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Name: Serenity
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (appears 24-25)
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 105lbs
Origin: Unknown

Bio: Basically Serenity is the goddess of time. (In the same class as Raiden and Fujin) She only was an observer making sure that destinies were met until Raiden interferes with the timeline. The Elder Gods commanded Serenity to stop Raiden's alterations, and allow Armageddon to happen; after all it was predestined by the gods. She is very serious about her work but never really had to work "hands-on" but only from above, so by her interactions with mortals she sees firsthand the effects of good and evil. (when before she made sure the will of the Elder Gods were met no questions asked) So in the beginning she seems very cold, uncaring for human life, but after seeing human compassion towards one another, and the extent of Raiden's willingness to save Earthrealm she learns what it means to fight for something worthy and joins the dwindling forces of good. Her gracefulness comes from her very being; the fact that time flows smoothly and constantly. This helps her greatly in battle, for it allows smooth fluid combos. BUT the fact that she is a goddess she feels that battle is pointless and undeserving of her time and tries to end the fights quickly.

"Raiden's interference with time did not go without the knowledge of the Elder Gods. They sent Serenity, the young goddess of time to set things right again, and punish the Thunder God for his act of rebellion. If it was the will of the Elder Gods for Armageddon to occur then so be it. Serenity follows the message sent by Raiden to the past to begin her "divine" mission."-In game bio

Fighting Style: swift, graceful, but deadly sum up her attacks. Instead of doing long tedious moves to prolong the fight, Serenity instead uses short to medium sized combos that focuses on weak points to finish the fight quickly. (groin, throat, knees, nose, temple, etc). for example combos could be: she punches the gut, then elbows the head, and finally a launch kick to the throat that can be followed up with a special; a kick the the groin, knee to the face, etc. Her weapon of choice is the ring blade (tira from SC4, sun shang xiang's wheel from dynasty warriors) while her non weapon based combos are short and relatively weak, her ring blade combos have the real punch! Her swift graceful attacks with the ring blade make the opponent think twice before getting close to her. (think of any simple 3-5 hit combo from Tira) In one of Serenity's combos, she swings the ring blade at her opponent's head, spins and swings low at their knees, then finally spins and does an uprising swipe that launches the opponents.

Special Moves
Time Freeze: Serenity shoots a large clear orb (a little bigger than reptile's force ball) at the opponent and freezes the opponent in place.
Enhanced: longer duration of time freeze
Slow Down: (Counter move) Serenity does a stance and if attacked, the opponent is slowed down and is attacked by a two hit ring blade combo.
Enhanced: ends with a launch attack that can be followed up with a combo
Ring Toss: Serenity spins and throws her ring blade at her opponent.
Enhanced: has same affect as kung lao's enhanced hat throw and kitana's enhanced fan throw
Speed Up Beat Down: Serenity first dashes to her opponent whiling punching at an increased rate (similar to Dee Jays uppercut in Street Fighter)
Enhanced: extra damage
Hula Hoop: Serenity spins the ring blade around her waist knocking down her opponent
Enhanced: she speeds up the speed of the ring blade so that it has the same affect as kung lao's spin

X-Ray: Serenity starts with a simple roundhouse kick that goes into a butterfly kick that shows the skull shattering. The opponent falls face first on the ground while Serenity lands, twists then takes out her ring blade and thrusts it into the opponent's back severing the spine and breaking bones/organs.
Fatality 1: Ageless: Serenity grabs her opponent by the throat and starts to cause them to age and age until they are nothing but ash/dirt in her hand. She blows the ashes to the camera and starts walking away.
Fatality 2: Slow and Steady: Serenity walks to the opponent and with her ring blade cuts the opponent's arms off, while they stand there in pain she swoops and cuts them at the knees which cause them to fall. But before they hit the ground Serenity time freezes them and jabs the ring blade in the ground. She snaps her fingers and releases them from the time freeze, and they fall right on the blade going half way through their throats, bleeding to death.

Entrance: A Shaolin monk is bowing to the opponent when Serenity comes from behind touches him in the shoulder. The monk then proceeds to age rapidly until he is a withered skeleton. As Serenity is throwing the skeleton she looks at her opponent and says "hahaha.. You have NOOO idea what you got yourself into" in a strong but sexy voice.
Match Taunt: She spins her ring blade on the floor (like when you spin a quarter) while saying "Get up" (When too close to the opponent and has to move back)- Serenity looks at the opponent on the floor and as if moving in fast forward speeds back, stands ready to fight and says "hurry up!"
Victory Pose: She shoots out her time freeze at the camera which causes it to age (you begin to see it turn from a beautiful HD picture to a old school black and white picture to old brown picture) as this is happening she poses with her ring blade on one shoulder gently moving her hips side to side.

Ending: Seeing these mortals and their constant battle for peace moved something deep inside Serenity. She grew to pity them. Dare say to even love them. Yes Raiden was wrong in his actions but his motives were genuine. She realizes now what she needs to do. She will join the forces of good to help fix Raiden's wrongs. But there will be consequences...

Submitted by: ICEgrenade

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