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EsotericPosted: 01/22/2012 11:23 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
Ideas for New Kharacter Artica

ARTICA (revision finished)

Chinese Female
Earthrealm; Origins Unknown
Ninjitsu & Hapkido
Alliances with Lin Kuei, formerly with Sub-Zero; Evil

Artica can wear a traditional dark blue sleeveless gi without rips or tears in the shoulder region with a dark blue undershirt covering her neck and chest region. She could also have black wrists guards and dark blue loose fitting ninja pants like a Sashinuki-Hakama to allow ease of movement. She would wear a ninja clothed mask to conceal her neck region and cover the lower half of her face instead of the veil styled mask. She can also have a Cantonese emblem over the left side of her chest standing for the Lin Kuei ninja clan with a thick dark blue sash. Her alternate can be a royal blue color with black wrists guards and royal blue loose fitting ninja pants like a Sashinuki-Hakama to allow ease of movement. She can have a ninja clothed mask concealing her neck region and to cover the lower half of her face instead of the veil styled mask. She would also have a Cantonese symbol over the left side of her chest to stand for the Lin Kuei. She could also have a thick royal blue sash tied around the waist on her alternate costume with the straps hanging down in the front. And she can wear a royal blue headband tied around her head with the straps hanging down to her neck.

Artica is a Kunoichi warrior that has a passive-aggressive style of fighting. Her techniques are based on a mastery of Ninjitsu and Hapkido. She has proven to be an expert in Taijutsu for hand to hand combat. She also has performed acts of espionage against enemies of the Lin Kuei. She has proven to be proficient in impersonations of targeted enemies of the Lin Kuei. She also has a mastery of assassination techniques and operates both in mid-day and nocturnal environments. Her persona is very respectful, humble and courteous but her dark side is cutthroat, aggressive and in your face. Within the walls of Lin Kuei she was taught to be discreet and secretive as well as emotionless. When engaged in a fight, she shows little to no emotion and proves her movements to be stealth, quiet and precise often times aiming her attacks to vital parts of the body at fatal/crippling pressure points of her opponent’s body. When unmasked she is shown to be a very beautiful and an attractive woman with flowing shoulder length jet black hair tied and wrapped into a ponytail. She uses this to her advantage against foes when in civilian clothes.

Artica came into the Lin Kuei as an abandoned child along the same time that Sub-Zero came into to the ranks of the Lin Kuei. Together throughout the years they grew as renown assassins within the temple and studied under the same teachers. They progressed through their training around the same speed and built a bond of friendship and professionalism amongst each other. This was until Frost infiltrated the Lin Kuei. Frost’s presence was polarizing and divisive. Being perceived as an outsider, Artica did not accept Frost and as a result her trust and perception of Sub-Zero changed for the worst. Sub-Zero’s compassion and mercy for Frost’s life, caused her to look at him as soft and weak. Through Frost’s training, Sub-Zero’s dissention grew into a full blown enemy in the eyes of Artica, whom now took the stance of Sub-Zero’s counterpart. Through premonition, Artica foreshadowed a war between the Lin Kuei and rival clan the Shirai Ryu to ranking members because of Frost’s presence but her outbursts fell on deaf ears. Her later premonition proved to be right. As a result of Frost’s disappearance with the Ei Ching manual the actions incited a conflict between the Lin Kuei and the Shirai Ryu. Artica was sent out by the Lin Kuei to map out the Shirai Ryu’s grounds as a spy and came back to report where the Lin Kuei artifact was being held. Once discovered, a war between the two clans ensued resulting in the massacre of the Shirai Ryu and the destruction of the Ei Ching manual. In response Artica was given the mission of assassinating Sub-Zero for his act of treason. The loss of sacred artifacts of Lin Kuei’s history, culture, and secrets caused them to integrate an automation process with se lect warriors within its ranks that showed unfavorable conflicts with the ideals and philosophies upon which Lin Kuei was founded upon. So Artica, having the same Black Arts training of manipulating ice as Sub-Zero, now enters Mortal Kombat as a hired assassin against Sub-Zero for his act of treason against the Lin Kuei shortly after his banishing from the temple.

Standard Freeze - Throws an ice ball projectile through her cusped hands towards her opponent and freezes them into an ice statue if not defended properly.

