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Name: Synder
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: When Outworld starts to invade Earthrealm, the OIA sends detective Synder to the other side to stop it from the inside. He gets abducted by Quan Chi and is brainwashed. Trained by both Noob and Quan Chi, he fights for them until Raiden removes the curse and he becomes an even more formidable contender, fighting for earth again.

Fighting Style: A mix of Muay Thai fighting and Sambo take downs. A use of violent elbows and brutal knees. One combo includes two elbows to the face in rapid succession, then knee to face, then roundhouse kick.

Primary Costume: white male. short, receding, Jason Stathom like hair cut. Scar going through lips on right side. Wears a Dexter-esque long sleeve shirt and black combat cargo pants. Speaks with strong Irish accent. Has a face resembling Ben Foster. 5 'o clock shadow.
Alternate Costume: brown pin striped suit pants with white shirt, rolled up sleeves with brown tie.

Special Moves
Grapple: grabs opponent, slams to ground with knee in back of head then hits again.
Finger Prints: throws palm out, white projectile flies out.
Enhanced: Disables blocking
Burn Notice: teleport attack. Appears on other side with elbow.
Enhanced: hits with elbow the flying knee for a pop up.
Missing Persons: sliding knee attack.
Enhanced: Synder backwards into portal to other side of screen.
Desk Work: 3 second speed upgrade.

X-Ray: Hard Time throws opponent through portal, clotheslines them when they come out on other side, breaking neck. And drops knees on face, breaking face.
Fatality 1: Case Closed breaks legs backwards at knees. Then knees opponent in the jaw making their brains blow out the top of their skull.
Fatality 2: Promotion grabs arm, elbows head off, then spins body until arm rips off body and holds it in air.

Entrance: Lands with parachute and says, "Shut up and fight."
Match Taunt: cracks neck and back and shakes hands
Victory Pose: says "Nothing to see here folks!" While smiling shaking fists together in the air.

Ending: Synder had finally gained the recognition he had been fighting for his entire life. He gains women and money but his fame doesn't last too long. it all doesn't have any worth to him. He only wanted the fame. He holds his own tournament and wins it as well. Becoming unstable and never satisfied, he holds 500 on 1 match against anyone willing. It remains unknown who actually, finally vanquished him.

Submitted by: Bizzarosauce

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