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Mick-LuciferPosted: 06/29/2012 10:56 PMStatus ::
Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

Fifteen years after the last Mortal Kombat sequel received its theatrical release -- excerpts from a new production script have been teased by director, Kevin Tancharoen!

Released via micro-blogging site Twitter (@KTANCH), the script snapshots [below] offer the vaguest glimpse into a reboot still largely enshrouded in mystery. Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Jax feature in expected roles, but Kabal adds an unexpected reference to excite fans of the games.

Last year, Tancharoen directed Mortal Kombat: Legacy, a nine episode live-action series released via YouTube, which reportedly attracted the largest viewing audience the site has seen for serial content of this type. Detailing brief segments from the earliest parts of characters' journey, it remains unknown if the series will provide a direct prologue to a theatrical release.

In a 2011 interview with MovieWeb, Tancharoen discussed the potential for mapping the Mortal Kombat saga across different mediums and formats:

I think that, with a property or a franchise which has the scope that Mortal Kombat does, I think it's interesting to use different mediums to showcase different parts of that universe. I think the web series itself helps motivate a bunch of back stories. I still think that a feature version of it would be gigantic, but it also works to do both. You have the supporting episodes on the web, that people will get into the origin stories and all that stuff. The movie is obviously the big event, and you see things like that happening quite a bit now. Like, for instance, I'm getting ready for Sucker Punch to come out, and, on the internet, supporting it, are a bunch of animated shorts. It's kind of like how The Animatrix opened up the world of The Matrix and made it much bigger. It's not in the feature film, but it made the universe gigantic, and you were able to see different stories with it.

Michael Jai White and Ian Anthony Dale starred respectively as Legacy's Jax and Scorpion, with Kevan Ohtsji as Sub-Zero. Two-part episodes introduced the characters in feature roles, establishing rivalries that have motivated the characters through many of their most iconic appearances.

Though Kabal does not feature in the Legacy shorts, Kano and the Black Dragon appear throughout, establishing a relationship with the Lin Kuei that is predicated on cybernetic enhancements. In the games, Kabal is a morally ambiguous survivor of Outworld attack, with ties to the Black Dragon and an advanced life support system that enhances his fighting skills. This relationship may appear to bring him into conflict with Jax, in the script. It will be Kabal's first appearance in a film, having only been referenced by name in the 1997 critical flop, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

Sub-Zero as he appeared in first-look Mortal Kombat: Legacy teaser. [full story]

The teaser images follow widely reported rumors of leaked plot details [full story], which the director took a vague swipe at in another tweet. The rumors, describing a 'lowly supermarket employee' who discovers hidden powers, play to urbanized versions of the characters that appeared in Tancharoens job-winning showreel, Mortal Kombat: Rebirth [more], and certain segments of the Legacy series. The legitimacy of the claim remains unverified.

Look back upon the build to the live-action series with Mortal Kombat Online's extensive Legacy coverage kompendium. Discuss all the history and updates on the Merchandise & Media forum. For live updates and analysis, follow @MK_Online and follow Facebook.

smokeman14Posted: 06/29/2012 11:43 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

Well I guess Kabal is still a member of the Black Dragon at this time.

redmanPosted: 06/30/2012 01:12 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie


blacksaibotPosted: 06/30/2012 01:17 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

Good to know this shit is getting in progress!!!

I just hope Sub and Scorp aren't having this "conversation" in a fucking grocery store.............................................

SUB-ZERO gives a nod to Scorpion, then gets to work.... cleaning up the spill on isle 3???? FUCK THAT SHIT!!!

Noobsmoke92Posted: 06/30/2012 01:32 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

smokeman14 Wrote:
Well I guess Kabal is still a member of the Black Dragon at this time.

Which is actually a good thing,we might actually see for the first time,what Kabal actually like before he was scarred by Shao Kahn's forces. Not taking MK9 into account,it was stated he was Black Dragon till the invasion,then changed to good when he was one of the Earth's Chosen Warriors and left Black Dragon.

And the thing that always irritated me,MK games ALWAYS showed Kano-Sonya/Jax interactions and even Jarek-Sonya/Jax too,but,except only MK Defenders of the Realm cartoon,we don't know what Jax and Sonya felt about Kabal joining the Earth fighters and did they even KNOW about him by maybe chasing him as well during pre-MK1 times?