Deep Freeze – After a series of fluid motions above/by her head to draw in the coldness from the air, Artica absorbs and redirects the cold energy throughout her body into a central focal point of her hands and throws an ice ball projectile (dark blue) towards her opponent through the cusp of her hands and freezes her opponent into a thick ice statue which allows a longer series of hits (approximately 12). Her opponent then thaws out into a regular statue like the standard freeze after series of hits. Artica can then execute an additional series of combos after the deep frozen statue thaws into standard frozen statue. The statue can thaw out with the series of hits like the mini-game portion of Street Fighter where the player throws a barrage of hits to breakdown the vehicle.

Slide - Slides in a motion across the ground on a trail of ice while clasping her hands together in front of her.

Flipping Clone - From fighting stance, Artica flings both of her intersecting arms at chest-level backwards and launches a flipping hologram image of herself that executes a brief series of front and back handspring kicks towards her opponent striking them with each advancing series of flips and at the end of the series of flips springs up into a series of front somersaults and descends down into a flying punch incasing herself in ice right before dissipating into a blinking imprint of herself. If the image is touched while incased in ice, this then freezes her opponent into an upright ice statue leaving them open for combos.

Flipping Hologram - Executes a series of front and backhand spring flips across the screen through opponent in a blinking hologram image and then freezes into an upright standing ice statue while Artica rolls into a forward ground roll away from her opponent out of the frozen statue left behind. This then allows Artica to execute another series of combos on opponent if overly aggressive opponent touches the frozen statue.

Ice Kick - Artica steps into a powerful sidekick to where she curls her forward leg around her back leg to gain more momentum and thrusts her forward leg in a sidekick motion transferring a blast of cold light blue energy from her kicking leg to her opponent, freezing them into an ice statue instantly if not defended.

Ice Punch - Artica steps into a series of fluent motioned formations with her hands above her head to draw in the coldness of air from around her and then thrust her single punching hand forward towards her opponent to channel a blast of cold light blue energy throughout her body and through her closed knitted fist to opponent’s upper extremities freezing them in an ice statue instantly if not defended.

Teleport - Artica morphs into a cloud of ice mist and mystically floats horizontally across the screen either in front of her opponent, through her opponent or vertically descending from the top of the screen on foot bound opponent leaving a dry ice trail behind from top of screen. Touching the ice cloud mist freezes her opponent instantly, while she transitions back into human form. It would have a similar look to Smoke’s teleport but just have a freezing effect to it and is blockable.

Frozen Escape - Skates backwards with arms extended slightly tilted outward perpendicular to the plane of the camera lens as if she’s walking a tightrope and skates on her own ice trail to avoid opponent’s attacks.

Polar Ice Cap - She motions down into a bended knee position to thrust into a punch to the ground. As she strikes the ground, a frozen magnetic half-sphere expands and contracts around her. A second and even larger half-sphere of a multi-colored aura expands and disappears and if touched it incases her opponent’s body in the midsection and drags/pulls them into the freezing sphere and freezes them into a statue. The frozen sphere then dissipates in the air. She then can execute a series of combos. This move can be avoided by jumping in air or blocking.

Ice Slab - From a bended knee, Artica flings her intersecting arms backwards to launch an up-right human-sized slab of ice that slides on its own ice trail towards her opponent. The ice slab then shatters into pieces when it strikes her opponent’s body rendering them dazed for a few moments. This can also give Artica a chance to execute a series of combos or free hits to opponent in this state of disorient.

Overhand Ice Palm - Artica motions into an overhand throwing motion with her front arm cocked back to backside shoulder and front knee extended. She then motions over into another sequential over handed throwing motion and jumps into a mid-air turn rotating herself away from opponent. She then follows through with another series of sequential over handed throwing motions in mid-air with the last motion slamming her backside arm’s open palm to the top of the skull of her opponent. The impact from this blow sends a surge of light blue cold energy throughout the opponent’s body head to toe, freezing opponent’s brain and spinal cord region and knocks opponent to their knees disoriented in front of Artica. It can look like the final blow held back by Collin Chou’s character in the fighting ring in the movie “Fearless” right before he gets kicked out of the ring.

Ground Puddle - Generates a frozen ground puddle that causes her opponent to slip and trip towards her.

Bear With Me – Artica cocks back her forward side arm to backside shoulder and flings it forward to spray a cloud of ice mist that floats through the air and within the mist briefly flashes a holographic image of a polar bear clawing at her opponent scoring Artica a series of two lacerations before quickly again disappearing in the dissolving mists as a blinking imprint. There could be also a bear growling sound effect to his move when the polar bear appears in the mists.

