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Mick-LuciferPosted: 05/12/2012 07:58 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Official Scorpion Strategy & Combo Superthread!

Scorpion -- lost soul bent on revenge!
Fighting from beyond the grave, the tortured spectre of Hanzo Hasashi seeks vengeance for the deaths of his family and clan. He blames Sub-Zero, not knowing it was actually the necromancer who brought him back, Quan Chi, who exterminated the Shirai Ryu and his loved ones.

MK's one and only legit ninja, Scorpion has some of the most iconic moves the series has seen. With Sub-Zero getting the superthread treatment yesterday, who could possibly come next but Scorpion?! Here is the place to discuss all the latest yellow ninja strategies, combos and counters!

Basic Attacks
Doom Slice - Toward + 2
Blade Overhead - Away + 2
Uppercut - Down + 2
Heel Kicks - Toward + 3
Shin Blast - Toward + 4
Sweep - Away + 4

Chain Combos
Grave Digger - 2, 1 + 2
Grievance - Toward + 4, 3
Damnation - 1, 1, 4
Torment - 1, 1, 1
Brimstone - 2, 1, 2
Doom Blade - Toward + 2, 1, 4
Dead End - 3, 3, 4

Fast Tags (Tag Mode)
Underworld - 2, 1 + 2, Tag
Soulless - Away + 2, Tag

Tag Combos (Tag Mode)
Eternal Vengeance - 1, 1, Tag
Punishment - 2, 1, Tag
Affliction - Toward + 2, 1, Tag
Revenge - 3, 3, Tag

Special Moves
Spear - Away, Away, 1
Demon Fire - Down, Away, 2
Teleport - Down, Away, 3 [+Aerial]
Take Down - Down, Away, 4
Air Throw - Throw [Aerial]

Finishing Moves
Split Decision - Toward, Down, Toward, 2 [Close]
Nether-Gate - Away, Toward, Away, 3 [Close]
Toasty - Down, Up, Up, 2 [Jump] [DLC]
Stage Fatality - Toward, Up, Up, 1 [Varied]
Babality - Down, Away, Toward, Down, 2 [Jump]

Key: [1 = FP] :: [2 = BP] :: [3 = FK] :: [4 = BK]

Threads for all the other characters will be available soon.
Please do not create new threads for other characters. Official superthreads will be easily accessed via the sticky menu!

GET OVER HERE!!! These are ninja basics! To take it to the next level, rise from the Netherrealm to take revenge on the MKOmmunity with your finest tips and tricks! Your restless soul demands it!

Better The Devil you know...
MK Online Forums: Share your interests, broaden your horizons and support the kommunity with discussion forums for every topic. "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."
Unknown265Posted: 05/13/2012 03:53 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Official Scorpion Strategy & Combo Superthread!

Most Scorpion players should know (or will know now), about his vortex.

Scorpion's Vortex
F+2, 1 xx Teleport will leave Scorpion at frame advantage, so you can do a little guessing game with your opponent. F+4 xx Spear / F+3 / B+2 are the main stuff you should probably do. You could also start 1 pressure, if you like. Though, you should be careful on that B+2 as it is unsafe on block, as well as a blocked Spear from a blocked F+4.

An easy way to initiate the vortex is to get a successful Spear hit.


1, 1, 1 Pressure
A pressure tactic to be aware of is 1 Pressure. Hit the opponent with a blocked 1 string (but never a full 1, 1, 1 on the first couple strings), for example: "1, 1 dash 1 dash 1, 1 dash 1, 1, 1 dash 1 dash 1, 1"

Try to mix it up a bit to keep your opponent guessing. You could try ending the pressure with a F+4 xx Spear, Takedown or a quick throw.


Takedown Mixups
This is a little tactic I figured out myself (don't know if it was already made for Scorpion). I learned quite a while ago about using Stryker's Baton Sweep as a mixup, mid-combo. And I thought, why not use it with Scorpion as well?

Key to doing this is to not be so predictable. Examples of Takedown mixups:

F+2, 1 xx TD
F+2 xx TD
1, 1 xx TD
1 xx TD
F+4 xx TD
2, 1 xx TD
2 xx TD
3, 3 xx TD
3 xx TD

A patch made the Takedown much safer on block, but that's no reason to throw it out so often. Don't use it too much, or else your opponent will catch on and stop falling for it.


Tag Assist Hell Fire Reset
Scorpion's Tag Assist is his EX Demon Fire. It tends to be able to catch the opponent more easily than if he performed it by himself, and as a Tag Assist, it leaves you at frame advantage. You can use it in a juggle combo to reset the opponent, as the Hell Fire can catch opponents close to the ground. Example with Cyber Subby:
2, 1 xx Ice Ball ~ 2, 1, 1+2 dash F+2, 2 xx Tag Assist. Afterwards, you can continue pressure.

Dragon Points:
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