So I am glad that Kevin Tancharoen gonna actually show Kabal's role in Kano's organization and Kabal's interactions as probably the right-hand man of Kano with Sonya and Jax. I am excited! Damn,can't wait for hookswords and that crazy dash of Kabal for the first time in actual movie!

The only thing,I HOPE,it is NOT Jax who fucks up Kabal really bad or other way aroung like Kabal injuring Jax's arms prior Mortal Kombat tournament,that would be dumb because all their injuries (even in Jax's case,it wasn't injury during MK3 time,he just put implants to amplify his powers) happened during Shao Kahn's invasion.

Obviously,I can assume,that since Jax is in the movie,and Kabal is there too,Kano and Sonya also should appear. Then my wishlist for the actors:

Michael Jai White as Jax - well,IMO,there is NOT a better Jax than MJW,he IS Jax,badass look,attitude,charisma,voice. When I saw him in MK Rebirth for the first time,it was my dream come true! "Fuck protocol!" is one of my favorite catchphrases. Anyone suggesting some other actor for this role is just clueless and probably just dislikes MJW for personal reasons,but I care less. Besides,I saw a twit from Kevin answering a question if MJW will return and he said something along lines like:"Of course! Don't you think he is gonna sucker punch me if I didn't get him back for the role". Too lazy to find it,but I am sure it is there. So Jax is given for me.

Ian Anthony Dale as Scorpion - I think he was pretty decent for the role. I especially love how he portrayed Scorpion as a family man and as the best warrior of his clan.(but in Kevin's version he is General Hasashi,which is kinda confusing,he should be ninja! But nonetheless,not Ian's fault) And his looks are perfect for me,I always imagined Hanzo Hasashi as somewhat Japanese guy(duh!) with long hair and unshaved face around his 30s. Pretty much Ian's face,isn't it? But I don't know how he is gonna portray now this vengeful spirit ninja. I think he will be fine,because he played two different renditions of the same character ALREADY! Mysterious,quiet type,but angry and vengeful whenever-Sub-Zero-is-involved Scorpion in MK Rebirth,and a family man and a leader Hanzo Hasashi in MK Legacy. Nothing new for Ian Anthony Dale,I truly believe the guy can pull it,at least for me he didn't disappoint in his two previous attempts.

Katheryn Winnick as Sonya - Now,if you guys expected for me to choose Jeri Ryan,then you should rewatch MK Legacy's 1st episode. Don't get me wrong,she is A GREAT actress and I enjoyed a lot of her in Star Trek,but she is too OLD for Sonya's role. I mean,c'mon,she looked like Kano and Jax's mom! You can talk all about realism and that she didn't use too much makeup for that,but it is obvious,she doesn't LOOK like Sonya (can't say that about acting,she is decent). Now,why I chose Katheryn Winnick? I gotta tell,not many people know about her,and that's a plus for me,because we don't need Hollywood A-type actors or actresses for MK,I actually think otherwise,we need very talented martial artists with solid acting skills to make this movie work well. First of all,she is very beautiful and in all her movie appearences she is A VERY GOOD actress,I have seen her play a variety different characters and she pulls them off perfect! So playing this tough,military,beautiful chick who doesn't trust too many people won't be a problem. She is DEFINITELY not worse than Bridgette Wilson in that aspect. And another advantage she has all other blonde Hollywood chicks is that she is black belt in karate and tae kwon do(the style that Sonya actually uses in MK Deadly Alliance game). She is also a licensed bodyguard. All these acrobatic fight scenes I imagine her in this movie make me put her in Sonya's role more and more! Watch the link below for me to prove my point!

Darren Shahlavi as Kano - Some might say he wasn't so charismatic as Trevor Goddard in MK movie,but it is gonna take A REAL ACTING talent to top that,I am not sure a lot of actors can do that. That's why I like what Darren did with Kano,he was cool,cunning,calculating,you could see from the beginning HE is running the show in Black Dragon by the way he was giving orders,hurrying up factory workers and arranging this cyber parts deal with Lin Kuei. Everyone thinks of Kano as a thug first,they don't realize actually,that he is the LEADER of an entire crime organization and a VERY LARGE at that,so all these characteristics should be in Kano in order to survive and prosper in this competitive world! But I hope Darren can also pull of this ruthlessness and brutality of Kano in this movie even more than in MK Legacy,Jax just stole the show there in their fight(even though I kind of liked how he buttheaded Sonya after she spit on him,that was TOTALLY Kano!) And he is a VERY good martial artist.With more money and time I hope to see all the crazy realistic,brutal and military-trained kind of fights between him and Jax or Sonya. And plus,that last second in the episode,where they show his metal part of face with laser eye in it and he opens his real eye is EPIC!!! (Terminator says hi!)