Fist of the North Star – Artica thrusts both of her hands above her head as if she was throwing up the Dynasty Sign from Rocafella and brings her hands down into a series of fluid motions in front of her chest. She then thrust forward her backside hand into a close fist covered in ice mist and vapors into her opponent’s chest and then abruptly jerks her closed fist around as if to be turning a door knob within her opponent’s sternum. This creates a crystalline and jagged ice prism of sharpened icicles protruding outward from every angle from within her opponent’s stomach. This disables them where they stand with the ice prism rotating within their sternum bringing her opponent to their knees. It can look to the fist mechanics of Sub-Zero’s X-Ray where he crushes the frozen liver/kidney.

Artica can look exactly like the picture shown above except she it would be in dark blue with a moderately fitting clothed mask concealing the lower half of her face instead of a veil like mask and a dark blue undershirt concealing her neck region from skin exposure and instead of clothed forearms she’d have real forearm guards in black and a black Cantonese symbol standing for the Lin Kuei.

She quickly bows down on one knee in a praying posture as a football player does after scoring a touchdown in the end zone.

A cut shot to Artica showcases her in a kneeling position on both of her knees, sitting upright and her hands on her waists in a meditative state. She then opens her eyes and places one of her hands on the ground before her and rises up to her feet to take her fighting stance.

Artica jumps into a ground roll away from fallen opponent, and executes a brief form in Ninjitsu and then transitions back into her fighting stance.

Ice Flurry - From close range, Artica throws a series of punches to the face of her opponent. The camera showcases the internal damage. She then crouches down into an open palm punch to the sternum of her opponent, while camera showcases internal damage. Finally, she transitions into a motion where she uppercuts her opponent in the jaw, shattering the jaw line into fragments while the camera showcases the internal damage. This final motion launches her opponent in the air falling backwards face up to the pavement.

Frozen Inside Out - Artica stands from mid-range away from opponent and extends her front arm with the palm of her hand facing up. A surge of cold energy flows throughout Artica’s body to her front arm and gradually forms a series of crystalline ninja stars coated in ice with vapors rising from Artica’s hand. She then cocks back her forward arm to backside shoulder and flings the stars at her disoriented opponent single-handedly impaling them in the upper and lower extremities. A slow and gradual freeze begins to engulf her opponent’s body inside out until they are fully frozen on the outside. Finally, Artica clutches her throwing hand’s fist extended out towards her opponent and as a result her opponent’s frozen body explodes into ice fragments across the floor as if to be doused with liquid nitrogen.

After winning the tournament, Artica stalks Sub-Zero whereabouts and successfully assassinates him denouncing him as a traitor to Lin Kuei. She returns back to Earthrealm exalted by the ranks of the Lin Kuei for victory in Mortal Kombat and successful mission and is given a position of recruiting and subsiding over the cybernetic automation process the Lin Kuei started to purposely ward off any suspicious members within it’s ranks. Sektor and Cyrax in turn are given their souls back and returned into human form via the request of Artica. Now with more influence, Artica enacts a strict policy to kill any outsiders to the Lin Kuei Temple and writes a new scribe from left over memories of Lin Kuei’s Ei Ching manual consisting of the temple’s history and culture. She only authorizes to pass down Lin Kuei’s secrets to a chosen few after conferencing with highly decorated officials and Lin Kuei elders. With her mission accomplished, Artica would spend most of her time serving within the Lin Kuei temple training new inductees and heading over the Lin Kuei cybernetic automation project emotionally.

From fighting stance facing the camera, Artica would have her backside arm in a clinched fists and a slightly bent elbow in front of her chest with her front side arm would loosely hang down at her side while she rocks back and forth in a standing position in a calm and cool demeanor. It can look very similar to Sub-Zero’s original stance in MK1.

ChromePosted: 01/24/2012 01:46 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Ideas for New Kharacter Artica


Sig1 photo Chrome-sig_zps5a62b1b1.jpg
EsotericPosted: 02/02/2016 01:01 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Ideas for New Kharacter Artica

Chrome Wrote:

What is so unconvincing about the character?

Tetra_VegaPosted: 02/03/2016 10:21 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Ideas for New Kharacter Artica

Are you intentionally leaving out the 1st C in Arctica?
The way you have it would be pronounced R. T. Ka.


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EsotericPosted: 07/08/2016 08:12 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Ideas for New Kharacter Artica

Comments and criticisms are welcome

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