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Name: Musashi
Gender: Male
Age: 500+
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 215 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Born over 500 years ago in Earthrealm, Musashi is one of the greatest warriors to ever live. He was handpicked by Raiden to fight alongside the Great Kung Lao, so he travelled across the realms to prepare himself for Mortal Kombat. But on the day of the tournament, Musashi was nowhere to be found, and Earthrealm lost one of its most hopeful champions. Some believed he was killed, others say he abandoned his realm to its fate. Now, 500 years later, Musashi has returned during the midst of Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm.

Fighting Style: Due to his many years of training with some of Earthrealm's greatest masters and fighting hundreds of warriors from across the realms, Musashi is considered a true master martial artist. His stance/style is inspired by a mix of Shaolin Fist and Muay Thai, giving him the perfect combination of power and speed.

Powers: Manipulation of light and teleportation.

Primary Costume: Musashi is of Japanese origin. He has a black ponytail and has multiple scars all over his body (but not to the extent of Kabal). He wears a battle-tattered orange gi and wears a black sash across his chest. He also wears Muay Thai wraps on his hands.
Alternate Costume: Musashi's alternate costume is similar to a Muay Thai warrior. He is bald except for his ponytail, is shirtless, wears tattered shorts, is barefoot and still wears the wraps on his hands, only they're more bloody this time.

Special Moves
Iron Fist: Musashi's signature Iron Fist has the power to send an opponent flying backwards
Burning Knee: a blazing-hot Muay Thai knee to the opponent's mid-section
Scorpion Kick: Musashi curves his body and kicks the opponent in the face with his back leg
Fire Wheel: Musashi performs a cartwheel with flaming legs
Knee Bash (throw): Musashi clinches his opponent and knees them multiple times

X-Ray: Musashi performs his Iron Fist technique (breaking the opponent's ribcage) and then clinches them, kneeing them in the jaw and breaking their face
Fatality 1: Head Pop: Musashi stands behind his opponent and grabs their arms. He plants his foot on the back of their head and pushes/pulls with his arms and foot. When the pressure builds to a max, the head pops off and the arms come flying off.
Fatality 2: Knee Buster: Musashi slams his burning knee into the opponent's stomach and goes through them. He pushes his knee all the way through and the torso explodes into bloody pulp.
Babality: baby Musashi kicks himself in the face and starts to cry.

Entrance: he cracks his knuckles and his neck, saying “you're no match for a true master”
Match Taunt: he slaps his knees and says “you're too easy!”
Victory Pose: he gets down on crossed knees and bows to the screen in victory

Ending: Searching for a realm worthy enough to challenge him, Musashi encounters Quan-Chi in Outworld. The sorcerer tricked Musashi into entering a forbidden realm where one day that passes is equal to a century in Earthrealm. When he finally escaped, Musashi discovered 500 years had passed, and Shao Kahn had started his invasion of Earthrealm.

Musashi ran to the scene of Shao Kahn's final battle with Raiden, and seeing the fallen god, he fulfilled his promise to Raiden by challenging the Emperor of Outworld. By destroying Shao Kahn, Musashi had completed his life long purpose. His legacy would be told to Earthrealm warriors for centuries to come...

Submitted by: MK_Fanatic_

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