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Name: Yamiko
Gender: Female/Unknown
Age: 16/Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105lbs
Origin: Earthrealm/Netherrealm

Bio: Millenia ago, Yamiko was a priestess in the Temple of the Elder Gods. Her incredible strength of will stood her out amog all the people of Earthrealm. That is why she has been chosen by the Elder Gods as a prison for the demon emperor Chemnos, ruler of the Netherrealm. Locked away in the deepest dungeons under Seido - the realm of order - she would forever hold ground against Chemnos ever getting free again. But for aeons the arch-demon was slowly clawing and gnawing at the walls of his prison and finally managed to corrupt and posess the body and soul of his warden. He was free at last to once again plunge all the realms into eternal darkness. But first he would set off to exact his terrible revenge against the elder god who imprisoned him and now has even taken his throne - Shinnok.

Fighting Style: I'm not a martial artist or know much about martial arts, so I cannot acurately pinpoint it to any particular style but how I see it Yamiko's style would be these short but far reaching thrusts and blows and quickly returning to her stance. She's a small girl so she must attack quickly and do as much damage as she can in a short time and then quickly revert so she would be using elbows or knees attacks on the chest or head or outstretched arm and leg thrusts much like a viper attacking.

Primary Costume: Yamiko has straight dark hair reaching heir shoulders. She is very thin and looks weakend, so does her face, with dark shadows around her eyes and sunken cheeks. Generally she is bearing the marks of a very long and hard struggle against the demon within. Also her face is always expressionless and devoid of all emotions but her eyes are cast down, as if there is some very small part of her that remains her own and is albolutely ashamed of what her posessed body is doing but also very indifferent because otherwise she would fall entirely into madness. She is moving with small and slow steps when not fighting. Yamiko is dressed in a shinto priestess robes, however whereas the priestess kimono is white and hakama is red, Yamiko's hakama is very dark crimson and her kimono is black, sporting on her back a character (demon) and on her neck there is a necklace of praying beads (similar to Raiden alternate outfit's from Deception)
Alternate Costume: Alternate appearance of Yamiko is a lighter mood - a variation of the gothic lolita style, with high heeled boots, a short frilly black skirt with laces, an equally frilly shirt with short puffed sleeves, a silver crucifix on her neck, short orange hair unevenly cut and sticking in various directions, red lipstick and more cheerful and healthy countenance.

Special Moves
Shroud of Fear: Yamiko would thrust a cloud of darkness toward her opponent which would cover them in a layer of blackness - not too thick so that it wouldn't look too 1995 MK3-ish but thick enough to give the impression that the character is in total darkness. The opponent would then for a few seconds be unable to act, just hopelessly staggering, looking wildly around and waving arms as if blinded and trying to find anything around themselves. Then the darkness would disperse.
Demon Shift: Yamiko would fade out through - or more like be "sort of sucked in" by - one edge of the screen and fade back in on the other side the same way shee stood before - that is with her back to the opponent - and then hit them in the back with her elbow.
Demon Thrust: dark energiy would appear around the upper parts of Yamiko in forms of waves and spirals that would form a shape of demon Chemnos - a very archetypal devil appearance with pointy chin, a huge grin full of teeth, prominent horns on his head and long, thin arms with sharp claws (the appearance should not be too coporeal, more like a shadow, partially transparent and as if it was made of smoke or mist) which would mimic Yamiko's forward hand thrust and hit the opponent.
Demon Choke: The shape of demon Chemnos would appear again and mimic Yamiko's gesture of gripping an opponent by the neck with both hands and raising them up choking them (the poopnent would with every shake gradually lose color turn to grey - like with Shang Tsung's soul steal) and then dropping them on the ground.
Throw: Yamiko would push the opponent away and the demon Chemnos would lift them up and toss them wildly towards one or the other edge of the screen from which the opponent would boundce off and fall down.

