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Name: Marek
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 200lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: A former Shadow Priest of Shang Tsung and servant of Shao Kahn, Marek faithfully served the emperor for many years before suffering a vision of Shao Kahn emerging victorious at Armageddon and bringing about the return of the One Being, destroying all life. Marek turns against his masters and allies himself with Lord Raiden in the hopes of saving the realms from the apocalypse.

Fighting Style: A combination of levitation, teleportation, and battle axe attacks.

Powers: Manipulation of light and teleportation.

Primary Costume: Dressed in black robes, gloves and boots from the neck down, tanned skin, short spiked dark hair, glowing blue eyes.
Alternate Costume: Traditional purple Shadow Priest robes, face is covered by a hood.

Special Moves
Teleport: Wraps himself within his robes and disappears, reappearing behind his opponent and kicking them in the back of the knee.
Axe Toss: Hurls his battle axe like a boomerang at the opponent, hitting them a second time on the way back.
Soul Rush: Leaps at opponent, grabs him/her, levitates in the air, drains health from them, and throws them down.
Firestorm: Raises arm and conjures several fireballs, which proceed to rain down from the sky.

X-Ray: Teleport kicks opponent in the back, breaking the spine, slashs them across the legs with the battle axe, severing their kneecaps and dropping them to their knees, finishes by grabbing them by the head and hits them in the face with a fireball, burning their skin and knocking them onto the ground.
Fatality 1: Judgement From Above: aises arms in the air and conjures a stormof fireballs that rain down upon the opponent, burning them to a cinder.
Fatality 2: Death From Within: Envelopes opponent within his sentient robe for several moments, then releases the opponent's decomposing skeleton.

Entrance: Materializes out of his robes and proclaims "I have seen your future, you have already lost this fight"
Match Taunt: Chuckles while conjuring a small fireball and throws it on the ground inches from the opponent, turning into sparks
Victory Pose: Levitates into the air while his robes billow around him, clasping his hands and bowing his head in solemn prayer.

Ending: Marek succeeds in aiding Raiden's forces against the Outworld invasion, personally putting an end to his former masters Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung. With both Kahn and Tsung dead, there was no one left to lay claim to the throne of the chaoic realm. Formerly Shang Tsung's highest Shadow Priest, Marek took the throne for himself in the hopes of restoring order to Outworld and preventing the apocalyptic future he foresaw.

Submitted by: Spider804

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