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Name: Zhi
Gender: Male
Age: unknown, possibly thousands of years old
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: After defeating Blaze and slaughtering everyone during the battle of Armageddon, Shao Khan had discovered with his new powers, he could not only travel between the realms, but through parallel dimensions, allowing him to conquer every reality in existence.

Zhi, a young warrior training with the last members of the Order of light, watched his fellow brothers be slaughtered by Khans army. As he cried out cursing the elder gods for abandoning the realms, time froze around him, and Zhi would be confronted by a legend even among the elder gods, Lord Gao. The most powerful of all of the elder gods, Gao once used his power to shatter "The One Being", separating its consciousness into the Kamidogu. Lord Gao was never seen again. It was rumored that his essence merged with "The One being" and had become a living essence of the realms, controlling time and space.

As Khan altered reality, Lord Gao had emerged once more as a physical entity but his power was fading. Lord Gao gazed upon Zhi, " This will be your burden to bare now, in time you will find the answer ", and with that he transferred all of his remaining power into Zhi. Zhi must now use this power, traveling through time and space, recruiting warriors from alternate realities, on an endless quest to stop Shao Khan, over and over again.

Fighting Style: Zhi uses a specialized style of Shaolin Kung Fu that he has developed over his many years traveling through time. Zhi primarily fights using short, quick and powerful strikes. He is incredibly agile, and often utilizes various hopping and spinning strikes, such as butterfly kicks, to throw his opponents off guard. Zhi rarely over extends his strikes in combat, and would rather rush down his opponent by staying in their face, and overwhelming them with his speed. Zhi also carries a disc shaped blade that he will throw at his opponents, and through time and space manipulation, can return to his hands at will.

Primary Costume: Zhi's default costume shows him in a futuristic style battle armor he had obtained from an alternate earth.
Alternate Costume: His alternate costume shows Zhi in his traditional Shaolin garb, along with a time piece he keeps around his neck.

Special Moves
Slow Down: B,F,1 : Zhi uses a 1/4 screen force push that causes the enemy to move in super slow motion, lasting for about 3 seconds. ( When slow down hits successfully, everything in the background stage slows down including the music )
Enhanced: The force push hit box is extended to half screen, and the opponent slows down to a stop, lasting 5 seconds
Ring Toss: B,F, 2 : Zhi throws his disc across the screen like a buzz saw ( similar to Kung Lao's ES Hat toss. ) It can be controlled to arc high, or low
Enhanced: Zhi's disc travels in a wave pattern, high and low across the screen.
Time Flurry: D,F, 3 : Zhi flashes across the screen teleporting in front of his opponent, leaving a fading mirror image of himself behind, unleashing a blurred flurry of punches.
Enhanced: Flurry ends with an uppercut that launches opponent for juggle
Back In Time Flurry: D,B 4 : Zhi teleports behind his opponent leaving a fading mirror image of himself, unleashing a butterfly kick. Can be done in Air resulting in a diagonal backward arc.
Enhanced: Ends with a "Rain" style spin kick that knocks the opponent across the screen and back through the other side, teleporting them behind Zhi.
Future Zhi: D,U+1 : Zhi summons himself from another time creating a mirror image of himself ( in his alternate costume ) appearing on the opposite side of the screen, mirroring your moves. Lasts for 3 seconds.
Enhanced: Faster start up, lasts for 5 seconds

X-Ray: Zhi unleashes a rapid fire flurry of punches to the stomach, then delivering a short burst punch to their chest, crushing their sternum, then another Zhi appears ( in his alternate costume ) behind the opponent unleashing a flurry of punches to their spine, followed by a jumping spin kick to the side of their neck, cracking their bones.
Fatality 1: Times Up: Zhi pulls out his time piece and begins to wind the clock forward, the opponent starts to rapidly age, causing their skin to wrinkle and their posture to hunch over. Their skin then starts to rot away, leaving behind a skeleton that turns to dust.
Fatality 2: Stop Killing Yourself: Zhi hands his disc blade to his opponent, and then turns around and walks away. Surprised, the opponent looks down at the blade in their hands, and charges towards Zhi in an attempt to slice him with it, however Zhi vanishes causing the opponent to run into a time portal. We now see the beginning of the fatality as Zhi hands them the blade and they look down surprised, but before they can charge at him, we see the past version of the opponent appear through the time portal behind the current opponent, in mid swing, slicing the current opponents head off. The past version of the opponent then drops the blade, and his own head falls off.
Babality: Baby Zhi raises his hands and starts mumbling baby gibberish, creating a time portal. Emerging through it is a full grown Zhi who then picks up the baby Zhi. Baby Zhi then begins giggling as the adult Zhi playfully tosses him up and down. (When Zhi performs a Babality, he has a special animation showing him winding back his clock before the puff of smoke, turning them into a baby)

Entrance: As everything in the background stage appears to be moving in fast forward, Zhi appears through a portal causing time to slow down to normal.
Match Taunt: Zhi opens a time piece and looks at it shaking his head, as if to say this fight is a waste of time.
Victory Pose: Another Zhi ( In his alternate costume ) appears through a portal, bowing to the original Zhi, and then poses. The original Zhi then turns around and exits through a different portal.

Ending: Zhi had seen it all. He had fought against Sonya in the middle ages, and battled along side Shinnok in a futuristic city. From the shadows he would help Liu Kang win the Mortal Kombat tournament, and once prevented Scorpion from ever being murdered. Zhi had even teamed up with super heroes to stop a maniac clown and an alien Shao Khan. But nothing ever changed ...

Zhi could no longer remember how long he had been doing this and was growing tired. He nearly lost hope, but as he gathered his strength, and once again fought along side the warriors of Earthrealm, he realized that something was different this time. Zhi was home, but some how, it was before the events of Armageddon.

Watching on as Raiden and Shao Khan battled, Zhi knew this was his only chance. Zhi closed his eyes, and uttered the words " He must win ", and with that he sliced his own throat. Through this sacrifice, he transferred his essence into Raiden. At that moment, Raiden felt a strange energy enter his body, receiving strange visions. As Raiden gathered the pieces of his amulet, he now knew what he must do.

........ and so again, the story begins.

Submitted by: Jpetrunak

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