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Name: Scorch
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 135lbs
Origin: Unknown

Bio: Born to kill Scorch was raised and trained by the Lin Quei.He is the personal Assassin of the grand Master himself his current mission is to secretly help Cyrax and Sektor capture Sub Zero and Smoke.Combining his powers of Invisibility Fire and ice Scorch I one of the most dangerous warriors of the Lin Quei

Fighting Style: Ninjitsu

Special Moves
Fire Ball: lights enemys on fire for a short amount of time
Enhanced: the flame lasts longer
Ice Blindness: can temporarily blind you opponent
Enhanced: Blindness is freezing instead
Invisibility: lets you be unseen for a short amount of time
Enhanced: Invisibility lasts longer

X-Ray: Scorch does Invisibility that leads to an icy slide Breaking the opponents shins flying in air Scorch grabs him and slams there face in the ground breaking his skull
Fatality 1: Scorch lights his opponent on fire then when his opponent is skinless he freezes the body and shatters it by kicking it
Fatality 2: Scorch picks up his opponent by the neck Freezes the opponent while his spare hand is in fire he throws his opponent in the air and chops him In half with his fiery hand.

Entrance:Scorch comes in invisible then appears and says "Time to die!”
Match Taunt: He yells "RAAAHHH” while ice and fire comes out of his hands and then steps back.
Victory Pose: same as mid match exept he looks into the camera afterwards intead of taking a step back

Ending: After defeating Shao Kahn Scorch goes after subzero and smoke once more as he teams with Cyrax and Sektor until they finally corner them Scorch goes to Execute them both but instead turns on his team now with Smoke and subzero by his side Scorch(with the help of his team)Kills the grand master.Now they are the new grand masters together they make the Lin Quei more for Peace and less for assassinations and they banish the Cybernetic Institute.

Submitted by: MRXDX2

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