For Sub-Zero(Bi-Han),I don't actually know,but I wouldn't mind if that guy Kevan Ohtsji reprised his Sub-Zero role. Again,it depends what Sub-Zero will be present in the movie,but I suspect it is the older brother,since Scorpion should murder him in the tournament. Kabal,I have no ideas also,someone with long ponytail should do the part? I might listen to your suggestions guys,but try please explain WHY you picked this or that guy like I did above.

If,by ANY chance,there is younger Sub-Zero in the movie,then he MUST BE portrayed by Scott Adkins and no one else! I even asked him on twitter,which character of MK he is fan of and if he would like to join MK movie cast. He said that he would absolutely love to be part of MK movie and that his favorite character is Sub-Zero. Now,if you guys watched his movies,you should know that he is the next action superstar in the making,because some say he is even better than Van Damme in his prime,but unfortunately because the genre is not so popular nowadays,not many people will know him. Just watch Undisputed 2 & 3,and you will know that he is the real deal. If you also guys watched movie "Ninja",then you would notice how CLOSE he resembles Kuai Liang of MK3 period (for me,Scott Adkins looks very close to Keith Cooke and John Turk,the actors who portrayed unmasked Sub-Zero with scar in MK2 movie and MK3 game respectively). He is not a bad actor either,as he can pull of assassin role very good in different iterations. As I said,in "Ninja" the storyline has even some paralels to Sub-Zero's MK3 stoyline,like being hunted by sect and former clansmen(parallel to Lin Kuei and Sektor) and trying to rescue his childhood friend and love interest after she has been kidnapped(in MK3 it is just childhood friend in Smoke after he is automated). He even fights this former clansmen for the possession of ninja artifacts (similar to Sektor-Sub-Zero fight for the possession of Dragon Medallion prior MK Deadly Alliance for the leadership of Lin Kuei) and becomes grandmaster in the end (MK Deadly Alliance?). After all of these,IF you are against Scott's inclusion,TRY to explain to me HOW he won't be able to pull the SAME role in the new MK movie (of course,the storyline will be different,but my point was how Scott Adkins ALREADY resembles Sub-Zero!)

Anyways,I know Kevin will make a good thing out of it,I am excited!

Mick-LuciferPosted: 06/30/2012 05:46 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

smokeman14 Wrote:
Well I guess Kabal is still a member of the Black Dragon at this time.

To be fair, based on that vague excerpt, he could just as easily be a cop, or some other adjacent to Jax. The exchange isn't necessarily antagonistic. Same could be said of the Scorpion/Sub-Zero excerpt, too. That could be two rivals, or two begrudging allies.

Still a lot of unknowns at play.

Better The Devil you know...
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colt1107Posted: 06/30/2012 07:06 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

"playtimes over"
I already hate it

Libertarian 4 Life
FlamingTPPosted: 06/30/2012 07:23 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

Playtime's over

Que Dan Forden "Cheesy!" screen popup, instant critical rating drop.

HELLSCORPION2Posted: 06/30/2012 08:55 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

On the whole Kabal bit and Legacy, according to the subtitles on the Legacy disc, the stuttering bald guy Kano stops and talks to in episode 1 is Kabal.

gorostilllivesPosted: 06/30/2012 03:06 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

Here's some info to explain the different colors of script:

The white copy was the original copy. The yellow copy means the script changed on that page and the script was in Yellow revisions at the time the photo was taken. Which means there was also a Blue Revisions release.

KingKahn-909Posted: 06/30/2012 10:43 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

Kevin, if you're going to tease us, at least do it with something that hints your project might actually be good.

colt1107Posted: 07/01/2012 03:52 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

I don't think this is the right guy to direct this movie. The mini series was just ok. His first YouTube video was actually his finest but now that I look back at it it was kind of corny. Idk maybe MK just doesn't relate to the big screen. It's gonna be pretty hard to top the first one. I don't see it happening. I hope I'm wrong.

Libertarian 4 Life
Noob7SmokePosted: 07/01/2012 11:48 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: Director Teases Script from Upcoming Movie

Well lets see if this movie is going to be his "citizen kane" or his "plan nine from outerspace"

big thanks to flameshang for the sig.
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