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Name: Kloodjao Moklaitabvig
Gender: Male
Age: --
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'9
Weight: 145lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: Levyatan entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to show his skill to his race. His only intention is to give a high body count, and prove his worth. He has no family of his own, and is essentially his kings resort when things go awry. He had no recent conlict, and his king was thinking of getting rid of him for suspicion of Levyatan's skill due to lack of anyone challenging him.

Fighting Style: Tiger Crane Kung Fu fighting style.

Primary Costume: Deep Jet black skin, completely yellow eyes, no pupils. Bright white mask resembling Rain's from Armaggedon, but it's longer, long enough to hang down to his waist. His coat resembles Shinnok's but white and slimmer with a tight belt. and under the cloak he wears all black (his arms, legs, and hood are black, the cloak and the mask are white) His shoulder armor is similar to the cyborg's (Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke from MK3) shoulders. He has spiked black gloves that go up to his elbows. Has a hood similar appearence to Ermac's alternate costume in MK9 that you can find in the krypt. He has bright orange blood.
Alternate Costume: He is unmasked, his face is similar to Sub Zero's from UMK3, but no scar, MUCH shorter hair, and less detail can be seen because of his jet-black skin. His hood is down, and his eyes still glow yellow.

Special Moves
Augue: A yellow blast comes from his hands, hits the opponent, typical ranged attack like Lui Kang, or Sub-Zero's without the freeze.
Mendax: He teleports behind his opponent but leaves a copy of himself behind. Enhanced version makes a copy behind his opponent, Levyatan stays where he was, this is meant to trick opponent. Either un-enhanced or Enhanced the copy follows Levyatans movements. THE COPY DOES NO DAMAGE. It is not physically there like Noob Saibot's shadow.
Infligo: Levyatan dashes towards his opponent in a yellow glow and slams into them, then jumps off of them, pushing them into the ground.
Ligo: Levyatan slides toward the opponent similar to Sub-Zero and Reptile's slide, but instead he grabs their head and the can't move. No damage is dealt by the move, but it leaves the opponent open to attack, similar to Scorpions spear or Sub-Zero's ice ball.
Invisus: Levyatan shoots a yellow ball of energy toward the opponents feet, tripping them up (Recommended when enemy is standing there blocking)

X-Ray: Lenta: Levyatan dashes towards his opponent and grabs their arms and kicks them 5 times, cracking their ribs until they fall on their stomach, but Levyatan is stilling holding onto their arms. He then steps on their neck, which breaks it, and he then throws them across the screen. Typical X-Ray damage.
Fatality 1: Dolor: Levyatan walks over to his opponent, grabs their stomach, then pulls it apart, and grabs their intestines and pulls them around his opponents limbs. He then sends a yellow force wave across the enemies intestine which blows all of the opponents limbs off. He laughs as they writhe in pain.
Fatality 2: Lanuae Magicae: Levyatan teloports above the opponents head, and slams his elbow onto the oppenent's head down to the ground, smashing it, he then grabs their body by the waist and holds it above him as the blood from the opponents neck pours onto his head.
Babality: Levyatan turns into a child, creates a yellow force ball which pops in his face, which causes him to cry.

Entrance: Levyatan walks slowly, and says "I expected you to look more threatening."
Match Taunt: Levyatan waves his finger left and right and shakes his head as if to say "no".
Victory Pose: Levyatan crosses his arms and laughs.

Ending: After the death of Shao Kahn at Levyatans hand, he proved his worth, and his kingdom welcomed him back. Soon after conflict with a nearby kingdom called Levyatan into action. He and his kingdoms army fought the enemy, driving them away. Levyatans king ordered him to attack the enemy country with the kingdoms army that survived the enemy assault. They burned the enemy's homeland to the ground, took their land, and established a large empire. This led to Levyatan being hailed as the new heir of the kingdom.

Submitted by: Thatoneguy

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