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Name: Luna
Gender: Female
Age: appears to be about 28 (Newly re-born as an immortal and a soul container like Ermac)
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Height: 5'7
Weight: 121lbs [fit/toned]
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Being that Raiden is left with less of a defense (against the forces of Shinnok & Quan Chi) for Earthrealm after so many have died some time ago he desides that he will attempt to try and use his godly powers to create mortal fighters. After a few failed attempts he realized the gods did not grant him the power of creation so Raiden called to Nightwolfs beloved Spirits to grant him an Earthrealm warrior. A great beam of light shines down brightly as a large glowing sphere slams down on the ground throwing Raiden back. The light dims and fades slowly but as the debri settles in the night Raiden looks up to see a beatiful Indian girl with glowing pink eyes and sparkles on her face and body that look similar to glitter. She walks slowly to him and extends her hand telling Raiden the Spirits have merged the power of her & her brother Nightwolf's ancestors into her and seeks to carry on her brother's destiny. She says "I am ready,it is time for Mortal Kombat and I seek my destiny!".

After spawning infront of Raiden he wastes no time to test her abilities and has Luna spar with the last of Earthrealms fighters. As she is fighting Johnny Cage to test her might she has a vision of a throne and evil laughter in her head and that allows Johnny to get an upper hand in the sparring match. As she felt the threat of defeat she explodes with energy morphing into a wolf and jumps Johnny grabbing his throat ready to kill. Raiden zaps Luna before she kills Johnny in animalistic rage. Luna morphs back to human form picking herself slowly up off the ground. Raiden confronts her and tells her that she has yet to control her animality because it was forced on her by the spirits of her ancestors. Raiden says you must learn now and he tells her "I will grant you the sight of your brother's demise and knowledge of who is to blame if you can control it if you can defeat me using that very power". She stands looking at Raiden and looks away momentarily as she brushes herself off and turns her head up quick and set in her stance and just nods. She overcomes of course and learns what has happened to Nightwolf and that he sacrificed himself because of Quan Chi's corruption over Sindel. She screams crying and falling to her knees as the Earthrealm warriors walk in to comfort her she explains to them her past and how she looked up to Nightwolf. She also states that he loved to watch the dancing cerimonies that she performed. She wipes away the tears and tranforms into a wolf on the rooftops and stands at the edge of the roof and howls as the moon turns red.

Fighting Style: Her style would be a mixed version of animalistic styles of kung fu. Her fighting stance would look something like a mix between Sindel & Nightwolfs. She also has the power to use a magically made sythe which is glowing pink instead of green like Nightwolfs axes. Special animation for her basic sweep using her sythe. Special animation for basic uppercuts using the butt end of the sythe. She should be mid tier with combos but but top tier for powerful specials...her speed almost matches Jade but is a bit like Mileena with some slower moves. She should feel like she is aggressive yet deffensive at the same time.

Primary Costume: A close/similar costume palette swap of Jade in white (not intentional but just for general idea of appearance). Eyes glow pink & her hair is the length of Mileena's but it is flying around to the sides (not sticking up but to the left & right). Player 2 would be inverted colors when chosen bye both players.

This image is a quick edit to give an idea but it is not exactly what she would look like. Her skin would be more of a red tinted Native American and there would be a different design with her costume but with the same layout almost. Her original is suppose to make her look like an indian god-like warrior with white and native trinkets like the small dream catcher on her top for example. The image is not a true portrayal though gives a close idea. The outfit would be made of white leather animal pelts.
Alternate Costume: Alt hair is not flowing in the wind to the sides like the original and some beads and feathers are in her hair. This attire is to look less godly and more like an indian dancer that has not yet been chosen by the spirits to be a chosen warrior for Raiden. The image I did is not the best but it gives a close idea. This costume will reflect her relation to Nightwolf the most. Something I did not add to the image is on only one side of her face she has red paint that resembles 3 animal claw marks above her eye and below aswell...basically just like The crow but with 3 lines rather than 1 and there are 2 red tear drops painted just under the lower lines.

