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Name: Android King (Lucci)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Was around when the Dragon King was)
Alignment: Evil, sided with Onaga but when it suited him he betrayed the Dragon King
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 140kg
Origin: Chaos realm, resides in Orderrealm

Bio: Originally the Android King was allied with Onaga, but when he saw that Onaga was getting too powerful he decided to betray him. Onaga saw the attack coming and destroyed Lucci's entire android army and all his followers, once Lucci was the last man remaining Onaga used the amulet which now resides on Quan Chi's belt to disable the android king, he then placed his body in the one place where Chaos realmers could not get to in the event of them wanting to ressrurect him - in a tomb deep within Orderrealm. However thousands of years later Onaga was gone and a new ruler of outworld had emerged, Shao Khan he was the new conquerer. The earth realm warriors battled hard and Raiden finally destroyed all the reminants of Shao Khan. At the event of this a chaos realmer (Havik) was quick to steal a small fragment of Raidens amulet. He quickly used a portal to access Orderrealm and made a deal with a revolutionary there (Darrius) who wanted to overthrow the government and agreed to help in reviving the great Lucci, in return the destruction of the government and he become the ruler of Orderrealm.

Darrius went deep into the tombs and found the hulking body of the once great Android King. He fused the fragment of the of the amulet with the body and enchanted a spell. A flash of light appeared and then the king was alive, they exited together and met with Havik, he then explained the situation. The Android King, Havik and Darrius worked together and destroyed the government in 3 nights, Orderrealm had the new ruler and the Android King had already gained a powerful ally. Lucci and Havik returned to Chaos realm and discussed there plans - Lucci explained he wanted control of Chaos realm again, to which Havik said there was no ruler and that no one would oppose him in this realm but if he wanted to conquer other realms he may have a fight on his hands. Lucci ordered Havik to go to earth realm and retrieve the four cyborgs (Sub-Zero, Smoke, Cyrax and Sector) and to take with him any of the other cyber warriors from the lin kuei. Havik returned with the four main cyborgs and twenty other lin kuei members. Lucci made them and Havik his Generals and got ready to take Edenia, which he heard was already under attack.

Fighting Style: He fights with an ancient style of fighting, incorperating three of lifes elements - Fire, Lightning and Water. He uses this with a faster version of Tai Chi as he can harness the power Chi faster than anybody. A little similar to that of which speed wise to cyber sub-zero.

Special Moves
Thunder Clap: He slaps his arms together and sends a wave of electricity towards opponent.
Thunder Storm: He crouches into a ball and sends electricty in all directions (unblockable)
Water Choke: A river of water gushes out of his mouth and into the opponent which temproarily drowns them
Water Spike: Sends a column of water towards opponent so sharp it pierces through the body
Firery Noose: He lassos a firery whip around the neck of opponent and burns him in the process then pulls them towards him.
Flaming Disapearence: Disapears in a gulf of flames and appears behind opponent

X-Ray: Attaches fiery noose around neck and throws up into air, engulfs the opponent with a bubble of water drowning them, then elctrocutes them which is more effective as opponent is in the water (34%)
Fatality 1: What's My Line...? Stab the opponent with the liquid hand, fly them up into the sky and head directly down increasing speed just before hitting the ground teleport to a location close by and watch the body splatter and then laugh
Fatality 2: Dis-Em-Body-Ment Throws the fiery noose around neck, throws the liquid arm through opponents head, then start to electrocute the opponent just as they start to sizzle and burn - take a step back kneel down, puts head down and fires his head towards the torso of the opponent which is like a rocket, they will go flying in the air and then head will eventually explode finishing them off.

Entrance: "You will bow to your master"
Match Taunt: "On your knees and pray to me"
Victory Pose: "As i thought weak and spiritless"

Ending: Lucci Conquers Edenia by defeating Kitana and sindel in their throne room and decides to move onto the Outworld and challenges Milena and her empire with his 4 remaining generals (Cyber Sub-Zero becomes human again and rest of army dies during battle for Edenia).

Submitted by: X-CUTER

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