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Name: Malcom
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Alignment: Good [Former Evil]
Height: 6'1
Weight: 196lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: As a former member of the Black Dragon Clan, and even a partner to Kano, Malcom had a dark past. Once he betrayed Kano by leaving the Black Dragon Clan, he decided to join the police force, like Kabal. Several years later, he became a member of the Special Forces, and became Sonya's partner. Kano was out for revenge so he trys to kill Malcom, but he was only left mortally wounded. After several years of Sonya and Kano thinking Malcom was dead, he has one goal as of now. Join the Mortal Kombat tournamnet and get revenge on Kano.

Fighting Style: Bears a resemblance to Jax's fighting style in Mortal Kombat 3. A link to see his fighting style is down here.[1] The tweak I decided to make on this fighting style is that the right arm is below the head instead of above.

Primary Costume: An attire similar to Jack Krauser from Resident Evil 4.[3] Lose the red beret, lose the eye scar, give him the wrist comm for his forearm, swap out hand grenades for flashbangs, give him a bulletproof vest, elbow pads, and there you go. Malcom's primary costume. I apologize for not being able to provide a drawing.
Alternate Costume: Full swat gear, not like Stryker's swat costume, but like Jax's swat costume from Mortal Kombat Legacy (I'm sure you've seen it.) All he needs now is a swat helmet and there you have it. Malcom's alternate costume.

Special Moves
Backhand Throw: Does a backhand throw with his knife.
- Double Backhand: Throws two knives in the backhand technique. [Double]
Double Lariat: Basically what Frank West does in Dead Rising.[2] (skip to 2:15 for double lariat.) He basically spins around with his fists out to punch the opponent.
- Knife Lariat: Does a double lariat with his knives out. (He got his knives skills form the Black Dragon) [Also Tag Attack]
Ballistic Knife: Takes out a ballistic kinfe and shoots it at the opponent (great for juggle combos)
- Double Ballistics: Takes out two ballistic knives and shoots two knives from each ballistic knife.
Flashbang: Throws a flashbang [Close/Medium/Far] distance
- Sticky Flash: Throws a flashbang that sticks to the opponent similar to Cyrax's enhanced bomb. [Also Tag Assist]

X-Ray: Jumps at the opponent with the knife and stabs him in the chest, then takes out the knife, stabs him twice again and then,
PART 1 OF "X-RAY"- Finishes off with a final stab, impaling his lung and breaking some ribs.
Then he puts the knife away, twists his arm, so now, he is behind his opponent, with his arm twisted and then,
PART 2 OF "X-RAY"- Brings his elbow down on the opponent's elbow, breaking and bending it the wrong way, like Sindel's x-ray when she bends the opponent's leg the wrong way.
He then trips the opponent over so that he flips and lands on his back, and finally,
PART 3 OF"X-RAY"- Finishes off with a curbstomp to the face.
Fatality 1 [Going Ballistic]: He takes out two ballistic knives, he kicks the opponent down to the floor, he stabs the ballistic knives into his collarbones, so that he is stuck to the floor. He then goes behind the opponent so that his arms are facing him. He grabs the arms, and starts pulling as hard as he can. After pulling, he rips the arms and the legs off by slicing them vertically down with the knives still in the collarbones. He throws those away and picks up the remaining part of the opponents body which is just from the head, down to the groin area.
Fatality 2 [No Smoking Please]: He takes out a smoke grenade, sets it off so that the entire opponent's body is covered by the smoke. He goes into the smoke cloud with his knife out, and you hear the blade digging into the opponent and the opponent screaming. You then see the top half of your opponent thrown out of the smoke cloud as he crawls away and then bleeds to death. Malcom then walks out of the smoke cloud.

Entrance: He spins his knife, then puts it in his holster, pushs a button on his wrist comm and says "Get the hind ready."
Match Taunt: He takes out a knife and throws it in the air and catches it and puts it back. [Standing] He picks up a rock from the ground, takes out his knife, and sharpens the knife with the rock, looks back, throws the rock away, and puts the knife back in the holster. [Walking Away]
Victory Pose: He pushes a button on his wrist comm, says "Blade, report." Sonya says through the wrist comm "Mission accomplished." (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? SO CLEVER! :D) As he is saying his line, the helicopter comes, drops a rope ladder for him, he grabs it, then ascends through the top of the screen as the helicopter rides off.

Ending: [This is all in the narrators voice by the way.] "Shao Kahn's defeat seem to have taken control of Malcom. He swore revenge on Kano and hunted down the Black Dragon alone. He killed every single last one of the scum soldiers working for the Black Dragon until he found Kano. He showed no mercy on Kano as he stabbed him and cut him and mutilated him. After Kano's death, Malcom had one final objective... Kill Movado, of the Red Dragon Clan..."

Submitted by: KabalWins

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