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Name: Psyria
Gender: God (Female)
Age: 10,000
Alignment: Good
Height: About the same height as kitana or mileena
Weight: 10,000 pounds, looks like 150.
Origin: Edenia

Bio: Psyria, the God of Nature was Raiden's partner in defending the Earthrealm. Her mother is an Elder god. Even though her Origin was Edenia, she defends Earthrealm from Shao Kahn with her partner Raiden. At one time she was kidnapped by Shinnok and was threatened to help him or die. She chose to die. Quan Chi tried to ressurect her to work for him but her power was so strong that she broke out of his curse and killed Quan Chi. She is in search for Raiden. A lot of assassins try to hunt her down like Reptile, and Baraka and the tarkatans, but she is too powerful to be defeated by them. Her powers have to do with nature, using vines, entangling people with roots, and throwing big wooden spears.
Fighting Style: Her weapon is a strong glowing green sword made of roots and leaves. Her fighting stance is similar to Mileena's fighting stance.

Primary Costume: She has black high heels. She has an outfit on like Tanya's MK:A costume, but green. It also has some vines wrapped around it. She has green aura around her.
Alternate Costume: She has 2 big leaves cover her breasts. She then have a bunch of vines wrapped around her like clothes. She has green aura around her.

Special Moves
Entangle: Roots come from the ground and entangles the enemy, leaving them vulnerable for an attack.
Whip Launch: Vines extend out of her hand and throws them into the air. (Good combo starter)
Herb Heal: Heals Psyria (Heals more if charged)
Energy Channel: Uses Herbal energy and concentration to teleport behind the enemy and does a popup.
Vine Trip: (Low attack) Vines come out of the ground and trips the enemy.
Ariel Slam: (Opponent must be in air) A vine launches and grabs the ariel opponent and slams then hard into the ground and it pops them back up leaving them vulnerable (Good combo starter and counter)
Rapid Sting: Quickly stabs the opponent 8 times with 2 sharp wooden spears ( Like Baraka's Chop Chop )
Fog Parry: She turns into fog, if the opponent hits her up close, she quickly teleports and launches them into the air with an uppercut.

X-Ray: A vine grabs the opponent and brings them to Psyria then she kicks them in the gut, showing bone damage to the rib cage. The opponent falls, roots from the ground trap the opponent and spikey blades come out of the roots digging into the skin showing bone damage everywhere.
Fatality 1: Vine Void: (Jumping distance) five vines extend out of her body and each vine grabs the opponent's arms, legs, and head. The vines inject explosive poison. The vines vanish. The opponent is dizzy and swaying back and forth then suddenly, the opponent's head explodes, then the arms, then there is a 2 second pause and then finally their legs explode.
Fatality 2: Stuck Up: Sweeping distance. She sticks one of her wooden spears into the ground. A couple of roots keep the opponent still. The opponent is struggling. She then kicks them into the air, throws a wooden spear through their heart when they are in the air, and then the fall down into the other wooden spear like the Pit fatality.

Entrance: Green aura appears in an area and Psyria walks out of the green aura. She then says "You are a disgrace to Eathrealm, prepare to be defeated!"
Match Taunt: When she wins a round and is too close, she has vines carry her away to a safe distance away from the opponent. When she wins a round and she is in an appropiate distance, she does the gestures of the herb heal special move.
Victory Pose: Vines come up from the ground towering her up higher and they are glowing with green aura and she does a pose.

Ending: She has a weird vision of Raiden in the living forest surrounded by Tarkatans. She teleports to the living forest and sees Raiden dead. She goes into big rage and kills all the Tarkatans at the living forest. She then has this big glass vail full of big healing powers and revives Raiden and Raiden has the powers of the Elder Gods. He is unstoppable with Psyria on his side. They saved Earthrealm and if anyone threatens Earthrealm they would be able to stop them very easily.

Submitted by: MortalPro

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