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Name: Matthew Russell
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Alignment: Evil
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: A former member of Special Forces, Russell developed severe paranoid schizophrenia (during the time of the first tournament) and believed Special Forces was trying to kill him. So he went on a murderous rampage that took the lives of his partners Torque and Vapor. While imprisoned in a high security mental institution he subjected himself to horrible self-mutilation and disfigurement. Kano had caught wind of Russellís situation and decided to use this to his advantage. Kano broke Russell out of prison and promised him revenge on Special Forces if he would travel to Outworld with him, but Kano had not fully grasped how wild Russell had become. Russell broke free and took off running until a strange sorcerer named Quan Chi appeared in front of him. Quan Chi claimed to be Russellís continence and that the right thing to do is go to Shao Kahnís tournament in Outworld . He now follows Quan Chi blindly truly believing that he is the last bit of sanity left in him but in reality he is only one of Quan Chiís thugs.

Fighting Style: Russell has a very unorthodox fighting style. He was a master of martial arts, but because of his mentality he has thrown most of it out the window. He still uses basic karate but with an animalistic nature. He bites his opponents, gouges at their eyes and uses his favourite butcher knife.

Special Moves
I Spy: Russell grabs the opponent and japs his thumbs deep in to their eye sockets.
Fresh Cut: Russell does a lunging stab on the opponent.
1 2 3 4: Russell pins the opponent to the ground and stabs them quickly 4 times.
Catch: Russell throws his knife at the opponent then runs to the other side of the screen so he is behind the opponent.
Mmmmm: Russell bites the arm of the opponent.

X-Ray: Russell stabs the opponent in the stomach the while they are bent over he stabs them in the neck.
Fatality 1: La-Da-De: Russell decapitates his opponent and slow dances with their headless corpse.
Fatality 2: Pieces: Russell kicks his opponent to the ground and begins to hack their body into little pieces.
Babality: The infant Russell starts jumping around angrily but alternates from crying to laughing.

Entrance: Russell walks on stage hunched over, rubbing his hands while mumbling gibberish and laughing maniacally.
Match Taunt: He laughs and screams crazily.
Victory Pose: He sits down, rocks back and forth while hitting himself in the head and mumbling gibberish.

Ending: After defeating Shao Kahn Russell felt a strange feeling he had not felt in a long time. Everything had become clear once again, and the voices in his head had finally left. Realizing that he had been played for a fool by Quan Chi, Russell made it his goal to hunt down the Sorcerer. Russell also apologised to Jax and Sonya but they were not ready to forgive him. Russell now walks alone searching for Quan Chi.

Submitted by: KeenanBoots

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