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Name: Shiku (Lost One)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 195lbs
Origin: Earthrealm (resides in Outworld)

Bio: Shiku was a minesman and and woodworker from Earth Realm who kept to himself, and had little history as a warrior before he witnessed tragedy in his hometown. When the minesman in the area "struck gold" and whispers of gems with unknown enhancing qualities were found, there was also word of ghosts that had escaped from the mines and scattered. People started to disappear, and before a week passed the entire town was empty. Shiku had disappeared as well, but he had not been taken. He found himself not far from his home, although he could barely remember some things about his recent past. He remembered that he had created a a multi functioning wood and metal staff that he thought a gang of rebels wanted to steal from him, and he did not currently have it. Shiku did have some sort of metallic stone embedded in his palm that had quickly poisoned him, and made his entire right arm gray with infection. With the training he received in a nameless defensive sect when he was younger, he set out on a mission to find the ghosts that kidnapped his town and would stop at nothing to find them. The poison stone seemed to enhance him in ways he could not yet understand, for instance Shiku could heal through meditation. The trail he followed led him to the 3rd Mortal Kombat tournament, where he decided to enter in find order to find some answers. He had his weapon again for his first fight.

Fighting Style: Variations of both Eskrima stick fighting and Aikido, Shiku's style is reactionary and defensive and he is at his best at mid distance where he do damage with his multi-functioning weapon. Effective with in air combos and the slow speed of some of his moves can be confusing. Open handed stance, palms facing opponent.

Special Moves
Up Chucks: Throws nunchucks at opponents neck and ankles, wraps them up, then lunges at opponent, grabs the nunchucks and spins the opponent into the air.
Slapstick: Basic whip of the old nunchuck or two.
Stiff Arm: Using the stone wrapped onto his hand, Shiku sends a hard open palm to the chin and/or chest
On Your Mark: Shiku crouches like a sprinter before a race and pounces on opponent, then punches them for a total of four hits. Can be done at long distance.
Scissors: Swinging nunchucks with small, cerrated blades on their tips, nunchucks kept in hands as he walks towards opponent.
Back At Ya: Shiku uses his arms to catch anddeflect punching and/or kicking attacks and reverts the damage back to hiss attacker.
Face It (Grab): Three knees to the forehead.

X-Ray: Catch and Release: Shiku uses his staff with an underhand motion and sends a line hook under the lower jaw of his opponent, then whips the opponent over his back. smashing the back of his opponents head into the ground, then forward over his shoulder again for the second hit; face flat to the ground. Hook and line retract.
Fatality 1: Pipe Dream: Slams pole into a ground and makes sound that dazes opponent, then changes the weapon into a multi bladed, upwards spiraling sword that spins like a drill. Tosses spinning drill sword through the head of opponent.
Fatality 2: Splinters: Sends a gust of tiny "splinters" (not wood) through the opponent from his staff. Opponent sogs to the ground like melting jello.

Entrance: Walks in using staff, tucks staff in his holder on his back, nods and grins (Slyly, of course).
Match Taunt: Beats chest with right, then left hand, grunts, back to stance
Victory Pose: Staff turns into a floating hammock, jumps on, kicks back, laughs, floats away.

Ending: With Shao Khan Defeated, Shiku retreats to an island, still not having regained full memories of the events preceding the 3rd Mortal Kombat tournament. A female kombatant that said she was from Edenia told him she knew someone who could help himfind his memories. She brought him to the pits of a crowded city, and there he met with two familiar faces; two of the ghosts that had haunted his hometown, Quan Chi and another phantom warrior from the Nether Realm. The mysterious female kombatant who brought him to Quan Chi was none other than Khameleon in her natural form, undisguised. Quan Chi and Khameleon had divised a plan to take over outworld, and with Shao Khan gone, they thought they had found the warrior that would turn the tide for them and bring in a new era, with Quan Chi as the new ruling force over all the realms. Shiku did not let anyone know that he was out to seek answers from Quan Chi, and the best way to do this, he felt, was to align himself with the sorcerer-for now. Training further, gaining new abilities with a batallion of diverse warriors in a vastly deserted area somewhere in Outworld, Shiku was appointed one of the many Emissaries of Outworld in a ceremony led by Khameleon, Shadow Priests, and Noob Saibot. With his soul now fused with his staff, Shiku was more powerful than he ever imagined he would be. His hopes of vengeance on Quan Chi became blurred as his thoughts shifted to the newfound power that he had. Only Time will tell the rest of Shiku's story.

Submitted by: TheBigMistake

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