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Gender: Male
Age: 35
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 245lbs
Origin: Netherrealm (Formerly Earthrealm)

Bio: Kiroko Sashito was once of of Japan's most powerful Ronin. He was a member of the "Blades of Salvation", a group of the most powerful samurai in Japan dedicated to saving the innocent. One of the last of the Blades, Kiroko swore to uphold his vows even if it meant his death. One day, Kiroko heard news of a new Mortal Kombat tournament which would decide the fate of Earthrealm. Feeling that it was his duty to compete, Kiroko decided to enter. Unfortunately, while meditating to prepare himself in a forest before he could enter the Nethership that would take him to the Island, Kiroko was ambushed by a group of Shang Tsung's finest assassins. Despite his best efforts, Kiroko was defeated and mortally wounded. His assassins gone, Kiroko felt the life ebb away from him for hours, his strength keeping him alive for so long. Near death, Kiroko saw a mysterious figure looming over him. The figure called itself Quan Chi and declared that it had seen it fight and was impressed. Not wanting such a strong warrior to die, the sorcerer offered Kiroko a chance to live again on the condition that Kiroko would help him on a certain task. Not wanting to seem rude and wanting to survive, Kiroko agreed to the sorcerer's deal. Quan Chi, smirking, transported Kiroko to a burning pit. Quan Chi stated that before he could help him, Kiroko must be turned into a stronger fighter. Kiroko's body was dropped into a lava pit before him. He felt his flesh melt off his bones for what seemed days until he emerged from the pit reborn. Quan Chi handed him a suit of armor and an enchanted blade that would ensure Kiroko's eternal servitude along with granting him manipulation of the dark soul now inside of him. Quan Chi granted this new creature its name: Okorik, a creature bent of helping Quan Chi ensure Shao Kahn's victory over Earthrealm and not the kind man who was once Kiroko.

Fighting Style: Okorik fights with a stance resembling Monkey Kung Fu. He crouches and sways around like he is drunk while hopping slightly. Okorik attacks by doing jabs and dirty hits to his opponents via black flaming kicks and punchs. Okorik, when doing certain attacks, pulls out his katana from a side sheath and slices the opponent. His special moves revolve around using his katana and dark flame moves. Overall, his fighting style resembles Hyperactive Monkey Kung Fu with some swordplay and fire.

Primary Costume: Okorik's head is a crimson red skull which is engulfed in a dark blue flame with one brown eye remaining on the left side of the skull. The chest is a tattered robe ala MK2 Raiden but completely black and the center revealing black skin with several holes in the green robe showing Okorik's black skin. The hands are armored golden gloves resembling knight gauntlets with a blue gem embedded in the center of each glove. The legs have a a black belt around it with a golden medal with a sword insignia as the belt buckle, a brown wooden sheath near his right leg which reveals a black handle, a katana that is pure white but has a black smear resembling tar from top to bottom on both sides, a pair of rusted armor pants in the color gold but with several patchwork holes in it revealing his black skin, and black ninja shoes which reveal claw-like talons on each foot but don't break.
Alternate Costume: The alt is a suit of samurai armor colored black. The top is a traditional samurai helmet with the top of it resembling a red crown but the rest being black,the face has a black cloth covering his mouth but revealing his eye, the chest is black samurai armor with the insignia of a white skull on it, the gloves are black samurai armored gloves with black at the top but blood red on the underside of the gloves, the legs have a black belt with a red medal with the insignia of a flaming katana on it, the sides of the pants are black samurai armor but the pants themselves are blood red, the katana has a blood red sheath on it but a brown handle with a black blade with a red tar-like smear on it, and the feet are covered with black samurai armor on top but are crimson red on the soles. The entire armor also has some broken patches revealing black skin and has the pattern of little squares on it.

Special Moves
Shadow's Fire: Okorik spits a ball of black fire at his opponent.
Infernal Detonation: Okorik throws a ball of black fire at the opponent which doesn't do anything but stick to them at first until it detonates 3 seconds later.
Netherrealm Portal: Okorik summons a green portal behind him and goes through it where he teleports behind the opponent with a shoulder charge.
Sticky Blade: Okorik throws his katana at the opponent's feet, immobilizing them for a few seconds until the blade teleports back into Okorik's possession.
Infernal Counterattack: Okorik does a taunting pose against the opponent where if hit, he teleports behind the opponent and punchs them in the face.

X-Ray: Furious Vengeance: Okorik does a stabbing motion with his katana where if connected, the katana goes through the opponents neck. Okorik pulls the katana back and teleports behind the opponent and breaks their skull by bashing it with the blunt end of his katana. Okorik concludes by kicking the opponent's back which breaks their spine.
Fatality 1: Tortured Soul Okorik stabs his katana through the opponent's stomach and leaves it there. The opponent then glows with a black aura and screams as fire starts to burn them alive from the inside out. Okorik pulls the katana from the opponent's charred corpse and raises it over his head triumphantly.
Fatality 2: Too Sharp Okorik grabs his katana and slices the opponent's legs off. While the opponent screams, Okorik stabs the head and rips it off where he then slices the upright torso in half which ends when Okorik laughs maniacally as he shows the opponents severed head on his katana to the screen.

Entrance: A green portal appears on the ground where Okorik's hands appear which lead to him crawling from the portal, pulling his katana out to point in at the opponent, and saying "You are no match for me!"
Match Taunt: Okorik pulls his katana out and sharpens it on his hand like a whetstone while laughing maniacally and then sheathing it again.
Victory Pose: Okorik jumps on his opponents body, stabs his katana through his opponents head, and breaths fire at the screen for a few seconds where he ends and looks at the screen maniacally.

Ending: "Shao Kahn's death was overwhelming to Okorik, so overwhelming that the spell Quan Chi had used in his katana to control him was broken. Regaining his former life's memories, Okorik remembered he was once the famed samurai Kiroko Sashito. Okorik was angered at the sorcerer's betrayal and confronted him in Mortal Kombat in the Netherrealm. The fight was long and difficult but in the end, Quan Chi was slain. Okorik took up his former name and returned to his home in Japan. Though he would never appear the same, Okorik would vow to be a vigilante in the night, protecting the innocent from those who would harm them.

Submitted by:Lurker_of_Rapture

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