Special Moves
Magic Bow & Arrow: Same as Nightwolf's but in pink rather than green.
Enhanced: EX verion not the same as Nightwolf,it is an arrow that explodes on impact rather multiple arrows and is faster.
Pink Orbs: Looks like a pink bubble with a smaller darker ball inside that radiates lightning. (would have a similar effect as Reptiles orb except when it hits it is not a pop up it stuns them with electricity for a free hit...the
Enhanced: EX version moves faster and is a pop up)
Sythe Air Throw: She turns appearing with the sythe hooking the opponent in the air and corkscrew slams them down. Basically like Scorpions current air throw
Enhanced: But the EX version ends in a pop up bouncing off the ground enabling for a Diving spear combo.
Sythe Hook Slam: The magic sythe reaches out and hooks the opponent in the torso from the ground up and lifts and slams to the other side of the player.
Enhanced: EX she lifts and slams a second time.
Diving Spear Torpedo: From in the air it is basically like Raidens torpedo except it is diving down diagonally like Kung Lao's air kick but the landing is not like Raiden. She does a hand spring flip forward rather than a back flip backwards like Raiden. also she glows pink similar to how Nightwolf did green with his shoulder charge.
Enhanced: EX version she does not flip forward but she kicks the victim hard to go sliding on the ground infront of her.
Spirit Wolf Tackle: Basically a ghost wolf that does a tackle just like Noob's shadow
Enhanced: except when in EX the wolf mawls,bites and shakes the opponent while on the ground for some extra damage before it vanishes.

X-Ray: She runs and spear tackles the opponent similar to her air torpedo except she stays on the ground kneeling and gives a left and right hook punch that follows with a powerful double fist axe handle. (first hook shows the jaw of the victim being broke,the second hook shows the head getting knocked to the other side as the punch makes the victims eyeball pop out...lastly with both hands and fists clenched together for a powerful axe handle it shows it connecting to the victims forhead caving it in and cracking the skull)
Fatality 1 Look to La Luna: She looks up a moment than reaches up forming her bow and quickly shoots arrows tacking down each foot of the opponent.She than uppercuts her opponent as the eyes explode out of the victims head...she swirls around teleporting with her sythe and slices the victim in an upward diagonal direction into the upper mid section of the victims body from behind and the top of the body falls off as she stands still holding the pose with the sythe...Fatality! (the sythe swing would look exactly like the scene in Interview with a Vampire where Louie gets revenge for Claudia's death except she would be facing the opponents back) For an example of the sythe see this video at 2:37 >>> Link
Fatality 2 Bark at the Moon: Stepping back she starts to howl as she turns into a wolf...a ghost wolf comes from the other side of the screen growling also and they proceed to jump,bite/grab and tear at the victims arms. One of the arms gets ripped off as the other wolf pulls the victim to the ground by the other arm. Than both wolves start ripping out the victims guts and eating the opponents intestines...Fatality!

Entrance: She appeares in a beam of light similar to Nightwolf's acension kneeling and she stands up looking at the sky and says "There will be blood on the moon".
Match Taunt: To step back in some cases she will walk back with the sythe showing as the blade scrapes on the ground throwing a few sparks. At a stand still she will stand and pet the ghost wolf as it appears and vanishes.
Victory Pose: She gracefully kneels down and starts to crawl similar to Khans slave does but turns into a wolf and howls.(as she turns there are sparkles,balls of light and glitter with motion effects)

Ending: While preventing Shinnok from taking over the other realms Luna turns to Raiden for guidance and than the two of them challenge Quan Chi & his forces to Mortal Kombat. Quan Chi would not accept unless there was a wager. Raiden puts his soul on the line if Quan Chi wins...them winning will set Nightwolf's spirit free. Raiden ends up losing the first fight & his soul. Luna has to end up facing Quan Chi and Raiden both after convincing Quan Chi that Mortal Kombat was not over until they were both defeated. Luna fights with everything she has and wins but she gets fatally wounded to the point of passing out. As she is in the presence of Nightwolf's spirit he chants a ritual and possesses Luna's body and heal's her from within her body and soul. Not knowing of the Spirits power making Luna immortal,Nightwolf was not aware she was a soul container for the Ancestor's Spirits so he entraps himself within her accidentally and thereafter she takes on a new name Eclipse!

Submitted by: LycaniLLusion

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