X-Ray: (needs to be done in close range on a standing opponent - it can penetrate the opponent's block though) Yamiko would push away the opponent and the demon Chemnos would grab their heart with his claw and squeeze powerfully so that the heart would burst. Yamiko would then run and jump towards the opponent breaking his jawbone with her knee and upon landing hit them to the windpipe with the side of her palm. The opponent would then, bent slightly, make a few staggering steps backwards holding hands to their throat and violently trying to catch breath.
Fatality 1: Look Into My Eyes: The camera would be on the spot where the defeated enemy's eyes would be. Yamiko, her face expressionless, her eyes cast down, would approach the camera, vanishing into darkness as if there was no light in front of the camera. Then the familiar glowing eyes and grin would appear in front of the camera as if hypnotizing it. Then the figure of the opponent would be visible from the camera showing them at the slight angle but not showing Yamiko, as if put over her shoulder or a bit to the side of it. The opponent's face would turn pale and a terrified expression would appear on their face. They would do nervous small steps backwards moaning and whimpering "No... No!" and clawing at their face. They would then trip and fall down on their back, still clawing at their face, tearing chunks of skin and meat, pushing away with their legs. Finally they would rip out their eyeballs from their sockets and fall still on the floor, with their head to the side, blood slowly flowing out (not gushing, definately NOT gushing like a fountain) from the empty sockets.
Fatality 2: Demon Rip: Yamiko would stretch out her arms, backs of palms touching each other, and make a gesture like parting a veil. The opponent would stare blankly but then look down at theis stomach as at first a stain of blood, and then a crack would appear. Then the demon Chemnos would (partially) materialize as the one who started to tear the opponent apart and finish the tearing.
Babality: Yamiko would turn into the little baby version of herself and smile with the glowing eyes. But then a few grotesque demon masks - more amusing than scary actually, quite like the ones you can buy at fun fairs or see when taking a trip at fun fair's "ghost train", "tunnel of fear" or whatsuch) would appear and disappear on the left and right making mockingly scary noises, to which baby Yamiko would react with nervous looking behind her shoulder and startled screams, and finally would burst into crying.

Entrance: Large part of the screen would grow almost completely dark, as if there was a lantern, that would light only a small part of the screen. In the darkness a pair of glowing yellow eyes would appear. The eyes would approach the edge of darkness and slowly, walking towards the light with small steps, Yamiko's figure would emerge from the darkness, eyes turning out to be hers and not glowing anymore in the light. She would stretch out her hand and point the index finger towards her opponent saying "Bow to me!" with a voice that would be partially the voice of a young girl but mostly the booming and echoing deep voice of the demon.
Match Taunt: Yamiko would turn towards the screen. Her face for almost all the time expressionless and devoid of emotions, she would suddenly burst out laughing and the silhouette of the demon Chemnos would raise his head and his hands in the victory gesture.
Victory Pose: Still expressionless Yamiko would make few steps back and vanish again in the darkness from which she came out at the beginning of the match. In a moment in the darkness the glowing eyes and a terrifying wide grin would appear (very much like the appearance of Kevin from Sin City or other various characters who were given such appearance to show how demonic they are

Ending: (The picture showing Yamiko, her eyes glowing, fighting against multiple fiends, onis and other netherrealm inhabitants. The figure of Chemnos, rising from above her, also ploughing through the netherrealm armies, gripping in one hand some generic fiend and Noob Saibot in the other)
"The forces of Netherrealm were nothing against the rage of Chemnos. Soon Shinnok would fall from the throne he usurped."
(The picture showing Shinnok on his throne, palms folded as in deep thought in front of his chin, Quan Chi leaning towards his master, explaining or advising something)
"The fallen elder god knew his end was nigh and there was only one last thing he could do..."
(The picture showing on one side Shinnok kneeling, his head raised, before Raiden and Nightwolf standing above him, and on the other Quan Chi kneeling on one knee, his head down, before Shang Tsung's throne)
"...Grovel. The elder god begged every powerful enouigh force he knew assistance against this threat."
(The picture showing Shang Tsung and Quan Chi shooting energy at Yamiko, Raiden and Shinnok shoting theirs at Chemnos and Nightwolf striking the demon with his spirit tomahawks)
"Finally despite the differences an alliance was struck against the demon that would again bring fear and darkness to all the realms" (The picture showing a headless body of Yamiko, with a hand and leg bent at wrong angles. Severed head lying on its profile, beside the body)
"And after the long battle the demon emperor was finally defeated..."
(The head opens its glowing eyes and smiles)

Submitted by: usodsky

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