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Gender: Female
Age: Young-Adult
Alignment: Evil
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: Born of the lower class Tigrar clan of Shokan, Khaali was brought up in servitude to higher ranking clans under the rule of the Emperor. She was fierce and formidable in combat from a young age, but marked by a maddened bloodlust that would continually put her at risk on the battlefield. Her refusal to follow orders in combat eventually led to Khaali being abandoned in battle against a Centaur army, where the young Shokan was bound and taken captive by the enemy. Several years in captivity being treated like an animal by Centaur abusers further stretched Khaali's madness to breaking point, until she finally escaped by throttling a guard with her own ragged dreadlocks. Her own clan had abandoned her upon orders from the Emperor, and Khaali's desire for revenge for the years she had spent in captivity began to consume her.

Fighting Style: Khaali's fighting style almost resembles a dancing spider, as she hunches low to the ground and uses all six limbs to move, rarely simply standing on two legs. Spinning herself around using different limbs in a tribal capoeira style. She lashes up at her opponent with sharp claws and teeth, or spinning up into handstands and somersaults to strike from above. Keeping her opponent on the ground where she can pull him down is her primary tactic, Where her claws and teeth will slice him to ribbons.

Primary Costume: Khaali is a Shokan woman of the Tigrar clan, and as tall as any of her race. Her six limbs slender and long, with tight feminine muscle. Her skin is a dusky gray colour, covered in black tiger stripes. Her feline appearance is accented by piercing yellow slit-pupiled eyes, vicious black claws at the tip of each finger, and prominent upper and lower canines. Years in a prison left her black hair to grow wild, and long ragged dreadlocks hang about her shoulders and far down her back with various bones and trinkets woven within. She wears about her four wrists many assorted bangles and tribal bracelets, and around her neck hangs a grisly necklace of bones, fingers and ears that drapes over her huge chest. Her only clothing is a long bloody skirt of Centaur leather, looking as if it was quite recently removed from a living one.
Alternate Costume: Khaali's alternate costume is her warrior outfit. A brutal set of battle armor, crafted entirely from bleached bone. A Centaur skull with horns still attached covers her breasts and upper chest, from her waist is fastened a kilt of dozens of hanging bones. Around her forearms and shins are more long cracked bones tied together. Her dreadlocks are dyed blue at the front, and across her face is painted a long strip of blood.
Second Alternate: Khaali's second alternate costume is her as a savage Goddess. Her eyes glowing a vibrant yellow, hair wild and untamed, drenched in blood, completely naked.

Special Moves
Funnelweb: Khaali leaps forward low to the ground, spinning in a tight coil of limbs, smashing into her opponent and knocking him over.
Subrufa: Somersaulting back on her arms, Khaali's legs dart out backwards in a sudden powerful kick.
Huntsman: Khaali bounces back a step, before leaping forward diagonally. If she strikes her opponent she clutches him in her arms and drags him down to the ground, smashing him under her weight.
Cornered Cat: Khaali slides forward low, through her opponent's legs and snaps up on the other side, her legs striking him in the back of the head one after the other.
Bad Kitty: Khaali grabs an opponent close to her and pulls him flat to the ground where she leaps atop him and scratches him with all four arms.
Hiss: Khaali spreads all four arms and hisses, a sonic projectile that disorientates her opponent for a moment.

X-Ray: Recluse Khaali drops flat to the ground, all six limbs spread out. Any opponent dropping on her or attacking from above is snatched in her limbs. Her legs wind around their waist, and her lower set of arms around her opponent's arms and shoulders. Grabbing her opponent's head with her higher set of arms she snaps their neck aside with a crack of bone, and bites deeply into their throat, blood gushing, before balling her legs up and kicking them away.
Fatality 1: More Than One Way... Khaali dashes forward to her victim, scratching up and across them with her claws, one after the other, faster and faster as bloody lines appear all over them. Finally, she stops, her hands drenched in blood, and all her victims clothes and skin falls away in strips. She finally plunges a hand into her victims mouth and tears out their jawbone.
Fatality 2: Weave Khaali coils around her victim from behind, tugging her dreadlocks around their throat and pulling them close to throttle viciously. Khaali leans over them as they struggle and bites into the back of their skull, gnashing through bone, blood pouring down her chin. She finally pulls her dreadlocks so tight the victims neck snaps, and she tosses them to the ground, the back of their skull smashed open and the brain eaten out.

Entrance: Khaali cartwheels into the arena, using all six limbs to move. Before dropping to a low crouch and baring her fangs to hiss.
Match Taunt: Khaali steps back, licking the back of her two higher hands and using them to wipe blood off her face.
Victory Pose: Khaali curls down into a ball, her arms around her knees, and purrs.

Ending: With Shao Kahn dead, and his army disintegrating into chaos, Khaali found she had nowhere to go. Her old allies now calling her traitor, hunted on her homeworld, she had nowhere to run. Until, she realized there was one place she had not yet run to. As the portals between worlds began to break down, Khaali slipped through to Earthrealm, and disappeared into the mountains of the east. Soon after, rumors began to spread of a living Goddess in the far east that men have begun to gather around, offering devotion and worship. The stories began to turn more sinister soon, however. The Goddess has developed a hunger for sacrifice.

Submitted by:Shesgotclaws

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