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Name: Nokan
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Evil/Good
Height: 7'05
Weight: 209lbs
Origin: Netherrealm

Bio: Nokan started his life in a small forest, deep in the Netherrealm. He had a rough childhood, often going days without food. Besides this, he had a normal life- up until his 10th birthday. On that day, the forest was raided by hostile Tarkatans, killing all of Nokan's near family. He had to live on his own, at a young age. He survived off hunting, fishing, and fruits. Water was scarce- Nokan fell to the verge of death on more than one occasion. He was bitter and aggresive, due to lack of what he needed. By the time he was 15, he hated society, and lived off practicaly nothing.

Then one night, Shao Kahn raided the forest again, and Nokan managed to join forces. He was a soldier of Shao Kahn- evil. He killed many, and his bloodlust was great. He lived many years as a pawn. He evntually grew tired of being a pawn, and kissed up to Kahn. He got on his good side, and one day, Shao Kahn gave Nokan a command- Kill all Kombatants, and disrupt the Mortal Kombat tournament. Nokan ventured out as a spy. He snuck up to the Kombatant named Rain in his sleep, slitting his throat with his hunting knife. He snuck back out, and waited until the next night. He intended to kill again, this time Liu Kang. Right before the knife touched his throat, Kang woke up, and the two immediately engaged in Kombat. The fight ended with Nokan's defeat. He had a broken leg, but Kang spared him, ordering him not to come back.

2 years later, he came back with a vengeance. He still continues to hunt down Kombatants to this very day.

Fighting Style: Nokan likes to stay at a range, using a combination of knife-throwing and magic. He is also OK with the art of Karate.

Primary Costume: Nokan is white, and has yellow eyes. He has a broad nose and elf-like ears. He stands very tall. He has armor down his arms, legs, and waist. It's light armor, and he has no shirt on, but has a breastplate (no armor in the stomach area). The armor is dark black. He has lots of muscle and is bald.
Alternate Costume: His alternate costume is silver armor and a flattop.

Special Moves
Knife Throw: (Back, Forward, Back)- A knife is thrown at the Opponent. Does not cause much damage.
Flaming Knife: (Down, Up, B)- a Flaming Knife is thrown. Does medium damage.
Link Magic: (Forward, Forward, Y)- Nokan's hand glows, and medium damage is done to the Opponent.
Roundhouse Kick: (Down, Forward, X)- Self-explanatory. Medium-High damage.
Teleport: (Up, Up, A)- Same as Scorpion's.

X-Ray: Sorcerer's Assault: Nokan's hand glows, and the Opponent trips (no damage). Nokan throws a knife into the back of the skull, then runs to the Opponent, and slams his foot onto the Opponent's right shoulderblade.
Fatality 1: Neck Snap: (Forward, Forward, Back, X)- Nokan knocks the Opponent down, and snaps the Opponents neck. His hand glows, and the opponent's head is ripped off.
Fatality 2: Sorcery Treatment: (Up, Back, Forward, Y)- Nokan teleports to the opponent, and stabs them in the heart with a flaming knife. He then proceeds to take the knife, and the heart put of the Opponent's body.

Entrance: "Kombatant, prepare to meet Fate!"
Match Taunt: "Your head will be my trophy!"
Victory Pose: "Ha! Another dead Kombatant!"

Ending: After defeating Shao Kahn, Nokan looks back on his previous life. He realizes the error of his ways, and turns good. He visits his place of birth, and finds his whole clan dead. He communicates with them, though, and finds out that Shao Kahn had sent troops to kill them. After Nokan says he's dead, they celebrate. Nokan was still filled with great sorrow, though, because only when he was a child was the Clan alive, and Nokan appreciating it. He set off on his own journey after that- to destroy Shao Kahn's army.

Submitted by: TheDragon14

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