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Name: Nirvana
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 146lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: The goddess of earth and nature. Nirvana has kept her body in a meditative state deep in the Earth while her spirit continually roamed across the planet, nourishing and nurturing the soil, plants and trees. When Shao Kahn invaded Earth and began the merger of the realms, the balance of nature was disrupted, forcing Nirvana's spirit to return to her body. Angered by Shao Kahn's intrusion of Earth Realm, Nirvana joins Raiden's forces to stop the invasion and bring peace back to the Earth.

Fighting Style: Nirvana uses a mixture of Aikido and Kung Fu. She uses her enemy's own strength against them to do major damage. This consists of catching certain punches and kicks and reversing them to do a throw or making a hard contact hit. Her combos will consist of Kung Fu punches and kicks.

Primary Costume: See image
Alternate Costume: For the Alternate Costume, Her hair becomes vines and branches, and her body is covered with leaves.

Special Moves
Whip Vine: Her arms transform into huge vines and barrages the opponent with multiple smacks before a final hit knocks them down in a pool of blood.
Wrist Snap: A defense move. Nirvana catches a punch and bends the wrist until it snaps, then kicks the opponent across the screen.
Kick Toss: Nirvana catches a kick and twists the leg, flipping the opponent to the ground and then kicking them, making them slide away.
Teleport: Nirvana transforms into dirt and crumbles, reforming on the other side of the opponent.
Quickmud/sand: Nirvana softens the ground around the opponent and they sink in some, trapping them for a few seconds before they break out of the hardened dirt.
Dirty Uppercut: Nirvana motions as if she is doing an uppercut, but instead, a large dirt fist and arm launch from the ground, flinging the opponent in the air. The fist and arm dissipates quickly.
Needle Spit: Nirvana spits needle projectiles at her opponent.
Air Vine: Nirvana catches her opponent in the air with her Vine arm and slams them to the ground. Can be used in combo with Dirty Uppercut.

X-Ray: Nirvana hooks the X-Ray by wrapping her Vine transformed arm around the opponent's neck. Lifting the opponent off the ground, her other arm transforms into a wooden spike and lodges it deep into the opponents chest and between ribs, breaking them and puncturing lungs. She then removes the spike and swings her vine arm around, swinging the opponent around and eventually slamming the opponent into the ground head first, breaking the skull and exposing brain matter. She then lets go and while the opponent is still standing on their head, she spits a few needles into their groin.
Fatality 1: Stumped: Nirvana hands begin to glow green as she says “You shall be one with nature”. Nirvana takes her arm, turns it into a vine, and stuffs it down the opponent's throat. As the opponent chokes and coughs up blood, more and more vine feed in. The opponent's body begins to puff up and stretch. The opponent's arms expand and explode, and tree limbs grow through the bloody stumps. Branches begin to rip out of the opponent's flesh. The skin of the opponent tears as more and more vines and branches rip out from inside. Roots seep from the legs and feet and they finally explode, creating a blood filled tree stump. The tree grows larger and larger, ripping apart the body and leaving intestines, skin and organs on the branches. A blood dripping tree is formed. The head remains as at the top of the tree as Nirvana removes her vine from the mouth. Nirvana then stands with blood soaked arms crossed with a smile on her face.
Fatality 2: Dirt Nap: Nirvana hands begin to glow green as she says “You shall be one with nature”. Nirvana walks up to her opponent and gently grabs both sides of their head with both hands. As she touches them, the color begins to seep out of the opponent's body from the bottom up and into Nirvana's hands. As the color seeps, the body begins to turn into dirt and crumble to the ground. As the body deteriorates, organs are seen as they fall out before they themselves turn into dirt and limbs detach. When the deterioration gets to the head, the skin and flesh dissolve until the skull is left. Nirvana then holds the skull in one hand towards the camera for a second or two before she crushes the skull in her hands, and it dissolves into dust.

Entrance: Grass and vines begin to sprout over the ground and Nirvana materialized out of soil. She points to the opponent and says "You will respect nature, or you will die!". As she's saying this, small thorns are growing from her hands.
Match Taunt: Nirvana giggles and takes a few twirls. As she does, flowers and grass begin to grow around her feet and sunlight shines over her. As the opponent gets back up, the sunlight fades and the grass withers away.
Victory Pose: Nirvana's arms turn into vines and dig deep into the ground. She lifts her arms and begins laughing. While the vines are still in the ground and her arms are raised, plants and trees begin to sprout over the entire arena. Eventually, vines begin to crawl all over the screen.

Ending: After defeating Shao Kahn and ending the invasion of Earth, Nirvana began to feel a bit woozy. All of Kahn's power and energy had drained into Nirvana, transforming her into a state of being more powerful than a god. Her eyes were opened to humanity's acts towards nature, and became displeased. She spread billions of vines across the earth to possess each human and harvest them into trees. Raiden and the remaining survivors tried to stop Nirvana, but she overpowered them, and turned them into parts of nature. Nirvana then lay her body back to rest and let her essence roam free over a new green Earth, where nothing but deafening silence will be heard for millennias to come.

Submitted by: Skorpion_613

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