him except for Master Hiroshi Hitokaze a man of honor and a skilled swordsman. He took the flaming child and cared for him as if it was his own, jokingly giving him the nickname "Matchstick". He taught him in the ways of kendo, and soon realized his potential. Above everything else, he showed love and affection Ekimaru has never felt before. Rumors started spreading like the filthy plague .Gossip poisoned the natives, word had it that master Hitokaze was plotting against the people manipulating his “matchstick" into becoming the torch needed for him to take control of Shin'onsen .Knowing that they are no match for master Hiroshi the villagers hired an assassin to slay him. The chosen one was Shao Kahn's foremost enforcer - Ermac. Showing no mercy Ermac crashed and dismembered to pieces Hiroshi leaving without saying a word. Upon seeing his master, Ekimaru rushed to his rotting corpse. A note was sitting next to it with the words:

"Ekimaru, my son it appears I have been defeated, remember what I tough you, do not seek revenge. Vengeance burns hotter than you and all of your flames; it will destroy your very soul, which I hold dear. You are destined for greatness you came in this world with a purpose find it and follow it with pride and honor. Seek the secrets known from the Thunder God himself, lord Raiden he will be attending the Mortal Kombat tournament. Always remember, Matchstick, when rage is building in your heart look for peace in the clouds drifting through the pale blue sky..."

Fighting Style: Ekimaru is a skilled swordsman that specializes in nitoryu (two sword style) most of his attacks are sword orientated .When he is not using swords his fighting style resembles a mix between Hapkido , Shotokan Karate and a little influence of Muay Thai. He is very fast and agile but doesn't do a lot of damage.

Special Moves
Solar Flare: creates a flash that stuns the opponent
Enhanced: has more range
Erupting Sun: throws a fire ball similar to reptile's force ball
Enhanced: is bigger and does more damage
Flame On!: Ignites his katana giving him a power boost
Enhanced: Enters full flame mode for a brief period of time making him a lot faster, does a lot of damage but also takes a lot of damage
Born From Ember: quick teleport similar to Raiden’s
Enhanced: is quicker
Fireball: a simple fire ball
Enhanced: A flame beam with a damage boost and a range boost

X-Ray: Ekimaru draws one of his swords impaling the opponent (showing the internal damage) and then places his hand on the victim's head (x-ray camera shows how he is heating the opponent’s brain) His x-ray finishes with a fierce back flip kick that sends the opponent flying to the ground.
Fatality 1: Who's Laughing Now?: Ekimaru touches the forehead of his opponent with one finger and then walks away. The opponent starts laughing at Ekimaru 's "poor" attempt at a finisher , but then suddenly their veins start glowing bright orange and it appears like they are melting from the inside . Ekimaru looks down on the bloody molten carcass and laughs ironically. FATALITY
Fatality 2: They Got Guts: The fatality scene starts with a powerful sword slash, cutting the opponent’s legs at the shins, leaving them on the ground begging for mercy. Then Ekimaru draws his other sword and cuts a hole in the opponent’s stomach. He reaches in and gets to their intestines which he wraps around their neck. He finally lifts the mutilated corps hanging them from their own guts, while blood is rushing from their stomach. FATALITY
Babality: Transforms into a cute little baby with a little flame on his head with two toy swords. He tries to make a badass pose with his two swords but falls over and starts to cry molten lava .

Entrance: He is shown sitting on the ground looking at the sky, then getting up and saying: "Why do you even exist"
Match Taunt: Looks down at his opponent, saying "Ashes to ashes..."
Victory Pose: Camera zooms on him he shelves his swords and then looks at the camera, snaps his finger and a little fireball emerges.

Ending: Ekimaru slew the emperor of Outworld without hesitation, suddenly the flaming renegade felt a God like presence around him, whispering in his ears like a gentle breeze. The enigmatic entity revealed the truth behind Ekimaru’s existence; it appeared he was just a mere pawn in the Elder Gods plan having served his purpose they need to dispose of him. Ekimaru looked upon the glowing sky and with a smile so wicked, it made the heavens shiver, said “……Try me"

Submitted by: Ekimaru

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